The Watering Hole: November 27 – Leftovers

This is our open thread. Please feel free to offer your own comments on any topic.

Thanksgiving is over and we must decide what to do wiith what is left of the spread.

The fridge is as stuffed as you are! What to do with the leftovers?

  • Turkey sandwiches
  • Turkey Hash
  • Turkey Tetrazzini
  • Turkey ala King
  • Turkey Pot Pie (With real weed)
  • Turkey Soup
  • Turkey Salad
  • Donate them to your pastor or priest (He will never refuse. it becomes his problem and a charitable deduction for you)
  • Eggnog Ice Cream
  • Cranberry Jelly or Preserves
  • cranberry Sherbert
  • Sweet Potato (Potatoe in Minnesota) Pie
  • Buy a Push Cart
  • Garbage Disposal (Luddites can use a trash bin)
  • Fishing Bait
  • Target Practice (If all ingredients are Organic!)
  • Put em in the freezer – you’ll be dead by the time anybody finds em and in case of a long power failure, you can demand replacements!

24 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: November 27 – Leftovers

  1. I don’t have leftovers, I ate at my mother-in-law’s house yesterday.

    We had Thanksgiving dinner for supper last night. I guess most people had it at lunchtime. We used to try to do that, but we got tired of eating lunch at 4:30pm, so now we do it later.

    Today’s the day football fans in Alabama wait 364 days each year for. Whether you’re on the winning or losing side the previous year, as soon as the taunts and “I told you so’s” die down, both sides’ thoughts turn to the anticipation of the next season’s battle. Last year Alabama ended a six year string of Auburn victories, their longest in the series. During the string, the largest margin of victory was ten points. Not since 1969 has Auburn won by more than ten, while during these last 40 years, Alabama’s margin of victory has exceeded ten points on twelve occasions. Auburn has won seven out of the last nine, and ten out of the last nineteen. But those are mere statistics.

    What the game is about, is “braggin’ rights”, and both schools want them. Badly! Nothing defines a coach’s success at these two schools like winning this game. A mediocre season, even a losing season, can be redeemed by a win in this contest. But no season, however successful, is in any way satisfying without victory over the other. Tommy Tuberville’s teams beat Alabama six years in a row, but after last year’s loss, he was history. Alabama Coach Mike Shula failed to beat Auburn in four tries, and he was gone. His successor, Nick Saban, has restored Alabama’s prestige with a 12-0 regular season last year, before losing to eventual National Champion, Florida, and is 11-0 entering today’s game. A win today, and a win against Florida in next week’s Southeastern Conference Championship guarantees Alabama a berth in the National Championship Game. Auburn’s motivation today is to spoil that opportunity for their rival at all costs.

    We call it the Iron Bowl. Ain’t nothin’ else like it!

    Roll Tide!

  2. We left our extra stuffing and cranberry sauce (both homemade!) at our hosts. We brought home some turkey and pie…

    Am I the only person on the planet who had to go to work today/?

  3. house, I have a special place for Bama, as my High School principal, Father Weber, went there.
    He instituted garnet and gray as our school colors, our school song used the melody of the Crimson Tide. I’ve always had an affinity for them…

    That said, our Huskies are hosting the Cougars, the most miserable excuse for a football team in all of Div I NCAA.

  4. No leftovers here. Not much food, actually. My big dinner was celebrated with my son at my parents’ retirement home, where they are accustomed to serving Lilliputian appetites (and not very well). Alex and I ended up at my place with a bottle of wine and a movie (no, I know that sounds wrong) and then discovered at dinner time that we were ravenous and nothing is open!

    The Horse Brass pub seemed a logical choice, but the front door was locked, regardless of festivities seen through the window. Knowing the ropes of old, I tried the back door, which was open and the place packed for a private affair. We could have dug in, but the regulars are now strangers to me and most were taking advantage of a private opening to light up cigarettes.

    We (now with one of Alex’s friends in tow) finally found The Hideaway open, and had reasonably good burgers and beer. Not the same thing. Reading my friends’ reports in Facebook makes me cry, because most are excellent cooks and love to write about food.

    I did this all wrong.

  5. RUCerious,

    No, you’re not the only one on the planet at work! My future ex-wife is at her job in pet retail. She has to close tonight, and was going in early to paint the bathroom at the store! They found out she has maintenance skills as well as managerial, so if something needs fixing, she gets called upon.

    Why are you at work, you’re self-employed aren’t you? (Assuming I’m correct, I already know the answer to that one. I’ve been self-employed.)

    Hey, at least the Cougars beat SMU this season. They broke the losing streak!

    Glad you’re on the Tide’s side, Father Weber taught you well!

  6. Soup!!!
    I have all sorts of weird stuff and I don’t normally do thanksgiving. Since I am headed to Beantown for the next two days I will have to deal with the weird collection of seafood and poultry parts upon return

    gummitch, I could use a good wine rec as I have company to impress. Any ideas…

  7. Glenn Greenwald wrote a very interesting article today about the ‘Anthrax attacks’ after 9/11. The only thing he left out of the article is the fact that Bush/Cheney and their staff went on CIPRO the night of 9/11 (antibiotic of choice for Anthrax). (More on that..)
    Why..? Just psychic? Duh…

    The anthrax attacks created as big a climate of fear across the entire nation as did the attacks of the planes flying into buildings. It intimidated Congress and the Senate into pushing through the Patriot Act without even reading it, and it cleared the way to go after Saddam, the guy they wanted to take out BEFORE 9/11. The Anthrax was traced to a U.S. facility. They NEVER investigated those attacks.
    It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure this out..
    Bruce Ivins was a convenient fall guy. How convenient was it that he committed ‘suicide’?.. Greenwald talks about the huge holes in that whole story..

  8. No leftovers here. No Turkey. The kids were off with their mother’s family for the big bird feast.

    Today is a nice marinated rolled beef roast baked with french onion soup (home made). Mashed taters with a bit of garlic and onion and steamed asparagus. The soup will also be the base for the gravy.

  9. hor,
    True French onion soup requires the varieties grown in Alsace or Baden-Wuerttemberg. Some pungent varieties are available in England around Birmingham, but I think that they originally came from that region of Germany and France.

  10. Walt, Hello? Yes, I had to use Vidalia onions because they were all I had. So I guess I’m working with Georgia onion soup.

  11. It’s over. They pulled it out with 1:24 remaining in the game, coming from behind to win 26-21. I can take the paramedics off alert now.
    Auburn had 13 days to prepare for this and they made the most of it. Alabama had 6 days and looked like it. Now Alabama has 8 days to prepare for Florida and Florida still has to play Florida State tomorrow.

    That’s why we call it the Iron Bowl. Ain’t nothin’ else like it!

    Roll Tide!

  12. Oh Some like it hot. Tony Curtis doing Cary Grant – riproariously funny!

    Hope all had a good THX day. Been watching the money flow through internet all day here. Can’t tell how its all going and couldn’t say even if I knew. Spent my time with Tommy, Sammy and Andy the Turtle outside and nowhere near a store….

  13. Hi Terry,

    Tony Curtis doing Cary Grant

    And the funniest thing about that was Jack Lemmon’s character telling Tony’s that it was a phony sounding accent and nobody would talk like that in real life! 😀

    Curtis and Grant must have been pretty good friends, because after this movie was finished, they worked together on “Operation Petticoat”, another favorite of mine.

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