14 thoughts on “Seagull spa

  1. Seagull1: Dude, the tide’s coming in
    Seagull2: No it’s not
    Seagull1: Yes it is, it just washed that sandcastle away
    Seagull2: Yes, but the water went back out again see?
    Seagull1: Yes, but that’s just a smaller short term effect, the long term trend is higher right now
    Seagull2: Why is this my problem?
    Seagull1: You and your favourite worm finding spot here will get washed out to sea – you’ll drown
    Seagull2: You just want me to get off my spot so you can have it – you are all jealous of my lifestyle, no redistribution of my worm spot!
    Seagull1: No I don’t, I just don’t want to be on the beach when the tide comes in
    Seagull2: But even if I believe you, what can I do about it?
    Seagull1: Pick up your ass and get off the beach
    Seagull2: But I overheard you talking to that sandpiper over there, you were saying you didn’t know how fast or how high the tide is going to be. You’re taking the mickey!
    Seagull1: How fast or how high the tide goes could be a subject for argument, but as far as you are concerned, you need to do something.
    Seagull1: Fuck you, Glenn Beck says the tide’s not coming in and that’s all there is to it

  2. Oops that last one was of course Seagull2, you;d never expect a rational, liberal seagull like Seagull2 to use such profanity.

  3. Orca 1: The tides going in, right?
    Orca 2: Yup. Just a little bit closer now…
    Orca 1: Yummm…
    Orca 2: I got the one on the right, ‘K?

    • I don’t remember the beak being all that long, and they ran around in a group. Didn’t stray far from one another. My next camera will have a better zoom feature, so I can get those pictures.

      It was weird, there weren’t many seagulls at all. Usually they’re all over the place, and these represent about half of those I saw on the beach that week.

  4. Around birders it is best to just refer to them as gulls. Was there anything else that was significantly different? Weather? Time of year?

    • I always go at the same time of year, so that’s not different. There were two storms this year, but there have been storms in other years, and the gulls were still around. Another thing that was different — the hotel wasn’t filled like it was last year. I wonder if fewer people were going to the beach to feed their junk to the gulls because of the economic downturn?

      This is the first year the population was down.

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