The Conservative Mind

I came to ponder one day on reflection
The conservative mind and their lack of direction
I wondered how people who should be united
Would need to have guns to intimidate and frighten
It came to me quickly and so very clear
That the conservative mind is too full of fear
They fear terrorists and Marxists and socialists and such
They fear liberals who fought for their right to be nuts
They fear black men and brown men and red men and yellow
They fear gay men and lesbians who’s gentle and mellow
They fear progress that will better the life of us all
They fear truth ’cause the truth only leads to their fall
They fear teaching the public the power of knowledge
They fear all the people that made it through college
They fear that a brown girl is now in the SCOTUS
And that SCOTUS could not keep a black man from POTUS
They fear Randi and Keith and Ms. Rachel Maddow
These conservatives are even afraid of their shadow
It must be a bummer to live in such fear
To be such a coward that the truth can’t show clear
They promote war and death when they claim they’re pro life
Yet they won’t volunteer to fight in such strife
They’re wrapped in a flag with a bible for show
But will never adhere to the words that bestow
They will claim that they worship the word of the Lord
While defending the need to apply waterboard
How could we wander within eight short years
From a beacon of freedom to a cauldron of tears
Conservatives need to go back to their mantra
Before Rush and Beck and Fox propaganda
It isn’t too late for the right to repent
For the lies that they spew and their hateful intent
Conservatives seem to care more for their pets
Than the strife of our homeless or the health of our vets
They protest government intrusion in life
Unless you’re a lesbian in love with your wife
Or a gay man who just wants to be with his lover
Or a woman too weak to give birth to another
Compassion is void in the conservative mind
Where women don’t speak, they just stand behind
Their husbands that stray from their marriage vow
While claiming that they are holier than thou
So what can be said to the conservative mind
Where logic and reason has been left behind
There’s one biblical saying that will always hold true
Do unto others as they would do unto you.

By New England Indy, via ThinkProgress


2 thoughts on “The Conservative Mind

  1. I nodded my head in agreement when I read this poem and even forwarded it to a friend. My friend pointed out that even though these comments may be true about the most extreme conservatives, when we critique by generalizing (“the conservative mind” as if it is true for every conservative) we are guilty of doing the same as those who generalize Muslims, or any group, by assuming they all behave the same way. As much as we fear the damage being done by the extreme conservatives and can find evidence to support every line in this poem, we need to be careful of doing exactly what we are being critical of.

  2. Excellent find, Zooey.

    Imustbe – sadly, the “conservative mind” this poem exposes is that same “mind” that is driving contemporary conservatism.

    Gone are the days of the fiscal conservatives. They went out with “trickle-down economics.” What we are left with are self-proclaimed “social conservatives” a politically and financially powerful group that uses a select few hot-button social issues to divide the populace and control millions of zealots. They never win – never gain closure on the social issues, but they do manage to win on every issue that consolidates more wealth and power into the hands of the select few.

    The “conservative mind” described above is the mind of the Great Deceiver.

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