Sunday Roast: Man v. Food — Alaska!

This week, Adam makes a pig of himself in Alaska.  Sourdough pancakes, honey whole wheat toast, caribou burgers with “fat ass” sauce, and the Kodiak Arrest Challenge.

Will he survive?

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


14 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Man v. Food — Alaska!

  1. Former Sierra Club President Dr. Edgar Wayburn died Friday night at his home in San Francisco in the presence of his family. He was 103.

    Dr. Wayburn was one of the towering figures on the national and world stage of conservation. and to many, he was the 20th Century John Muir.

    Ed would take a vision such as protecting 100 million acres of Alaska or protecting the Marin Headlands as a national park and run with it until he accomplished what seemed impossible. He enlisted the help of Presidents, Cabinet members, powerful members of Congress, mayors, and millions of Americans and would not take no for an answer. This is why he is credited by President Clinton as the man who saved more wilderness and parks in the United States than any other American.

    When you or your grandchildren marvel at the wilderness in Redwood National Park, Alaska, or the Marin Headlands you will be witnessing the living legacy of Ed Wayburn. It is his lasting gift to all of us.

    You can get details of his career from the Sierra Club’s excellent web site profile written on his 100th birthday:

    Heading back outside on this sunny day – enjoy yours!

      • **crickets**

        I hope everyone is having great weather, and is out enjoying it! Ours is fantastic, but I’m stuck inside revising a philosophy essay. 😦

  2. I had a productive day. Did a front brake job on the future-ex wife’s car in her carport, so I was outside all afternoon. The weather is supposed to be even better tomorrow, so I’ll catch up round here on overdue outside chores.

    Anybody going to watch the Oscars, this year?

  3. Is this Man vs. Food theme a dry well now? I sat out the Oscars and for a nice night of entertainment and got nada.

    • Walt, I’ve got one more week of Man v. Food scheduled, and can do something else for Sunday Roast after that, if no one likes the show.

  4. James Taylor singing “In My Life” for departed stars and noted industry people, was just perfect. No orchestra, just him and his guitar.

  5. They’re down to the Big Four: Picture, Director, Lead Actor and Actress.

  6. Zooey,
    What I meant is that the link was blocked. The show is really good, but they are restricting the views.

    • Crap. It’s the same with next week’s show. I’ll find something else to put up next week.

      Sorry about the show, everyone! 😯

  7. Perhaps, they will relent! Seems that having a small audience is better than having none at all.

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