Sarah Palin’s Teabagger Tea Party Speech — Questions? Concerns?

Sarah Palin speaking at the Tea Party in Nashville, TN.

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Part 2

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Part 5

How nice, she ends by using her child — AGAIN — and flogging the old Ronnie Raygun dog.

UPDATE:  Writing notes on your hand is so 5th grade.  The Quitter needs a teleprompter.  *wink*

HT:  ThinkProgress

33 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Teabagger Tea Party Speech — Questions? Concerns?

      • The post has been updated, with video of the Quitter looking at notes written on her hand during an after-speech interview. Srsly, if she’d consulted notecards I’d have been with her, but she’s so dishonest that she has to try to make it seem like she keeps all this stuff in her head. And we all know that ain’t true.

  1. When she was doing the Q&A afterwards, at one point after the ‘crowd’ applauded Sarah’s answer, the guy said something about “I guess I should pause for the applause” with a big smile, looking out at the audience – and it seemed to go kinda quiet.

    Okay, so what’s all this about “going back to our roots as a God-fearing nation” and “it’s time for divine intervention in this country”? NoNoNoNoNo!

  2. I am happy to admit when I’m wrong, but if someone is brave enough to listen to this “speech”-type thing, could you please find out if I heard her right? Did she say that “the rest of the world looks to Alaska as a beacon of hope…”?

  3. Zooey. My guess would be that any transcripts available (especially from Fox News) would be of her prepared remarks, given to the media ahead of time, and not a transcript of what she actually said. 😉

  4. Andrea Mitchell said of Palin this morning on MSNBC:
    “She’s on Facebook, she’s on Twitter. She uses social media and doesn’t have to face any fact-checking. That speech last night could not have survived any fact-checking at all.”

  5. Go to the 5:10 mark on video #2.

    “And around the world, people who are seeking freedom from oppressive regimes wonder if Alaska is still that beacon of hope for their cause.”

    Yup, she called “Alaska”, not “America”, the “beacon of hope.” This from the candidate who ran on a “Country First” platform with John McCain.

  6. I’ve been doing a bit of searching to see what the attendance figures are for this thing. The most common number I’m finding is 600. I can’t bring myself to watch Faux to see any footage or hear what they say.

    600? Seriously?

  7. The local theater sold more tickets than that for the opening weekend of Avatar. Heck, K Mart can do that with a couple blue light specials.

    This grass roots movement is looking more and more like a chia pet.

  8. The tea party members that support Palin are nothing more than fundamentalists. They see the tea party as another way to push their religious beliefs on free Americans. They seem to forget that here in American, we are free to choose our beliefs, no matter what that may be. True tea party followers would dump Palin because she states that she hates big government except for when she benefits from big government. Palin is one of the reasons that the tea party will have difficulty maintaining cohesion.

  9. hoodathunk at 8:44 am

    This grass roots movement is looking more and more like a chia pet.

    Did you come up with that all on your own? That’s got to be the best line I’ve heard lately! 😀

    Somebody this morning said they didn’t think there would be much crossover attendance from the Teabagger convention to the CPAC convention.

    If Progressive’s heads were to explode, based on things Scarah Bin Palin said, it would only be from laughter at how ludicrous she sounds!

  10. Zooey, the right wiong is so accustomed to spouting hyperbolic nonsense that they have long since forgotten how to objectively describe something. So, as far as they’re concerned, everything must be described in extreme, violent terms or it will have no impact. Thus, even the most insignificant of things can be made to look as if they are humankind-changing events.

    Another tactic of theirs is to always say we “hate her because we disagree with her views.” This, of course, is bullshit. IF, and I stressed that word intentionally, IF we do indeed “hate” any of them, it’s not simply because they have an opposing view. It’s because they have an ill-informed or erroneous position on something, and we have already proven why that position is wrong, and they’re just going out and trotting it out all over again as if it’s always been a perfectly valid argument to make. We dislike people who insult the intelligence of the American people by expecting them to believe things that are patently false (and they know it.)

    • You’re right, Wayne.

      It certainly can’t be the case that we disagree with what Palin says — it must be that we “hate” her personally; that somehow she’s making us look bad, and we really don’t like that.

      I would LOVE to hear from a Palin supporter who also has a Down Syndrome child. Maybe that parent could tell us how Palin has not betrayed her own child by saying it’s perfectly fine for Limbaugh to unapologetically use the word “retard” time after time after time but Rahm Emmanuel should lose his job, even though he’s apologized profusely for using the word once.

      I am the mother of a developmentally disabled (autism) son, and I don’t condone the use of the word by anyone. If only Palin could muster up the courage to truly be on her child’s side.

  11. Wingers totally misconstrue rational people’s feelings for Saracuda. For me, the closest feeling I can come to regarding her is pity. She is way over head head and cruising for a huge crash. And the worst part is she is dragging a bunch of people along for the ride.

    I’m just hoping there a lot of people who are out there realizing that celebrity worship is no way to run a country. (But is damn fun to poke fun of in the meantime.)

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