10 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: The Catherine Tate Show, Not Drunk Enough

  1. Ah well, that was worth waiting for! Poor fellow hasn’t got a chance, does he? At least she was honest about it!

    But wait! There’s more! 😀

  2. It’s lovely you found this Zooey. Catherine Tate is genius.

    The character first had no name, but was immediately dubbed the “AGA Saga”-woman due to the third episode of this character series. The AGA is an expensive and iconic cast iron cooking range beloved by the upper-middle class.

    When “mummy” was obliged to interact with NPLU’s (Not People Like Us) she needed a name, and “Mrs Montgomery” was used first but it was too prosaic and so it then became more fittngly Mrs Taylor Thomas.

  3. And then as a complete contrast here she is as Lauren, the “chav” schoolgirl (whose catch phrase is “I ain’t ‘bovvered’–bothered-), including H.M. Queen Elizabeth in the sketch at the Royal Variety Performance.

  4. Definitely the best Dr Who companion of the modern era, she had a sexy and comic undercurrent going with David Tennant’s doctor…..

    …hilariously funny and a redhead….. mmm, mmm turtle could give up green for red…

    • Thanks for posting all the clips, 5th! I think she’s awesome.

      I agree, Turtle. She’s the best companion, because she doesn’t have an undercurrent of unrequited love going on with the Doctor. That gets seriously tedious.

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