Time Warp: Don’t be a Sucker

This film was made by the US military in 1947, and deconstructs the social manipulation and division of the Nazis party in Germany.

Look familiar?  The tactics used by such groups as Fox News, FreedomWorks, and Americans For Progress, along with their Tea Party followers are eerily similar aren’t they?

There is nothing new under the sun.  After fighting World War II against the murderous fascists, are we now going to fall for these tactics ourselves?  Are WE the suckers now?

Stay tuned…

HT:  Commenter sc mom on ThinkProgress

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26 thoughts on “Time Warp: Don’t be a Sucker

  1. I don’t think people realize how close some Americans were to the Nazis. Had it not been but for a few individuals speaking up (General Smedley Butler comes to mind), we may have already, long ago, took the fascist reigns and joined Germany.

  2. People are not upset about the direction of the country, people are upset because the leader of our nation is black.

    We have one flag in this nation and it is the Stars and Stripes. Whenever I see the confederate flag, I know that the person with that flag is a traitor to our nation.

    Blaming Obama and the Democrats for job loses is stupidity. This is how undereducated and uneducated people act.

  3. Not holding Obama and Democrats (and the rest of the Corptocracy and the false Two-party Paradigm) accountable is idiotic and will ONLY continue the ravaging of America.

    It isn’t about being black, except for a small minority and to use that race card in protection of the Democratic Party is foolish.

    Read Black Agenda Report if you don’t believe this old TN redneck (white man).

    The only real difference between Bush and Obama is a slight shade of color skin (on the issues of importance like war, rendition, corporate control, etc) There is no real difference between Bushies and ObamaManiacs.

    Sheople all.

  4. Buelah – The tea party is uniting with the American Nazis and as far as I’m concerned, we are well on our way to fascism in this nation. Bush and Cheney began by trashing our Constitution and the Beck worshipers and the undereducated and uneducated Fox Opinion Network watchers are only upset because there is a black man in what they perceive as their white house. If race wasn’t the issue, then the tea baggers would have been marching along with the war protesters during the Bush Regime. Instead, they only appeared when the black man was voted in as President.

    • Remember the teabaggers and guys like BeulahMan protesting in the streets with their “Don’t Tread On Me” flags and screaming “Take It Back!” during the disastrous Bush years?

      Yeah, me neither.

  5. “and guys like BeulahMan”

    And you know this how? Have you read my site? If you think I did not protest Bush, then you obviously have no idea about me. Not a clue. Long before he was elected did I knew what a Corp Stooge he was.

    The fact that I hold your Democratic Candidate responsible makes you think I like Bush or carry a rebel flag or am a tea bagger. That’s just the kneejerk mindset “they” want you to have and hold.

    I have never owned either of those flags (nor a rebel flag).

    You paint with such a wide, yet totally erroneous brush.

    The problem is the narrow view the bogus two party system seems to have corralled you and fish guy in. Get out of that paradigm and join me in reality of understanding the Corptocracy that owns that very two party system most are brainwashed into believing.

    • Dude, you came in here with a pretty wide brush yourself — assuming we approve of everything President Obama does, are totally stoked by the two-party system, and have have no idea that this country is run by corporations. You’re not even proud enough of your site to link to it, so why would I bother looking for it?

      Obviously, you haven’t read this site either, so get off your high horse. The issues in the videos I posted are real time problems, and WE need to head off this crap. So you can piss and moan that Obama is the same as Bush as much as you want, rearranging the deck chairs while this country sinks like the Titanic, or you can join with those who have our eyes open in trying to make a difference.

    • That’s good. 😉

      I’m sorry the rest of the country is having such a severe winter, but I’m so grateful that the northwest is having a fairly mild winter — so far.

  6. Well, you paid for it last year. We get back in the 40s on Monday.
    There’s a good dusting out there so far, the forecast is for less than one inch. I only have to go as far as the Dollar Store, the market, and Hardees, which is all five blocks away.

    They’re talking about a foot of snow around Chicago and Milwaukee on tv.

    • That’s good, House. I wouldn’t want to be driving down there, where people are not accustomed to driving in any sort of snow. Just don’t walk too close to the curb!

      There was a story on Yahoo this morning about North Dakota having -50 wind chill temps. Wind chill, hell, if it feels that cold, it IS that cold.

  7. No snow or chilling weather – we’re only having earthquakes this morning. The first jolt felt like a vehicle had hit the house. Went to check -and a second jolt. No damage (only a 4.2).

    Keep warm houseofroberts. Aren’t the ‘Tide’ playing some kind of bowl game tonight (smiles).

    • 4.2 ain’t too shabby, Ebb! I hope that was the biggest one, and not an early one.

      Looks like there was an earthquake of similar magnitude in the Gulf of California earlier.

  8. Hey 2ebb,
    Yes there is a game tonight. I will be “there” if Comcast and ABC don’t fail me! Where was the “quake”?

    Zooey, I’ll drive the five blocks with no problem. The snow is only sticking on side streets, with no traffic.

  9. house – the epicenter of our quake was at the south-end of the SF Bay Area – little place called Milpitas.
    There have only been very small aftershocks, so far.

  10. Aha. I felt some shocks here in Huntsville earlier. Probably blasting somewhere.

    Maybe we can handle Texas. I’m hopeful.

  11. In response to beulahman, Part 1:

    beulahman: “Had it not been but for a few individuals speaking up (General Smedley Butler comes to mind), we may have already, long ago, took the fascist reigns and joined Germany.”

    General Butler clearly had no significant effect on any formalpolitical fascist sympathies in the US.

    The McCormack-Dickstein Committee that investigated “The Business Plot” (in which Prescott Bush was implicated) reported :
    “In the last few weeks of the committee’s official life it received evidence showing that certain persons had made an attempt to establish a fascist organization in this country…There is no question that these attempts were discussed, were planned, and might have been placed in execution when and if the financial backers deemed it expedient.”

    However no prosecutions resulted and no relevant careers were damaged. No targeted legislation resulted. The New York Times had described Butler’s claims as “a hoax”.

    The “Business Plot” wasn’t an attempted coup driven by a deeply defined fascist philosophy such as Hitler devised, but its alleged leaders ( Bush, Henry Ford and others) shared certain fundamental beliefs in common with fascism, and desired firm control of what was meant to be a democratic representative system of government that they could bend to their own world-view without relevant opposition.

    The fact that the US didn’t experience a formal fascist regime is NOT due to General Butler” (and a “few others’ efforts”) but due to many others effortsand the basic strengths of the US political and social system at the time.

    Indeed had it not been for the ‘liberal socialism’ of FDR’s first two terms, formal fascism might well have been adopted as the ‘solution’ to America’s problems at the time.

    General Butler’s principal cause was the undemocratic effects that would result from war-profiteering, whereby industry and politics would ally to such an extent that warfare would become the defining characteristic and central driver of American policy, both foreign and domestic.

    Butler’s greatest legacy was the public definition of the influence of an accepted and unfettered military-industrial complex on national life and policies.

    Eisenhower re-iterated Butler’s warnings on his last day as President, 13 years after Butler’s death.

    Clearly neither Butler nor Eisenhower’s warnings have had much effect, especially not on the right-wing–most especially evidenced by the ongoing Afghanistan and Iraq wars where the relative lack of private profit in the former has been more than compensated by the tremendous private profit derived from the latter (and all the non-combatant GWOT-specific security industry that has sprung-up in association).

    Part 2 follows:

  12. In response to beulahman, Part 2:

    General Butler’s 1935 damning ‘War is Racket’ expose
    mirrors the political and economic dynamics of the nearly 7-year-and-counting Iraq war, even though it was published 75 years ago and documented the abuses of the military-industrial complex and complicit political laxity of 93 years ago—and at arguably 1/1000th of the scale!

    That the US avoided Fascism as a it’s defining political system whereas Germany embraced it is as much due to the fact that America, despite its problems, was not in such desperate straits as Germany—the US was not so ‘ripe’ (and neither was the UK, where fascism also gained traction in high and low socio-political strata at the time).

    Present day America now resembles the Depression Era. The military-industrial complex that Butler and Eisenhower warned us about is even more powerful than before as it has TWO extant wars from which to profit with no more accountability to its indentured investors ( the American public) than it had in 1918—and LESS than it had during WWII.

    Meanwhile the right-wing is using the same rhetorical devices and tactics–all under the guise of ‘liberty’–that Hitler’s Nazis used to gain power by challenging the legitimacy of an elected government, shouting down public debate, calling their political and philosophical opposites traitors at every opportunity and claiming almost universally unsubstantiated existential apocalyptic threats from without and within that they insist can only be mitigated by purity tests and armed violence.

    Fortunately some things have changed over the past 80 years.
    Though the American public may not be any smarter than they were, they now have access to more and speedier information and the facility to challenge both the status-quo and opportunistic (managed or unmanaged) hysteria.

    For all the dire signs I doubt the US will fall to extremism—not the fairly realistic prospect of Fascism and certainly not the utterly imagined terror of Communism—but we do risk taking another step towards such a possibility.
    To avoid such a regressive step requires the efforts of many individuals, not just a few, as I think I’ve demonstrated in reviewing the actual rather than the imagined example beulahman provided.

    For the majority of liberals I’d argue that hero-worship has its limits.
    For the majority of conservatives it appears that hero-worship once bestowed, tends to be conserved—no matter what.

    In his first year in office Obama has been subject to considerable and fairly valid criticism from the left and center, as well as expected and ridiculous criticism from the center and the right.

    In Bush’s first year the only criticisms I can recall that had any traction were his initial sequestration from the press and his vacationing. But no-one criticized him for palming off the the Orion spy-plane incident to Colin Powell, no-one with a visible/audible public pulpit charged him with planning to “destroy” America, and when 9-11 occurred no-one with a national pulpit blamed him for his initial or subsequent response without being labeled a traitor.

    About the only comparison between Bush and Obama is that one was a President and the other is the President–a president who is stuck with dealing with the legacy of 8 years of legal, moral and fiscal corruption in the throes of an economic crisis of global proportions not seen in 60 years and having inherited TWO wars each of which are longer than WWII….
    versus a President who inherited a nation at peace with an unprecedented government surplus, a declining national deficit,.a rising standard of living, lowering poverty, high employment and as good an international reputation as it had ever had since the end of WWII—and completely fucked all that up.


  13. Oh no, my hometown is now reviving it’s KKK and Nazi Party. Only this time, these crazy fringers are calling themselves the Berks County Patriot Party. They are all birthers, they cling to their guns and jesus, and they are followers of Glenn Beck and Alex Jones conspiracies. They will be holding a meeting in January during the day (2:00 pm) which means that they most likely are not working. I’ve seen their pictures and they look to be Social Security age so I am considering attending the meeting and asking them to sign the Tea Party Socialist Purity Pledge.

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