The Watering Hole: December 30, What’s happened to peace?

I followed a link on Pam Spaulding’s facebook page, and found this post by David Mixner at Live From Hell’s Kitchen. ย He wonders whatever happened to peace, which is something I’ve been wondering myself — and he states his

case with way fewer f-bombs than I would.

Over the last decade, something has happened in America. We are afraid to engage in dialogue about peace. Maybe it was the horrible attacks on 9/11 that made us fearful to advocate peace. Or perhaps we have been intimidated by the constant beat of the right wing drums that somehow proclaim peace as a goal is unpatriotic or unrealistic. What is clear the word “peace” has fallen out of fashion except for the annual holiday cards.

For most of my life, even among the most distinguished diplomats, peace was a desirable goal and there was no fear about embracing it. War was always an unnecessary evil but sadly, today peace is viewed as useless rhetoric from the fringe. Even while accepting the most prestigious award for peace in the world, the Nobel Peace Prize, our president felt compelled to make his acceptance about “just wars.” One would have hoped just for one day the speech could have been about ‘peace’ and the urgency to embrace the concept.

More than ever before, now is the time for the word ‘peace’ to become a serious part of our governmental and personal lives.

Read the rest of the post here.

It seems like peace fell out of favor as the “norm” when we finally weren’t embarrassed or appalled at profiting from war — the free market rules, if you will.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

This is our daily open thread, feel free to comment on whatever is on your mind, and thank the Almighty FSM that I’m sick and tired of goofing on Palin.

93 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: December 30, What’s happened to peace?

  1. We have changed from fighting a common enemy, to fighting an “ism, ” “terrorism.” Not to win, but to be at a perpetual state of war.

    The perpetual state of war allows the government to exercise greater and greater control over its own citizens, granting them fewer and fewer rights.

    Wealth and power can be addictive forces. And those addicted to wealth and power crave more and more, and, like an addict, are willing to do anything, kill anyone, to get their next fix; greater power, more wealth. And what greater power is there than the power to kill people with impunity?

  2. Q: What happened to peace?

    A: Conservatives and corporatism.

    1) Conservatives are inherently authoritarian.
    They believe authority (intellectual, administrative, legal, moral ) is derived from the threat and use of power–as “God” so frequently demonstrates.

    2) Corporatism is inherently authoritarian.
    Authority is derived from the acquisition of power. which is used to gain more power.

    For power and authority to have any meaning, they must not be shared, but concentrated.
    However, power and authority is useless if it is not seen and demonstrated.
    There’s is no greater symbol and demonstration of of power than bending to people to your will and your authority.

    Corporations exercise their power by creating demand for unnecessary products, by creating products that are dangerous (everything from unsound appliances and contaminated food to financial scams). The success of each scheme provides them the authority to continue their practices.
    Corporations also exercise and enhance their power by taking-over other businessess (instead of by building better products or providing better services).
    In the process they lay-off many of the employees they’ve just bought and some of their own employees too, generating fear which makes the remainder work harder, for less.
    Fucking with other peoples lives without consequence is the ultimate power trip.
    Corporations not only squeeze concessions out of their workers at every opportunity, they demand concessions from government, using threats. If they don’t get the tax breaks and deregulation they want, they threaten to move elsewhere.

    Conservatives exercise their power by fucking with peoples lives also, by reducing their options. To do this they have to create fear about what will happen if their wishes aren’t complied-with. Whatever they deem wrong that needs to be ‘fixed’ is described as “evil” and inaction is always presented as leading to an even greater evil.
    For example; raising the minimum wage will not only lead to economic ruin, but it will also lead to evil communism!

    The greatest exercise of power that politicians can demonstrate is the power to go to war, therefore enemies must be found, and every enemy must be utterly evil. The bigger the evil the more power must be exercised to fight it, the more power is enhanced.

    ‘Peace’ does not generate and concentrate power.

  3. I won some fresh cut hickory firewood for next winter! These two guys were pruning a tree on the opposite corner of my cross streets, and they left the wood on the curb with the branches on top. Several of the big pieces were five feet long and seven to eight inches thick. Funny thing, I had just vacuumed out the chips and dirt from yesterday’s haul, and was returning from the market with my lunch, when I spotted the pile. Now I need to vacuum again, and it’s raining. I guess had I not vacuumed, I wouldn’t have found more wood.

  4. The White House Smacks Down Cheney

    From Dan Pfeiffer, White House Communication Director:

    There has been a lot of discussion online and in the mainstream media about our response to various critics of the President, specifically former Vice President Cheney, who have been coming out of the woodwork since the incident on Christmas Day. I think we all agree that there should be honest debate about these issues, but it is telling that Vice President Cheney and others seem to be more focused on criticizing the Administration than condemning the attackers. Unfortunately too many are engaged in the typical Washington game of pointing fingers and making political hay, instead of working together to find solutions to make our country safer.

    And he concludes:

    There are numerous other such public statements that explicitly state we are at war. The difference is this: President Obama doesnโ€™t need to beat his chest to prove it, and โ€“ unlike the last Administration โ€“ we are not at war with a tactic (โ€œterrorismโ€), we at war with something that is tangible: al Qaeda and its violent extremist allies. And we will prosecute that war as long as the American people are endangered.

    “Doesn’t need to beat his chest”. That’s about all the Bushies ever did during their eight years.

    I’m still scratching my head over how Janet Napolitano is supposed to control passenger screening in foreign countries.

  5. I’ve enjoyed a lot of football games, but there is something about that blue Smurf-Turf at Boise State that makes for awesome offensive football games. This was the Humanitarian Bowl with Bowling Green versus Idaho. Bowling Green scores with 32 seconds left, to go ahead 42-35, but Idaho doesn’t flinch. After a 50 yard pass to the BG 16, leaving 16 seconds to play, an incompletion on 1st down leaves only 8 seconds. A bullet pass to the end zone, and Idaho scores! Normally the scoring team kicks the extra point, and the game goes into overtime. Not Idaho. They go for two, if they score they win, if not tough luck! Idaho is about to snap the ball, and Bowling Green calls a time out. A pass to the back of the end zone. Complete! Idaho wins 43-42! Like I said, awesome! The winning coach got to wear a whole cooler of citrus gatorade for the post game interview! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. The game was on ESPN, so you would have needed cable. Boise State plays those same kind of football games, where the lead goes back and forth and the last team with the ball either comes from behind to send the game into overtime, or to win.

  7. Might have been nice to go somewhere warm to play, but the crowd was in their favor.
    Keith isn’t in tonight, and they rerun the 2009 favorites. Rachel is good. I’m about 30 minutes behind right now.

  8. That being said, I do hope that his full recovery requires that he give up his radio career. (It appears to make him sweat a lot.)

    His absence from the radio airwaves would certainly alter the landscape of political dialog. My first concern would be the race to “replace” him as the “loudest” voice of something resembling conservatism. I am concerned that the most extreme voices will get a lot of attention, at first, and that things will only subside after the hate-inspired killings begin.

  9. Huh?

    ***looks up from 5 gallon container of ice cream he’s been cleaning out***

    Uh… uh… I found it like this…

  10. Heh…

    Considering some of the things I’ve eaten and lived to regret, let me worry about that…

    Saaaaaaaaay… got any Blubber Bitsโ„ข I can put on this peppermint ice cream?

  11. Uh… the ones out in the shed?

    What happens if I say… uh… yes?


    ***pained, sobered look on face***

    I remember eating that troll…

    As I recall, ALL my fur fell out… I got teased sumpin wicked fer months by all the other bears… said I looked like a Chihuahua w/ a gland problem…

    ***sniff… sniff…***

    Must you bring it up?

  12. Well… well…

    You shouldna left ’em where I could get into them…

    Geez… inside a locked shed… inside a locked closet…

    It’s like you were just begging for for someone to come along and eat all of ’em.


    Don’t. Bring. It. Up.

    Uh oh… better duck and cover…

    • Yep, I see how it is. Is that why you’ve been gone so long? Sleeping off the last blubber bit binge?

      I guess you’ll just never find out where that train load of bits are hidden.

      Two little words, polar bear…..

  13. Heh…

    But… but… it’s still only 2009?

    How could that have been the entire budget for next year?

    Why are you looking at me like that?

  14. A… a… job?


    How… how can you say such a thing?

    ***looking faint…***

    The room… it’s starting to spin…

    I’m… I’m feeling a bit faint here…

  15. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh…

    ***starts beating head on wall…***




    Can’t… can’t… the wolf get another part-time job?

    Saaaaaaaaay… what’s the *lemming budget* for 2010 look like? Mebbe we can cut that…

  16. Although it’s not really on your ‘menu’ – I can ship some Dungeness crab, a good sourdough bread and might even be able to find some asparagus. Just to tide you over in the ‘lean’ time.

  17. Oooooooooooo…

    I’m not sure I know you, 2ebbndflow…

    But I like your attitude…

    (Witch1 by any chance?)

    Oh… and don’t ever say ‘lean’ to a polar bear…

    • Let that be a lesson for you, polar bear. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Now, the chimps have been fired AGAIN. What do you think about bartending for the cesspool parties? A little more dignity than the tutu and balancing ball?

  18. Bartending?

    Geez… I foresee a tux, or at the very least, a bow tie a cummerbund in this…

    Can’t the wolf get another job? Or tend bar?

    I have my ***dignity*** to maintain here…

  19. ***Eeeeeeeerp…***

    Heh… musta been a bad Blubber Bitโ„ข in that last barrel…

    I gotta go sleep this one off…


  20. Linked in HuffPost! Way cool! We are starting to get noticed.

    I don’t want to exhibit premature enthusiasm (yeah, I know, I do and I’ll clean it up), but I may have settled on something to do for my first video brain-picking. Since I have to record them at work (technical issues), if I don’t do it this morning, I’ll have to go in over the weekend or else wait for Monday.

    So, if all goes well, you folks out West may get to see it with your morning coffee. Try not to spit it on your monitor. I can’t clean it up, I’ve got my own mess over here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. It’s the one in this sentence:
    Disney products specifically have been singled out in the past for their imbrication in this oppressive system.

    It was one by Freedomrebel.

  22. Thanks, house.

    I started to head into work today, but it’s snowing and I started skidding and slipping in places. So now I’m home for the long weekend – yay!

    Didja see Wayne’s video from this morning? It’s at Pick Wayne’s Brain.

  23. Jane,
    I’ll check on Wayne right away.

    I thought you northerners had that winter driving down pat! You didn’t need your arm twisted much did you?

  24. House, I’ve been in enough accidents, in good and bad weather, that I know when NOT to drive. I’ve crashed my car in less than an inch of snow more than once. At work they used to think I was a real wuss, until one snowstorm last year, when it took several very scary hours for some of my coworkers to drive less than 10 miles, and a couple of them got into accidents.

    Hell, we were gonna close early today anyway… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. “On the last weekend of 2009, our total offerings were less than half of what we normally receive โ€” leaving us $900,000 in the red for the year,” the letter reads.

    Maybe if they hadn’t spent so much on illegal political activism, they could have helped more hungry and homeless.

  26. A slew of new laws will take effect tomorrow, varying by State.
    Here’s a weird one:

    “A new Arkansas law prohibits retailers from selling toy guns that look like the real thing.”

  27. house:
    “Maybe if they hadnโ€™t spent so much on illegal political activism, they could have helped more hungry and homeless”.

    That’s always been the least of their interests.

  28. Hey 5th,

    Got snow?

    I don’t think the realistic toy gun law is all that weird. Toy guns get used for holdups, but more importantly, juveniles have been shot by police who mistook a toy for a real threat. Kids also play with what they think is a toy, but turns out to be

  29. house,

    yep it’s a winter wonderland in NJ–again.

    re the Arkansas toy gun law, it seems weird to me because real guns are very available there–kids can play with their parents guns easily enough.

    The degree of realism presented by a toy gun is very dependent on the situation and distance–cops have mistaken innocuous items for guns before, with deadly results.

    The new law appears to be a ban on the sale or realistic looking toy guns, but not the purchase ownership.

    The most realistic toy guns available today are made for Airsoft (they shoot plastic BB’s instead of metal ones).
    They are sold with bright orange tips at the end of the barrel to show that they aren’t real. However the tips can of course be painted over or removed and/or replaced–which Airsoft players invariably do.

    I happen to have an Airsoft M9 full-metal semi-auto pistol replica that looks and functions like the real thing, complete with ‘blow-back’:

    I also have a full metal Airsoft M4 Carbine replica (as used by the US army and many US police) that is actually licensed by Armalite, the ‘real-steel’ manufacturer.

    I know if I walked around in public with my fake M4 the cops would show up and probably shoot first–and that of course would be my own damn fault.

  30. house,

    I just read your link.

    Kids with toy guns get shot by police.
    Adults with toy guns get shot by police
    Kids with real guns shoot their family members
    Family members shoot their kids with real guns.
    Adults with real guns get shot by police
    Adults with real guns shoot family members.
    Adults with real guns shoot other people

    Real guns kill.

    I was a bit amazed at the 5 -year old getting shot by a cop. A FIVE year old?
    If the gun had been real, how the hell would a FIVE year old be able to realistically threaten anyone with it?

  31. nwmuse,

    yeah. I see the judge says that the prosecution’s evidence was inadmissible due
    to being improperly acquired or something.

    I really wonder about the competence of some people.

  32. Muse, the prosecution built its case on statements given under promise of immunity – thank the Bush DoJ for this one.

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