The Watering Hole: March 5 – Escapes

In 1872 on this date, the Westinghouse Railway Air Brake was patented.

While not the first application of a failure tolerant mechanism as were applied to the Elevator.

In a more recent issue, it  seems that Toyota could have absorbed some blame and  resolved issues on a more timely basis. Allowing an issue brew for for ten years does not exactly establish a positive  corporate image.

I can not really complain, I was cursed with both the Corvair and the Vega.


6 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: March 5 – Escapes

  1. Mornin’ Walt!

    I wholeheartedly with you on the Toyota issue; I’m curious as to the year of your Corvair 🙂

    Psst . . . today is the celebration of CatsRFlyfishin’s natal day – Pass it on!

    Hope you all can enjoy some nice weather wherever you are !

  2. walt you were a visionary!….

    wish i had the Corvair wagon my uncle drove.

  3. fatherbob,
    I was really a victim. My ’56 Buick Special sweetened me on the GM brand. The ’61 Corvair and the Vega had the opposite effect.

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