29 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Lauren at the altar

  1. At the link of wedding photos, one of the commenters got it right: Ah someone got married at AVN Awards, how romantic. 😀

    Campaign ad for Republican Dr. Robert Bentley for Alabama Governor:
    “All the Republican candidates for Governor are pro-life. We all hunt and fish.”

    Translated: We say we value life, but we enjoy killing it as a sport!

  2. I caught a piece of a program on the Country Music channel about a Southern wedding. It was held outside and the bride and groom rode up to the preacher on their ATV’s. They looked like Larry the Cable Guy (one in semi-drag).

    I changed the channel.

  3. On This Week, George Will on McCain vs Hayworth: In January, the Republican Central Committee in the state of Arizona voted to close the primary, which is their right to do, associational right you can say Republicans, only Republicans will pick Republican leaders, but that was a fundamentally hostile act to John McCain, whose strength is not with the Republican party, but with independents, so this is going to be a race.

    I didn’t know this, it appears the Arizona Republicans are wanting to move on and retire Gramps. I guess voters could register Republican to vote for McCain, if they care enough about him. I doubt they will lift a finger to help him. This also changes how polling from Arizona can be interpreted.

    This race is a puzzle to me, with Palin trying to help McCain, who obviously is not the Teabagger choice, while trying to appeal to the Teabaggers overall.

  4. house the gop is so mixed-up and muddled not even a compass would help them find their way to sanity.

    President visits Afghanistan.

  5. house,

    The McCain Show with Special Guest Star Sarah Palin proved to be the Palin Show with a cameo by McCain. My brother and I watched it.

    Me: “It’s like the Hindenburg, if the Hindenburg had been filled with old-man farts instead of hydrogen. Oh the humanity, ladies and gentlemen!”

    My brother:” It’s worse than that! It’s the Hindenburg crashing into the Titanic!”

    Cindy McCain did the intro, and spent more time talking about Sarah and the supposedly least embarrassing Palin family members than she did talking about her husband.

    Then Palin did her usual schtick for what seemed like 15 minutes and referenced McCain about two times?

    When Sarah reached the absolute limit of her vocabulary she paused and looked around the crowd expecting some enthusiastic reaction but they were still mouthing the words to try and make sense of them, so some self-identifying McCain supporters began to chant John McCain’s name but no-one else joined-in.
    It was obvious the Palin camp outnumbered the McCain camp 4-1..

    After about 20 seconds of pathos, Sarah ‘recovered’ by complaining about the media for two minutes, which revved the crowd up again, and then handed over to McCain, who basically shouted to Obama to get off his lawn, and then tried to close with “we’re not the party of no, but the party of Hell No!” which sounded more like “Nurse! Where’s my creamed corn?!!”
    The CNN camera kept Palin in shot the whole time ( and she mugged to the crowd repeatedly through McCain’s address ) and NEVER broke for commercials (let-alone any ‘analysis’)!

    McCain wasn’t just playing second-banana to Sarah, he was audibly and visibly losing his Arizona Senate incumbency to her and she of course wasn’t even ‘running’!

    McCain is turning into Norma Desmond!

  6. I note there’s another cameraman there who. though he doesn’t get the precise moment he gets a clear shot of Deaver’s right cheek, which he wipes off after he’s filmed.

    Also plenty of people taking snaps of Deaver–their attention looks very specific.

    So plenty of material for proof.

    Note also the McCain/Palin T-shirt.on one girl, 2008 vintage–apparently elections don’t matter! . .

  7. I was geared up to follow the Nascar race, the NCAA basketball, and the IRL race, all running at the same time, but due to rainouts, I’ll have to see two races tomorrow.

    Word is, there will be five ladies running at Indy this year. I hope the economy improving will provide enough sponsors for there to be significantly more entrants than the 33 car field, so the qualifying will be dramatic on Bump Day, like it used to be.

  8. house, That’s a lot of action –
    how many t.v. machines do you have going at once?

    Five women running at Indy? Times have changed.

  9. While watching the NCAA game between Tennessee and Michigan State, the game announcers said that 4 of the Tennessee players were in a car and were stopped by the police. Marijuana, alcohol and two hand guns were discovered in the car. The consequence was thus… two players suspended for 4 games, one player suspended for 9 games and one player kicked off the team. The player kicked off the team is now playing professional basketball in Turkey. That’s the facts.

    I felt the need to embellish this story. Remember this incident took place in Tennessee. So which was the worst crime? My guess is that the player that was expelled from the team who now playing pro bball in Turkey had the marijuana. The player with the 9 game suspension had the alcohol and the other two players had the hand guns. 🙂 If these guys were white, then the whole thing would have been completely overlooked. And “that’s the truth” 😆

  10. 2ebb,

    One tv, but I can follow a second event online. My DVR cable converter has two separate tuners, so I can switch back and forth, giving me the capacity to keep up with three events nearly simultaneously. If a score changes in a football game, I can ‘rewind’ and see what happened. If a leader in a race drops out of contention, I can find out why.

  11. I want to thank BnF, Zooey and NwMuse for the cartoons today. I wonder if any other Progressive blog puts up as many as we get here.

  12. house, I forget about all the latest gizmos for recording.


    From the FBI article:

    “[04:35] mark_Koernke_ …he asked his wife to bring the congregation together to say a prayer for the militia that may be going to war this sunday.”

    Nutty as cashews – this lot.

  13. house, why such a late start – noon (EDT)?

    What’s with a guy racing that needs knee surgery (sx) and may have it this afternoon, if they are done by 5.30p? And another guy having sx later this week? Racing must be addictive to the drivers.

    Enjoy the race!

  14. Hi 2ebb!

    I don’t know about a driver needing knee surgery, must have missed that story.

    Danica drove a very cool race, her team planned her pit strategy perfectly. She started 21st, but moved up to ninth leaving the pits during a caution period with 30 laps to go. Ahead of her, one car pitted for tires, one had mechanical issues, and one wrecked, so she was running six, until Dario Franchitti (aka Mr. Ashley Judd), passed her about six laps from the finish. So she finished seventh on a tough, changing condition, as the track was damp at the start, and the grip level improved as the clean track built up rubber. She improved to 10th in the points as well.

    Simona Silvestro ran well, until the last pit stop. Her team lost her four spots and then she was caught up in a wreck, not of her making, putting her off the lead lap. She finished 16th. Milka Duno started last, and finished last, retiring early with a mechanical failure.

  15. house,
    Thanks for that update. (I can’t multitask ergo mixed up two articles about different races).

    Growing up Memorial Day weekend usually meant house tasks: refinishing floors, painting and gardening- all done with the Indy on the radio – at my Mom’s insistence (she never really followed any other race).

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