Stop feeding the poor — they’ll just breed!

The new Republican ethos, as revealed by South Carolina Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, calls for putting an end to any governmental program aimed at helping the destitute. Likening poor people to stray animals, Bauer (not related to Jack Bauer of “24”) believes that if you feed the poor, then they, like stray animals, will continue to breed more poor.

Apparently, in Bauer’s world images of famine stricken regions are not allowed. Yes, the destitute breed, with or without sufficient food supplies. Girls past puberty are impregnated, even though malnourished themselves. Without access to birth control or abortions, they give birth to babies that starve to death.

Bauer would like to recreate famine scenarios here in the United States. In his Utopia, if you stop feeding the poor, they will all go out and get a job and feed themselves.

But where will these jobs come from? Last month, nearly a half a million people who had a job became unemployed. According to Bauer, all we need to to improve their lot is to not give them any assistance. I guess nothing will motivate a parent more than watching his or her children slowly starve to death.

Oh for the days of Bush, when, with a single stroke of his pen, “hunger” was eliminated in the United States.

When you see armed robberies of grocery stores, you’ll know Bauer’s plan has been implemented.


6 thoughts on “Stop feeding the poor — they’ll just breed!

  1. Well, I’d bet Bauer has a well stocked pantry so when they quit helping the poor and they decide to fend for themselves he won’t mind being over run and dismembered by the starving poor.

    These clowns keep this up and luxury car sales will plummet. Just as sales of fancy coaches disappeared in revolutionary France.

  2. Last month, nearly a half a million people who had a job became unemployed.

    Actually, I think that is the number of initial, or first week claims for unemployment, in one week. So upwards of two million are newly out of work in any recent month, according to the link. Yet, in November, there was a net loss of only 11,000 jobs, which was revised to a net gain of 4,000 jobs later. Then, a net loss of 85,000 jobs in December. That means there is a significant amount of churn in the job market, which I believe is employers shedding higher paid workers, and replacing them with entry-level wage earners, yet not losing much in experience, because these new hires are qualified, but desperate.

    We used to be told that the US job market required 130,000 new jobs to be created, each month, just to keep pace with population growth. No one ever mentions this anymore, nor do they qualify their statistics as to whether this is factored into their reporting.

    If this economy can recover, and jobs start to open up, there will be a second round of this churn, as workers trade back up to better paying jobs, and employers will have to replace them. One complaint I always hear from my employers is they can’t keep good help, yet their greed in tough times brings it on themselves.

  3. Good points, HoR.

    BnF – thanks for the link to the article regarding food and hunger. So the government tells people whether they should feel hungry or not even if they don’t have enough to eat.

  4. Ironically, the same folks that are saying we should not help the poor also insist on the poor’s right to be armed to the teeth.

    Thus rural America has stockpiles of assault weapons to prevent a gov’mint take over. Has it occurred to the ruling class that those same stockpiles can be used when rural America suffers from food insecurity? Perhaps it has. Recall under Bush the military was developing microwave weapons, plasma weapons, and sonic weapons, for the specific purpose of using those weapons on U.S. citizens in a civil uprising, and we now have a regular Army unit stationed on American Soil for just that purpose.

    So we’re all set for the perfect storm. Republicans will filibuster every effort to help the economy. Social programs will wither and die for lack of funding. Without further stimulus, the economy will take another nosedive this summer – in time for the fall election.

    No jobs, no food, and Fox News continually blaming Obama and prodding the Teabaggers into action. This is the Republican game plan for returning to power. Well, I really shouldn’t say “returning to power” because they never really lost power. They lost the majority, but not their power.

  5. BnF – it’s the Repubs plan to return to kings and serfs. What the Repubs aren’t telling the rural poor is that the Repubs WILL be collecting their guns at some point. Can’t be letting the poor people have guns unless the plan is to kill all the poor people. But then who will be left to clean up their poopy dupas?

  6. Cats,

    “it’s the Repubs plan to return to kings and serfs. ”

    I don’t think so. This whole “representational democracy” thing insulates the kings and princes, and they like it. As long as they can keep up the con, they will.

    That’s why I think the Supreme Court ruling allowing Corporations to spend unlimited wealth buying candidates may prove to be their undoing.

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