100 thoughts on “Music night, y’all!

  1. Holy Crap, Zooey – your making me laugh and cry with the Big L!

    It just so happens that a showing of the Big L at a local theatre is the first fundraiser we are having for Breezy . . . but this movie is a stitch!

    Yup, the moon is full!

  2. lass o delight,
    If there is a ever a movie made of my life, this would play during the opening credits . . .

    This would be mine. (Not part of mystery theme)

  3. Since Zooey is becoming impatient, the mystery theme is…………(drum roll)

    Songs written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David!

  4. Good night Lass’

    House – mm (medical marijuana) is legal in CA – come on over…

    If I left right now I couldn’t get as far West as Memphis, LOL!

  5. lass o delight – forgive my ignorance, but it is difficult to tell from that small photo, are you:
    L. guanicoe; L. glama; V. vicugna or have I missed it all together and you are a kangaroo – no, the ears are wrong.

  6. Late to the show. Saw the Midnight Oil Dead Heart go by – one of their best calling out against the corporations and their ‘rights’. Been playing a lot of ‘Oils this last week…

    … but for the moon theme, there’s this – “You saw the whole of my moon…”:

  7. Well 2ebb, went through OMD, Psych Furs, Alannis, Slowhand, Tracy Chapman, Dire Straits.

    This one’s yours 2ebb… from Species Deceases…. turn it to 11 there, Nigel.

    • I am seriously late to this party.. Here’s my song of the night:

      This guy is just crazy. This tune is Romanian. This guy is not, yet it’s made him famous!

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