Saturday night cesspool party: Quitter edition


Hi! I quit!

HT:  Kay at White Noise Insanity for the pic.

Apparently there’s nothing this woman won’t quit.  Even her smile quits before it reaches her eyes, and teabaggers toy with the phrase, “We’re just not that into you,” after having been left in the cold and rain.

The chimps said they’d quit if I put up another picture of the scary lady, and they are nowhere to be found.  I thought they meant Batshit Bachmann or Virginia Foxx!

I guess you know what this means — totally open bar!  Check your firearms and lipstick at the door, you won’t need ’em here.


31 thoughts on “Saturday night cesspool party: Quitter edition

  1. Speaking of firearms…

    On my drive home from Kansas City today, I was doing the Dayton, OH to East Coast leg of the run. Somewhere in Ohio, on 70 East, I saw this Ford F150 pickup truck with the license plate: GOP NRA. I kid you not.

    This plate pissed me off. I was tired of being preached to by the billboards on 70 about how I was going to hell for not making amends with God, etc.

    I had my kid get in the back and dig around in the trunk of my car for a book I brought home from my father’s: Al Franken’s “Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot” (you can access the trunk from my car through the rear seat arm rest). The kid got the book, and climbed back into the front passenger seat.

    The kid then did as he was told (for once). I had him hold the book up against his window as I approached the F150 on the left and hit the horn, staying level with the F150’s driver window, all the while giving him the Jersey Bird.

    It felt sooooo good.


  2. I think I’ve detected a fatal flaw in this cesspool thread. Everyone is already at the Palin thread at TP, but when they come here, they click on the link in the text above, and they wind up back at the Palin thread at TP! 😀

    Zooey, your cookies are on the coffee table.

    We can’t have the chimps out of work! Who else is going to hire them? What do we have to do to get them to come back?

  3. The whole world is a-twitter
    Over ex-governor Palin, the Quitter
    Yet she forsook
    Those who purchased her book,
    Now we wish we could only forget her.

    But the media puts her in our face:
    Look! Now she’s running a race!
    With a wink and a smile,
    She ran for awhile,
    And then quit without leaving a trace.

    She was the best that McCain could pick,
    To be his Vice-Presidential side-kick.
    And the GOP,
    Loved this VP to be,
    But now she’s making them sick.

    So here’s to Governor Quitter:
    May we never-ever forget her,
    And give her her due,
    When she quits right on cue
    With her poll numbers’ down in the s_itter.

    (cross posted at TP)

  4. I was going to ask for Sex on the Beach, but I hear Zooey’s back from her beach-front condo trip…



    tell the chimp I’d like a scotch, 18 yr old, neat.

  5. Ah nutz… I canna upload a pic from my computer into a comment…

    Well, you’ll jus; hafta use yer imagination!


  6. A friend o’ mine thinks God f’ked up. When ya look at our species an’ think, “This is the best You could do?”

    What? we got opposable thumbs, an’ that’s it?!?

    How is it that so much of this gene pool can be so stupid? We’ve had thousands of years of wars, millions upon millions of the masses slaughtered at the whim of the ruling class, with no appreciable effect on the collective IQ of the species.

    I mean, look at the millions who still adore Palin…

    I either have to stop drinkin’ or have another….

    Hey, if you put Bill Clinton on top of Sarah Palin, know what you’d get?

    Sax on the Bitch!


  7. The Soldier Girl thread over at TP is getting to me, plus, I’m exhausted from driving home from Kansas City…

    So, I’m going to link to a tune from my iPod (but it’s not Billie’s version), but still one of my favorite songs…

    Good night all…

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