9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Cats r Flyfishn!

  1. Happy Birthday Cats!

    Having done a check of the Zoo archives, I noticed you only have a birthday in even numbered years. So we’ll do this again in two years!

  2. 2ebb&flow – thank you for the song. It made me get up and dance 🙂

    HoR – yes, I am young. By Zoo counting, I am two and I am a PC. 8)

    Zooey – you are forgiven, as always. Thanks for the healthy choice. I think all food groups are covered in that picture.

    I had lunch with Lass yesterday and she loves Friday night music night. As I always say, the Zoo is the best blog in town. The best people stop by The Zoo.

    Thanks to everyone that sent me good wishes on Facebook. As the saying goes, “Everyday above ground is a good day.”

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