The Watering Hole: December 24

I know what I want for Christmas.  What do you want!?

I hope you get it!

This is our daily open thread — go on, tell us what you want Santa to bring you, even if it’s hokey.

26 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: December 24

  1. What I want for Christmas… good health, good family and good friends and more honesty and less selfishness in this world.

    Here’s an interesting story, very appropriate for this time of year. We can make this happen for all our vets that could benefit from this program and for all the homeless dogs and cats… Pets2Vets

    Oh, one more thing… I wish the media would stop following Sarah Palin around. She really is a boring person (yawn).

  2. I can’t recall a Senate vote with cameras watching the Senators arrive to vote like the red carpet at the Academy Awards.
    Vice President Biden is going to preside over the chamber.

  3. While I hope everyone gets at least a bit of something from this holiday and enjoys their time with family and friends, what I would like for Christmas is for it to go away.

    • I’m pretty sure Christmas is here to stay, Med. Even if religion is finally proved to be the biggest hoax ever, and rightly so, the department stores would keep Christmas alive.

      It’s Frankenstein’s monster!

  4. So I was thinking about just jamming the stocking shit in there and not wrapping all that little crap. Is that cool or is that like way lazy Santa….

  5. It is perfectly acceptable to put anything that fits, into the stocking. That’s why you want a large stocking. It’s boring when all the stocking has in it is fruit and a few candy canes.

  6. “All I Want for Christmas Is You” (not to be confused with the Mariah Carey song of the same name) is the title of a Christmas song recorded by the American novelty act Vince Vance & the Valiants. Initially released as a single in 1989, the song has charted several times on the Billboard country singles charts. It is the most-played Christmas song on country radio. (Wikipedia)

    It also preceded the Mariah Carey song by five years.

  7. A life bird is a species you have never seen before. Unless I leave my region there are very few possibilities. I have a coastal trip scheduled for Monday if the weather is okay. Dovekie is my best chance and it is super weird that that bird has eluded me for so long considering the amount of time I spend at the coast.

  8. Merry Christmas Db.

    Zooey will like this.
    I just watched an episode of Doctor Who called “The Christmas Invasion” on BBC channel. It was the first full episode with David Tennant as the Doctor. I had to get some internet help to understand what was happening, then it made sense.

    The Blackadder “Christmas Carol” is up next at 10am. It’s the same one we had here a few Sundays ago. Catherine Tate’s 2007 Christmas Special follows Blackadder.

    • Thanks for letting me know, House. I love David Tennant as the Doctor! The Christmas Invasion is a fantastic start to a great season. If you find any Doctor Who with Catherine Tate, make sure you watch them. She’s truly wonderful.

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