25 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: March 29

  1. 2ebb,
    The driver about to have knee surgery is Denny Hamlin in Nascar. He tore his left ACL playing pick up basketball in January, and had hoped to wait until the end of the season for the surgery. He may not miss any races. If the regular driver starts the race, he can hand over to a relief driver and still keep the points earned by the finish of his car.

  2. I responded on yesterday’s thread – I’m not a multi-tasker, ergo got two articles mixed up.
    Thanks for the clarification.
    On Memorial Day weekend – the Indy race was always on the radio, at my Mom’s insistence, even though she never followed any other races!

  3. Zach this is an amazing photo – full of motion, action. (and at certain angles looks like an ultrasound :>).

    Wonderful composition –

  4. I always know what I’m doing every year on Memorial Day Sunday. There…will…be…racing!

    First, there’s Formula One. For many years it was The Grand Prix of Monaco, but this year, Monaco is two weeks earlier, and it’s The Turkish Grand Prix in Istanbul!
    Then the Indy 500 in the middle of the day.
    Starting in daylight and ending under the lights at Charlotte, The Coca Cola 600, the longest race in Nascar.
    The only other sporting event I plan a year ahead, is the Alabama-Auburn football game.

  5. 2ebb,
    Hamlin won the race! Guess that knee surgery won’t be happening today after all. He’ll have too many post-race interviews to do.

  6. house,
    the most important thing to me about Indy is which major sponsor will win!

    If it’s Tide does it mean my clothes will wash faster, or whiter (or both) ? πŸ˜€

    I do sincerely wish the women well—Danica would obvs. be the favorite.
    I note there have only been 5 female F1 drivers, ever
    There have been 6 female world-class Rally drivers, which is about as good/poor a showing as Indy–but poorer in fact given that Rallying is relatively more accessible and plenty of women (in my experience) love driving like lunatics in more ‘ordinary’ cars when they get the chance.

    Back in 20’s and 30’s it seems that there were proportionately perhaps more women involved in racing sports, on the ground and in the air, than their have been post-war. It’s rather pathetic, isn’t it?

    ( PS. My mother earned her pilot’s license in her spare time whilst she was wiring B-29’s in Kansas. Post-war she became a stewardess, and quit that when she married and had kids. She learned to drive at age 59, and learned to snow ski at 64 and went on three European ski trips).

  7. 2ebbandflow,

    I’ll bet that hoodathunk is aware of Hirudotherapy, but possibly like me, didn’t know the term–which is probably worth a $1,000 Daily Double answer on Jeopardy, so thanks for that!


  8. ebb, no leeches, not sleeping under a pyramid and I like the taste of dead pig and cow.

    And a fifth a day is a bit much.

  9. hooda – please note I didn’t bring this up at TP.

    You were on a roll playing Whack-a-Trollβ„’ and it was a beautiful thing!

    (now, had the ‘dr’ brought this up – the shoe would have been up his damn ass)

  10. ebbandflow,


    Interestingly ( to me, anyway) an ex-girlfriend of mine decided to become a dentist ( and she succeeded).
    Though the joke is that a dentist is just a failed doctor, there’s tons of very serious clinical medical stuff to learn (because a dentist has to be able to recognize and understand symptoms/conditions that can affect messing about with peoples teeth/gums and for instance whether their complaint is actually a dental problem or actually something else).

    So she had to study all sorts of medical terms ( whilst I, in the same room, played Wing Commander 2 on my PC). She was having a hard time pronouncing a lot of them ( she wasn’t an idiot by any means) and thus had a hard time remembering them and properly associating them.

    She gave me a few examples–“Guess what the hell this word actually means?”—and I was able to guess correctly/in the ballpark.
    The trick was that I had three years of Latin (under protest) and a father who taught me to understand and appreciate something of etymology.

    Greek-derived terms I was hopeless at (such as phlebotomy), but most medical terms seem to be rooted in latin, I gave her a crash-course in Latin which she picked-up very quickly (as I said, she wasn’t an idiot) and she was all set.

    As a reward for my help, she took me to UMD-NJ (where she was studying) and showed me what she and her fellow students were up to, which was carving up human cadavers. Very interesting.
    When the blood has drained out, human neck muscle looks like chicken breast meat.

  11. 5th, the human body is fascinating – dead or alive!

    Leonardo da Vinci is a person I admire greatly and wouldn’t mind ‘time traveling’ to meet. The genius of that man totally blows me away. One of the few given ‘permission’ to dissecting and thus giving the marvelous drawings of the human body, etc.

  12. Leeches and maggots! Bloodletting! Dead pig and cow! Carving up human cadavers!

    I go off for a few hours and the place goes macabre!


    ” Auto racing, bull fighting, and mountain climbing are the only real sports … all others are games.”
    – Ernest Hemingway

  13. Good evening from New York, I’m Keith Olbermann, filling in for Keith Olbermann!

    Zooey, when you get to watch Countdown, don’t forget to protect your sound card!

  14. “I go off for a few hours and the place goes macabre!”

    Blame it on the magnificent full Moon that graces the ‘heavens’.

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