The Watering Hole: December 8 – Aegis Control Systems

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The Aegis Control system is both a Combat Control System

Bush and Cheney used this aspect of the program to project shock and awe on a defenseless nation.

And a Ballistic Missile Defense System

The Obama administration decided that it offered a better option then the ground based system that had been the favorite program of the Bush administration and the Aegis BMD system had already been deployed.W cancelled the ABM Treaty in June 2002, at about the time the Aegis BMD system was proven.

Actually, Aegis did not describe a particular class of ship, instead, it describes an electronics package that is integrates a ships offensive and/or defensive capabilities into a system the links both the weapons and their control systems.


12 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: December 8 – Aegis Control Systems

  1. TtT,
    The Aegis system on the USS Vincennes worked perfectly. It was Captain William Rogers and his crew that went amok. Tapes from the Vincennes’ electronic logs show that Iranian flight 655 was beaconing in Mode III (airliner) and gaining altitude.

  2. That’s what I mean. The AEGIS was run by fools. Therefore not proof against the fools.

    Put a machine gun into the hands of murderous maniac and is it the machine gun’s fault?

    Not that I’m saying AEGIS guided missle cruisers don’t kill people, people kill people. But AEGIS guided missile systems make trigger happy incompetents kills lots more people, even ones miles away in civilian planes in their own country’s airpace.

  3. On this date, 1980, John Lennon was murdered.
    Everybody else plays Imagine, so I’ll play this instead.

  4. How do those forces beyond us determine which poor little girl at the elementary CHristmas concert will have the clarinet with the bad reed?

  5. db,
    I hope that she was not doing a solo. Next time she will remember to check the reed before going on stage. I played the oboe in grade school and always had 2 to 4 backup reeds in my vest pocket.

  6. It was sort of amusing but then again it wasn’t my kid. I did feel for her though and the music teacher so reminded me of the guy from the Simpson’s. Where is Jane? She will know what that music teacher character’s name is….

  7. muse,
    I saw the original, but may be worth a resee in the AM. Richard Cohen seemed a bit uncomfortable.

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