5 thoughts on “The Food of Love

  1. Haven’t had a decent oyster pie in years – I’m kinda into oyster mushrooms of late . . . still “lovely”, in a different sort of way 🙂

    This footage is amazing! Imagining that many row boats going out to harvest is quite a sight . . . hard working men indeed!

  2. As a young lad from 9-11, I worked at Hausner’s Restaurant on Eastern Avenue in Baltimore. Mom would drive me to work at about six and I would work til nine – three days a week. At the time child labor laws were not enforced as they are now. I could shuck a dozen oysters in about three minutes and pop them onto a half shell over ice. The oyster men got about 75 cents for that dozen and I got 20 cents. Hausner’s cleared about two bucks. My income was not based on salary or per hour, but on the number of orders placed by patrons. Some nights, I realized a buck or less. On a Friday or Saturday gig, I would pull in five to six dollars. Such was life in the early 50’s.

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