An Open Letter to President Obama

Let it go, let it go, let it go.  Let go of trying to get “a” health care bill enacted before Christmas. Let go of trying to get something passed that will garner 60 votes in the Senate. The price is too high. The only thing that will get through the Senate with a 60 vote supermajority is a health industry bill, not a health care reform bill.

Have the courage to deliver the State of the Union Address next January and announce you tried working with Republicans, but they didn’t want to work with you. They just wanted to work for the corporations that drove this country to the brink of bankruptcy; the insurance companies that come between patients and their doctors, the $10 million dollar a year CEOs that make their millions by denying health care to American citizens. Tell us that you pulled the plug on the health insurance industry’s bill, and have decided to work with House and Senate Democrats to put together a Universal Health Care system modeled after the best in the world, because American citizens deserve to have the best in the world. And tell us that the House and Senate Democrats will pass the bill using the reconciliation process used so effectively by Republicans under the previous administration.

Put Republicans on notice that if they continue to obstruct and delay progress for American citizens that it will be their seats at risk. Tell us that you will do everything in your power to help elect progressive candidates across this great country of ours. Tell Reid and Pelosi that if they can’t get the job done, they should look for a replacement.

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We voted for you, President Obama. We voted for change. Be the change we voted for.

11 thoughts on “An Open Letter to President Obama

  1. BnF,
    At this point, I agree with you. The Senate bill should be crushed and the battleground moved to the House. That’s where reconciliation enters the fray.

  2. Obama, Reid and Pelosi are spineless failures.

    The passing of any substantive reform in any area of government which takes place against the wishes of the corporations which own the politicians is now impossible.

    The United States *is* a fascist nation.

  3. Sen. Joe Lieberman destroys any prospect of real health care reform, in the service of the insurance companies that pay him off. And he also fights tooth and nail for that annual $3 billion in U.S. aid that goes to Israel so that Israel can provide UNIVERSAL PUBLIC HEALTH CARE to ITS citizens.

    So he thinks U.S. taxpayers can afford to underwrite universal health care for Israelis. Just not for themselves.

  4. I think some of our problems including the med. bill can also be blamed on Raham …..Going back to President Obama for installing many not so good for us in his cabinet…Just saying…Blessings

  5. I think there might be falling over ourselves not to want to blame the big man here. but as Harry Truman said: “The buck stops here”.

    As far as I am concerned, you can keep the change you can believe in

  6. “I hope you sent this to the President, BnF.”

    only via this website. If, for whatever reason and by whatever means, this makes it to the attention of the President it will be through the workings of those greater than I.

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