The Watering Hole: January 28, Public Eye Awards 2010 – And the winners are…

In time for the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos the “Public Eye Awards” have been granted to:

The Basle based chemical giant Roche for their immoral research on organ transplant rejection.The organs used for research come from China, well known for harvesting organs of death penalty victims.

The second award goes to The Royal Bank of Canada for financing the messiest possible crude oil production from oilsands.

Two really deserving winners.

This is our open thread, feel free to comment on what’s on your mind.

37 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: January 28, Public Eye Awards 2010 – And the winners are…

  1. The second award goes to The Royal Bank of Canada for financing the messiest possible crude oil production from oilsands.

    I have nothing good to say about RBC. When Regions Bank bought Amsouth, they had several duplicated branch locations. They sold the excess Amsouth locations to RBC, including the employees at those locations, and any accounts opened at those branches. My wife and I both had personal Amsouth accounts that reverted to RBC accounts, and we were forbidden by the terms of the sale to open new Amsouth or Regions accounts for one year. Fortunately, she had a Regions account already, so they had to let her keep it. I closed my RBC account and activated my Redstone Federal Credit Union account. My wife finally closed her RBC account after they clipped her for NSF fees twice, which she never did figure out how. My employer still banked at Amsouth, and I wasn’t allowed to cash the checks without paying a $3 fee, because I didn’t have an Amsouth account anymore, through no fault of my own. They couldn’t give me an account, wouldn’t waive the fee, and didn’t seem to give a damn. I’ll never bank at any one of them ever again.
    Plus having my money at the Credit Union keeps it away from the Wall Street banksters.

  2. RIP Holden Caulfield’s creator:

    J.D. Salinger.

    ‘Catcher in the Rye’ was his best known work but ‘Franny and Zooey’; ‘Raise High the Roof Beams…’ should not be forgotten.

  3. The more I think about what the President said last night, the more I wonder. He tossed out some serious bones that the progressives are not happy with but the entire context of his speech was pretty ballsy.

    All the points about nuclear power and clean coal and spending freeze are pretty much their talking points. And all would take major effort to get into reality. Even the freeze is a year off.

    Did he just cut the little peckerwoods off at the ankles? He took away a mess of talking points without making any real commitments to any of them. I wonder if he isn’t just a bit sneakier than I thought.

  4. According to the MSM, Obama announced funding for “High Speed Rail” last night.

    The fact that $8 Billion of stimulus funds are being allocated to new and existing rail infrastructure is certainly positive, but the plans highlight how pathetically behind the US is, in passenger rail transport.

    The 10 year old NY/Washington Acela could run at 150 mph, except for the fact that the rail and power infrastructure doesn’t allow for such operations so its average speed is about 90 mph. The Acela itself was built by the Canadians and the French.

    Of the new rail projects, only one (in California) is intended to be actually “High Speed”. As with the Acela it will likely be foreign companies who will provide the trains.

    The proposed rail investment is still pretty good news (assuming it doesn’t become a boon-doggle) but I hope they plan to put in ‘high speed’ tracks and systems for those routes even though ordinary trains are going to be used to ‘future-proof’ the investment.


  5. Over at freerepublic, the nutbags are in a frenzy of conspiracy theories about the O’Keefe arrest. Either he was entrapped, or the FBI over-reacted because of the Democratic administration, or it’s payback for his brilliant work on ACORN, or the FBI was lying in wait (don’t they even read the accounts of the incident?), or this is a sneaky move by O’Keefe and he’ll reveal his own sting at any moment, or he was framed by the ruthless Left, or the Clintons did it (no shit!), or O’Keefe was just proving that security was lax, or they got released so quickly there isn’t anything on them (bail? helllo?), or this is a Democratic “hit” (“these are not nice people”)… only one or two suggest that O’Keefe screwed up and even then it’s a tragedy because of his previous brilliant work.

    I thought the trolls at TP were delusional, but wow.

  6. Ooh, here’s a good one:

    I think O’keefe’s plan is working exactly how he wanted it to work. Any person that has kept abreast of his appearances would probably think the same thing.

    Yeah, right, he’s an evil genius!

  7. gummitch, thanks for the laughs–I can’t believe someone’s really speculating that the Clintons did it! Oy!

    And is O’Keefe an evil genius the way that Michael Steele has some mystery master plan?

  8. I hadn’t paid much attention to O’Keefe’s previous adventure, and only today found pictures of him dressed up as a pimp. Not only is O’Keefe pathetic, but whoever it was at an ACORN office that took him seriously is truly a moron. He looks like a high school sophomore from Whiteyville dressed up for Halloween.

    Lordy, but the Right is truly a desperate and stupid crowd if they embrace this tool.

  9. gummitch,

    About O’Keefe’s “undercover journalism” against ACORN…

    He and his cohort apparently visited ACORN offices along the NorthEast corridor from Baltimore up to NYC, but you only see videos from a couple of those offices. And I have not heard any reports indicating exactly how many offices he visited, and in how many did they get thrown out immediately?

    If I understood correctly, in at least one of his videos, the people at the ACORN odffice had already picked up on the fact that this guy was a farce and just played along. They weren’t really giving him real advice and guidance. I’m not sure that any of the people seen giving him advice on how to supposedly run his child prostitution ring through a house obtained with ACORN’s help thought they were helping a real pimp get low-income housing. ‘Cause, you know, as the Academy Award winning song goes,

    It’s so hard being a pimp,
    Tryin’ to find the money just to pay the rent…

    Yes, it is, hard, indeed.

  10. Zooey, you’re a lot closer to Sophia than O’Keefe is to genius. I know that’s a left handed compliment. 😀

    Gummitch and Wayne,
    I’m hearing that the prosecutor is doing this by the book. These idiots are going to have to have someone to roll over on to get out of real jail time. You just don’t go messing around in a US Senator’s office.

    As willing as ACORN is to accept volunteers, it would not surprise me if nearly all the voter registration problems were caused by Republican plants. So this Pimp deal could just as easily have been another set-up, or the people were just humoring a lunatic on a slow day.

    For this telephone scam, I think they underestimated the office staff having procedures for maintenance. They knew that nothing was wrong with their phones. The initial arrest was by a US Marshall. Does a US Marshall stay on duty at all Senators’ offices? Or did the office call him as soon as they caught on to O’Keefe’s scam?

  11. I wonder how long the appeals will take in the Roeder case. At every level they will try to admit the evidence and testimony that this judge refused to allow.

  12. houseo’

    I think the Senator’s office is in a Federal office building, so it doesn’t at all surprise me that there would be Federal Marshals on duty all the time. The first job listed for deputy marshals is “judicial security.” If the offices include a federal courtroom, there are undoubtedly deputies in attendance.

    They could also be Detention Enforcement Officers.

  13. Zooey, as we all know, I’m no lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. But Roeder would have to admit that he killed Dr Tiller if he was going to pursue an affirmative defense. He can’t claim he killed Dr Tiller in defense of all the babies he was about to abort (in that church), but that if you don’t buy that excuse, then he didn’t do it at all.

    If he’s going to try to justify the fact that he killed Dr Tiller by claiming he was acting in defense of others, then he has to admit he killed Dr Tiller. And since the circumstances clearly do not justify his defense, he all but convicted himself of murder.

  14. Not much point in refuting so many eyewitnesses.
    Roeder isn’t trying to get out of jail. They wanted the voluntary manslaughter, to encourage other psychos to emulate him. They need martyrs just like the other religious terrorists.

  15. It was a segment called Oddball, Zooey. When you see it you’ll remember what Wayne said in his first Youtube video!

  16. “Proposal would rename Mount Diablo to Mount Ronald Reagan

    Still upset over the devilish connotations of Mount Diablo, an Oakley man has yet again petitioned a federal agency to rename Contra Costa’s signature peak. This time he wants to rename the 3,849-foot-high mountain after the 40th president of the United States — Ronald Wilson Reagan.”

    “…the devout Christian Mijares believes the word “Diablo,” which is Spanish for “devil,” is “derogatory and profane…”

  17. “Diablo…Reagan — what’s the difference?”

    Our thoughts exactly! The nation only had 8 years of the devil – Californians 16 yr – 2 terms as gov. frightening on ALL levels.

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