Rachel Maddow eviscerates Republicans for their disgusting and shameless hypocrisy

There are lies, damned liars, and then there are Republicans named Chuck Grassley, Lamar Alexander, John McCain, Orrin Hatch, and on and on and on…and oh yeah — the Washington Post.  Should we anticipate a correction?

At this point, you’re a guy on a loud speaker, scolding us to keep our voices down; you’re the speed-eating hotdog kid, telling us to go vegan; you’re a family-values, chastity-lecturing, lecher.  You’re hypocrites.  You are not making serious arguments, and you do not believe what you’re saying.  It’s dis-proven by your record.  In the case of Orrin Hatch, you are flat-out lying about the history of the tactic that Democrats are going to use to pass health reform.

For the Washington Post to print something like this is bizarre.  For these established, supposedly mainstream Senators to try to get away with this is an insult to everyone they’re addressing and to the media in particular.  And for us all to just let this slide and call it “politics,” is to surrender to cynicism profoundly.


Keep up the good work, Rachel!

The Watering Hole: March 2 – The World’s Most Useless Invention

In assembling some book cases and other shelved furniture, the pocket hole offers a strong and simple joint.

The joint itself is self-clamping, only needing a guide bar for alignment and when augmented with carpenter’s glue is as strong or stronger then a mortise joint. What would improve this self-clamping joint? Nothing other then a pocket joint clamp:

What really takes the cake is that this device is useless for center shelving.

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