124 thoughts on “Spring Break – Music Night

    • Good eh? Try these. No party ever was worth mentioning in my life, if this band wasn’t played:

      Getting up, when you’re down

      And dissing your most hated football club! Bayern Munich

      Last: “No Alcohol is not a solution,too.”

  1. House, it was based on his 75 album of the same name. I even wrote a western based on it as well. Haven’t told Willie yet.

  2. G’nite EV!

    The other day they told who the subject of the song You’re So Vain was, did you hear about it?

  3. It was David Geffen, who owned her record label at the time.
    Geffen is also the subject of Joni Mitchell’s song “Free Man in Paris”.

  4. Hadn’t thought of good Ju Ju music for decades until dbadass played this…and it’s been going through my head ever since.

  5. I know what you mean, ebb. It has been in my head, as well. I looked up the translation after db played it … Ja Fun Mi means “fight for me” as in a person asking their own “brain” to not completely give way to the “heart” . . .

  6. On the episode of Friends where Chandler takes Monica to Las Vegas to meet his father, a female impersonator/entertainer, Kathleen Turner, as his father, comes out and sings “It’s Raining Men”! That’s one of the few Friends episodes I remember.

  7. I still laugh at the commercial where the woman is so blind she lets the raccoon into her house because she thinks it’s her cat!

  8. Done been east and south so to quote Hoyt…”gonna roll out west where the wild sun sets and the coyote bays at the moon.” And I’m taking the train. No worries, no hurry.

  9. Have a good trip, and if you have an opportunity to get online, drop us a note. Have fun and stay safe! “See” you in ten days!

  10. Just got home from ‘Happy Hour’ ! Actually just picked up SammytheTurtle from swimming at the Y – free Wifi u-know.

    Anyhow – here’s the Hosuemartins….

  11. Nice Siouxsie…..

    Some more from Paul Heaton, lived on the same street as him back in 1980-something…..

    This one’s for you Sarah Palin:

  12. From her wiki page:

    In April 1997, Smyth married former tennis star John McEnroe. They presently live in New York City and have six children between them (three from his previous marriage to Tatum O’Neal, Smyth’s daughter Ruby, and two together: daughters Anna and Ava).

  13. He’s really not like that as a person. If anything, being married to Tatum O’Neal would have been fire fighting fire, when he was younger and playing highly competitively.

  14. Mountain Man 23 at C&L posited the idea that Harry Reid’s wife and daughter’s accident, wasn’t an accident. Now I’m worried.

  15. Hmm HOR, going to dig into that one…. listening to some Robert Cray right now. Cheers Zoo, surf’s up…

  16. Oh 2ebb brings it on….. can’t beat the Oils, yes my favourites ever….. Earth Sun and Moon was expansive and fuller music. Then they went back this way.

    Had this one on my mind the other week during the CPAC meeting. This one’s for all your Teabaggers out there….

  17. Hor, not finding anything on the Reid crash being anything but a rear-ender. Here’s Robert Cray, love this guy’s voice and sweet blues guitar…

  18. Off with Robert Cray now when he played with the Memphis Horns – saw him in Fort Wayne oh so long ago. He was backing up Steve Winwood – I went to see Robert Cray..

    Ok 2ebb, I can go in different directions now. More blues, darkest punk, 80s wierdos big hair and all, cock rock……

  19. Who’s still there?

    It’s St Patrick’s next week, so time for an Irish joke. Did you hear about the Irishman who thought Johnny Cash was the change from a condom machine….

    ….here’s the man in black. One of the memorable lyrics: “Well I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die”

  20. Judas Priest….. I worked with this sales guy, he had this iPod he played to help him work. I asked him one time we closed a big one: “What do you play when you close one?” “That’s easy. ‘Judas Priest'”

  21. Well looks like I’m done for this week, playing Darkness, Dio, Whitesnake…… ending on this one…. come on Eddie! Katanga b’wana.

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