Amy Goodman gets grilled by Canadian border officials

I didn’t realize this was still happening now that Bush and Cheney were gone.

Amy Goodman (of Democracy Now!) was stopped by Canadian border guards as she tried to cross into Canada in order to speak at a couple of functions. She was held for over 90 minutes and was issued a “control” document, basically a temporary visa. She and her crew were photographed and told they had to show proof of leaving Canada by midnight today.

She felt quite threatened. As they were held, the guards went through their car and actually went into their computers. Specifically, the officials demanded to know if Amy Goodman was going to speak against hosting the 2010 Olympic games in Canada. It is quite chilling listening to her description of what happened. She was unaware of being on a ‘watch list’, but now wonders.

In this video Goodman also went into some detail about her arrest at the Republican convention in Minneapolis while there covering the protests.While listening to her describe what happened at the Canadian border,  I couldn’t help thinking the guards were sending her a strong message meant to intimidate her, warning her somehow to watch the content of her speech she was about to give. It just doesn’t sound like a friendly, open society. She felt violated.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Listening to Goodman speak reminded me of the old German Nazi films, and the Gestapo saying… “Your papers please..?”

3 thoughts on “Amy Goodman gets grilled by Canadian border officials

  1. Well the Olympics *is* a massively corrupt circus…. I’d be touchy about letting an investigative journalist dig around in my prize showcase if I was a Vancouver border guard. Well if I was a Canadian government mortally afraid of the corruption coming to light…. hmmm….

    Nice piece of intimidation by Canadian border folks. And to think Amy was probably coming to help give the Canadians far better press than they get on this side of the border on health care.

    Nothing like giving some loser a uniform and a bit of power and see how they abuse it…

  2. Cartman can only say “Invade Canada” just so many times before they start to take us seriously….

    Remember, Canada still has a Conservative regime in power.

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