The Watering Hole: February 19 – A Man of Principle?

On February 19, 1859 Daniel E. Sickles, NY congressman, was acquitted of murder on grounds of temporary insanity. This was the 1st time this defense was successfully used in the United States. His victim was Philip Barton Key, son of Francis Scott Key.

Needless to say, Sickles did not lead the exemplary life.

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39 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: February 19 – A Man of Principle?

  1. My response to Tiger Woods’ apology speech:
    (from the movie, As Good As It Gets)
    Sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here!

    • Shouldn’t he be apologizing to his wife and children for putting them through this mess? I really don’t give a flying flip what Tiger does with his Wood.

  2. Another reason to avoid Larry King again tonight (not that I need any reason to ignore Larry King).

    OK a contest – suggestions for Larry King Live’s headline now that Tiger has spoken, I’ll go first:

    “Tonight on Larry King, Tiger Woods: is it a comeback or is he just going to play a ‘few more holes’?”

  3. Tiger pretty much apologized to everyone. But it wasn’t news.

    Oh, they’ve made some changes at CNN. They’ve given Rick Sanchez another hour, moving Blitzer back an hour. Now Blitzer’s three hours covers the 7-8pm EST time slot that used to be Lou Dobbs’. I like Sanchez, I may switch over there some days instead of riding MSNBC. I can always move back to MSNBC when Blitzer starts, and ignore Tweety. Interesting how Blitzer is up against Tweety, Ed, and Tweety redux, now.

  4. On Thom, Bernie Sanders is sounding more optimistic than I have heard him in a long time. Bernie’s audio is terrible, (probably due to Thom being at CPAC). Bernie says they can reconcile HCR, make a good bill, help education, take college loans profits away from the banksters (which saves taxpayer money, making it a slam dunk for reconciliation), and promote green energy jobs, all with no filibusters.

    I sure would like to see it.

  5. “Tonight on Larry King, Nancy Grace wonders how many missing white girls there might be in Tiger Wood’s basement”

  6. Zooey, he’s 86 years old. His term runs to 2014. He retired once already, then had to come back, for the party.

    The New Jersey governor is a Republican, and appoints a Senator when a vacancy occurs. The legislature tried to change the rule, then they chickened out.

  7. Obama is speaking live at a town hall in Henderson, Nevada.

    “I can personally attest, that Harry Reid is one of the toughest people I know. He does not give up. He knows what he cares about, he knows what he believes in, and he’s willing to fight for it.”

    Somebody should find this speech and post it. There’s bound to be comment both ways.

  8. Well, according to Bernie, we can move forward and get a lot done with 51 votes, but Harry has to be tough and do it. Polling in Nevada implies he might have a better chance at getting re-elected if he does.

  9. The buck stopped with a Harry of a different time, not with this invertebrate that they call Senate Majority Leader.

  10. Don’t forget Rachel is on early tonight, at 7pm eastern. My cable guide shows both her 7 and 9 shows as new, so maybe we get 2 hours of Rachel tonight!

  11. Alexander “As of right now, I’m in command here” Haig has died. Historical point of fact – he was NOT in charge at that time, as he was only Sec of State. The Vice President, Speaker of the House, and President Pro Tempore of the Senate were ahead of him.

  12. Wayne,

    Last night was unusual with Rachel on early, the Olympics have a lot of MSNBC’s schedule screwed up. I mean, they’re pre-empting all the trailer-trash crime and prison shows this weekend! 😀

  13. I know, house, and I love it! On weekends, when SyFy is showing one of their homemade crappy movies, I sometimes want some MSNBC-style political news, to pass the time. (Sometimes we’re lucky and Animal Planet is showing one of their Dogs 101 or Cats 101 series.) But the Olympics are also a welcome change. And Team USA is doing well this year, winning gold medals in events we weren’t expected to even medal in, let alone take the gold.

  14. I have MSNBC on right now, and they’ve got Pat Buchanan recalling Alexander Haig. Pat’s probably the only one at MSNBC old enough to remember Haig!

  15. If you have much free time, when SyFy isn’t entertaining, you should root around the archives for Now, Frontline, and Bill Moyers programs. Some Book TV shows from C-Span are real good too, but you have to dig through them to find the good ones.

  16. I saw a picture of Haig in, I think, a LIFE magazine. He was campaigning for president, and he was at som,e factory shaking hands with workers as they left to go home. The fascinating thing about the picture was haig’s pantlegs. They had a stiff crease (much as military uniforms did) down the center of each leg, and from the perfectly straight, up-and-down line of crease on each leg of his pants (both, not just the one with all his weight, the “free-hanging” one, too) as he leaned toward the voter to shake hands, simply screamed “Stiff!” It was an amazing picture, one I’ve always remembered. No wonder he didn’t “win over” any voters.

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