4 thoughts on “Shocking

  1. I did a little looking into this one. Apparently, according to the Supreme Court, it wasn’t clearly established that torturing people was illegal in 2004.

  2. Paul, that’s the article I found after seeing your ‘toon. From the article:

    “At issue is an aspect of the D.C. Circuit’s opinion that found that government officials cannot be held legally responsible for any mistreatment because when the plaintiffs sued in 2004, “it wasn’t clearly established in the law that they were entitled not to be tortured or subjected to religious abuse,”…”

    So, here we are, 2000+ years after the birth of Christ, and we could not find 4 justices on the Supreme Court to agree that all individuals are entitled NOT TO BE TORTURED.

    Note: it takes only 4 Justices on the Supreme Court to agree to hear a case for the Court to grant certiorari.

    I think it hinged on this:

    The four men who sued former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other senior military officers for approving those techniques claim that between 2001 and 2004, when they were released, they were subjected to repeated beatings, prolonged sleep deprivation, extremes of hot and cold, forced nakedness, death threats, interrogations at gun point, menacing with unmuzzled dogs, and religious and racial harassment. The use of such techniques has been documented in Congressional reports, and Justice Department memos reveal that such tactics were explicitly approved by Bush administration lawyers.

    So, apparently, unlike the Nuremburg Trials, “I was just following orders.” is enough to get you off the hook for torturing people. All you gotta do is find some lawyers who will say torture is not really torture – unless you’re actually disemboweling someone.

    The rich and powerful think they can get away with anything. And they’re right.

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