Celilo Falls

Wikipedia sums up the significance of this site very well:

For 15,000 years, native peoples gathered at Wyam to fish and exchange goods. They built wooden platforms out over the water and caught salmon with dipnets and long spears on poles as the fish swam up through the rapids and jumped over the falls. Historically, an estimated fifteen to twenty million salmon passed through the falls every year, making it one of the greatest fishing sites in North America.

Celilo Falls and The Dalles were strategically located at the border between Chinookan and Sahaptian speaking peoples and served as the center of an extensive trading network across the Pacific Plateau. Artifacts from the original village site at Celilo suggest that tribes came from as far away as the Great Plains, Southwestern United States, and Alaska. When the Lewis and Clark expedition passed through the area in 1805, the explorers found a “great emporium…where all the neighboring nations assemble,” and a population density unlike anything they had seen on their journey. Accordingly, historians have likened the Celilo area to the β€œWall Street of the West.”

All of this came to an end in 1957 when the final construction of The Dalles Dam flooded the entire area, destroying the falls and rapids, along with 15,000 years of fishing. According to the Government lawyers, none of this was a violation of treaties with the native tribes, although cash awards were made in compensation.

Much of this now feels like ancient history, but yesterday I was working through a series of my father’s slides he’d had scanned and found some gems that he had taken before the dam was completed, quite probably that same year. I’m sure there were lots more, but he purged his slides a few years back (god, I wish he’d talked to me about it) and these are all that remain.






60 thoughts on “Celilo Falls

  1. gummy,
    I fixed the dimensions on the photos. The width of a photo should not exceed 500 units. To get the new height, use the following formula:
    NewHeight =500*OldHeight/OldWidth
    when scaling down or up an image. It works either way. Round up or down according to the the rounding rules you learned in third grade.

  2. I’ve been feeling bad about limiting these to “private”, so I may use them as an excuse to revive my blog. My dad was a terrific photographer and these really are special. For the blog, though, I’ll need to flesh the story out more.

  3. muse,
    Could be the drug that she is taking to suppress BP. I keep returning to Atenolol plus a diuretic(Chlorthalidone). Current BP is at 115/65 after episodes of 240/170 in the past. I have gone through several regimens that caused fainting spells.
    Exercise can also help. 15 minutes on a stationary bike twice a day is a good base line. Lifting two ten pound weights(with each arm) 40-60 times each on the same regimen can also be effective, but can be difficult for those with arthritis or joint stress disorders..

    • We need to think about the turkeys in the top photo..
      I am looking for winter/Christmas photos. I just found this one:

      I like it for Christmas. Kind of simple yet festive, and good quality photo that was already sized right.
      I have lots from before to choose from as well. Winter? Or Christmas?

  4. Jen, all the best to your mom. They scheduled my mom’s exam for March 15th 2010!!!!!! Either they think it’s not really bad or… I hate to think about the second option.

    My mother in law has untreated acute myeloid leukemia. Even though she was aware of the diagnosis, she has tried to self medicate with mistletoe for a months now. We are not sure whether the therapy she has agreed to finally today, still comes on time. Bad news. Hubby’s devastated. I can hardly concentrate on what I’m doing all day.


    • Thanks EV. I’m sorry about your hubby’s mom. I’ll keep you both in my thoughts. I hope all goes well with your mom. I’m sure they wouldn’t have scheduled her that far out if the felt her problem was very serious. Keep thinking positively. πŸ™‚

  5. walt, the daily is up. Thanks for asking!

    Jen, I hope you’re right about my mom. I phoned her today and she seems fine. She s bullying her doctor to get an earlier date for the check up. As long as she’s up to her bullying and nagging, she’s just fine. It’s dangerous when she gets all sweet and meek. πŸ™‚

    My mother in law is now taking medication, but her ailment, if left untreated as she did it by trying to cure leukemia by taking herbal drops, is too much advanced for therapy to be anything but palliative. She never was a rational person, but I wouldn’t have thought she was capable of such massive stupidity. My Joerg is now trying to cope with the fact that he will lose his mother sooner rather than later and it breaks his big heart. I feel so very sorry for him.

    • EV, I had to read back a bit to catch up on your mother-in-law. I’m so sorry to hear the news. Hugs to your hubby, and keep some for yourself and your young men.

  6. gummy, how about reposting this here. I see, you haven’t yet on your hedgehog site. I think it’s far too good to stay here in the privates of The Zoo. So whereever you post it, share it, it’s good and wonderful pics.

  7. EV, I’ve tried to keep my personal life out of TheZoo, and the photos link back to my Flickr account. I haven’t had the nerve to be “out” like Wayne and Jane and have stuck to a pen name when posting here or at most political blogs. I’ll think on it.

  8. In case you guys have not noticed, WP seems to be having problems with some videos. YouTube is one that seems to be affected.

  9. gummy, can’t you upload the pics to The Zoo, then the link to your flickr will not be in play anymore.

    I have the same problem, that’s why I usually steal photos. I don’t like too many open roads into my private life.

  10. Wayne – in response to a question on a thread at TP regarding Mormons being racists… I’ve had a Mormon explain to me that Blacks are black because that is the “mark” God put upon the decendants of Cain. Hence blacks are decended of the first murderer and are to be looked down upon – as God marked their line for damnation forever. That could qualify as institutional racism, in my opinion. Fuzzy, on the other hand, seems like a troll.

  11. Fuzzy is a troll.

    I found an interesting (if poorly designed) page on the subject here.

    My personal experience with Mormons has been pretty limited. There was a girl in my high school who explained to us that so-and-so in our classic would be allowed into heaven because he was a good person, and God would allow him to become a Christian when he got there–since there were obviously no Jews in Heaven. And I had a neighbor who had discovered in his early 20s that he didn’t belong in the LDS, although he still hadn’t figured out that he was gay. He was also once of the worst cooks I’ve ever met. Perfect recipes turned to shite just because he touched the ingredients.

  12. BnF,

    Thank you, my friend. I did not know that. Okay, so I can see some foundation for the idea that Mormons are racists. At least, the ones who live by those teachings may be. (Don’t want to be getting myself in legal trouble. πŸ˜‰ )

    I agree that Fuzzy may not have known that, and if he didn’t, that was the point I was trying to make. His comment would not have been an informed one, and just a bigoted remark on his part. If he came back with the same story you gave me, then I would at least understand why he said it. But I don’t think he knew that, and therefore he shouldn’t have said it.

    And thank you again for the education. That’s one of the reasons I love you guys. I learn from you.

        • Fantastic. πŸ™‚

          You had put up a Christmas one some time last week, but I didn’t have time to respond. It was lights and a red ball ornament. I really love that one.

          • I’ll put up a small private post with all the Christmas ones I have so far and people can choose. I’ll look for others like Hanukkah and others..

            Right now I have to go get started on the candy. Back later!

            • One last thing…

              You might want to post this very fun video!
              It’s a music video done by employees and staff of Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland to promote breast cancer awareness. It’s called the “Pink Glove Dance”. It’s fun to watch!

  13. I didn’t know you could “make” Almond Roca. I thought the difficult part was peeling off the foil wrapper.

    I love the header, Jen.

    Personally, I would vote for seasonal images over religious images.

    • Walt, I’ll do a Sunday Roast later. There aren’t enough people around to do a cesspool, but if someone else wants to do one I have no problem with it.

  14. Yes, it is snowing in here. It’s a WordPress option that can get turned on at this time of the year.

    Damns always spoil the fishing. Ask any member of Trout Unlimited or any flyfisher person and you will get the same answer.

    Zooey – found this posting on Daily Kos with pictures from ID. Is it really this desolate?

    • Carol, thanks for the link to the DKos diary. Gorgeous pictures! Those pics of Idaho are from southern Idaho — yes, it’s that desolate. Not too much different than Utah or Nevada, except higher elevation. My Idaho looks more like Montana.

      I’ve only been to Boise once in 16 years, and that was enough. πŸ™‚

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