Sunday Roast: The Human Animal, The Language of the Body

Body language has always fascinated me…it usually speaks so many more volumes than the spoken word.

Desmond Morris examines body language much more in depth than I could ever imagine, with a certain emphasis on gestures — my favorite.

Part 1 of 5 (each about 10 minutes long)

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

I’m glad my synchronized swimming coach never made us smile through the pain.  😉  I couldn’t have managed it without seeing someone bleeding and sobbing profusely.

16 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: The Human Animal, The Language of the Body

  1. Funny that the topic of the videos should be the Human Animal. I’m watching one right now on This Week. The beastly porcine qualities of Roger Ailes make Karl Rove look like a cuddly little white and pink piglet by comparison. What a hideous and gluttonously evil appearing individual!

  2. db, I have not been to Bulgaria . . . nor do I know any Bulgarians personally – I do find the diversity of gestures cross culturally to be of interest.

    and hello to you, house and cats!

    And yes, Zooey – thanks for posting this. I find the finger and hand gesturing fascinating, especially the use of the index finger, which I noted 3+ times during this recent review of the videos . . .


  3. My apologies, db . . . after my second review of Part 2, at 2:55, Morris illustrates the Bulgarian nod/shake. So, that would be a “yes” response to your initial question. I missed that the first time around. I could watch this stuff all afternoon . . .

    In fact, I may!

  4. Hello Zooey,

    I will try to take some time with the geomoo/Warren diary this afternoon. It looks like a good read – I just don’t want to overlook any important details before I discuss . . .

    – lass

  5. In my quest to bring you unusual sports news, I have another unique situation on which to report.

    The winners of the 2010 Daytona 24 Hour today are the Action Express Racing Porsche Riley Team.
    Joao Barbosa, from Portugal, whose first name is best pronounced by your cat, Mike Rockenfeller, from Germany, and Ryan Dalziel from Scotland drove a nearly flawless race, and the reliability of their race-modified V-8 Porsche Cayenne SUV engine surprised everyone but the team that won.

    Yes, an SUV engine. A truck engine, sort of. Not the proven flat six so well known to racing fans, but a V-8, which in street form put out 521 horsepower, and 531 foot-pounds of torque, in the Turbo S model Cayenne. So it really wasn’t that big of a stretch for it to run so well in an endurance race, since all configurations of Porsche engines have been doing well at that task for nearly sixty years.

    Still, it was originally meant to be a truck engine…

  6. This is a very thought-provoking series.

    The American Sign Language (ASL) gesture for bullshit seems to be the combination of Italian cornuta and greek moutra. Except the ‘elimination’ movement is signed under the hand with the bull (horn) sign.

    Body language is fascinating – a sight to behold is a very heated argument in ASL. As with verbal arguments, that increase in tenor – signs get faster and more emphatic.

  7. dbadass, I’m interested on your thoughts of the harvesting of unagi. Wasn’t aware, until just recently, that the population of wild has plummeted and that ‘farmed’/aquaculture isn’t really sustainable given the destruction of the coastal wetlands and surrounding area, flushing the waste. And not to mention the tons of wild fish caught to feed the captive unagi.
    Do you see eel ever being a sustainable commodity? Or what can be done to improve the condition for the unagi?

  8. Where families migrate to the ‘New World’ can influence their sign language. People who settled in Canada or Louisiana will have different inflections from those who settled in the English colonies. Snails, eschewed in English cultures, are escargot to the French. Forget about frogs – the English referred to the French as frog eaters or frogs during the Napoleonic wars!

  9. Very true WaltTheMan, I should have prefaced with regional. As you pointed out there are ‘dialects’ of Sign Language; even in the United States from north to south and east to west signs may have a slightly different gesture/meaning.

  10. Jim Cramer is on The Chris Matthews Show. He said this year the economy is going to do well.

    I’m convinced we’re screwed now.

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