The Watering Hole: March 31 – The Eiffel Tower

This date marks the day in 1889 when the Eiffel Tower was dedicated. This was yet another landmark that Hitler ordered destroyed in the final days of WW II. Thankfully, his minions did not obey that order.

Climbing the first two levels of the tower is a knee wrenching experience for a 43 year old man. especially after being egged on by a trio of teen-aged boys.

After reaching the second tier, the elevator to the  top was a blessed relief.

I did not engage the race to the bottom after the lift returned to the second tier. I finished last.

Mom stayed at the base with her trusty camera.

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36 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: March 31 – The Eiffel Tower

  1. Yup, Iam, getting laid in Paris should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list – the Turtle has bagged that one…

  2. More Hitchen on the child-f**kers and the child-f**ker-in-chief….. keep it up. More evidence of the putrefaction of world religions. Can we reboot the Age of Reason anytime soon, before the New Dark Age comes?

  3. Delirium over the Pope and Paedophilia

    By William Donohue (President of the Catholic League)

    Seldom have I seen such delirium over an innocent man, namely Pope Benedict XVI. Christopher Hitchens, the rabid atheist, wants to know why the European Union is allowing the pope to travel freely. Perhaps he wants the pope handcuffed at the Vatican and brought to the guillotine.

    Hitchens was asked to respond to Donohue on David Shuster’s show yesterday (couldn’t find video or a transcript):

    Shuster: “Joining us from Vanity Fair, Christopher Hitchens. Chris, your response?”

    Hitchens: “Christopher. Um, well you be the judge of whether I’m rabid or whether that…remark is rabid. Guillotines, handcuffs, what we’re saying is, enough with the church being the judge in its own case. That’s been tried for decades, and the result is, the forgiveness of sadists and pederasts and rapists, and the protection of them, the sheltering of them, the promotion of them, and the abandonment of children like the 200 deaf kids in Wisconsin, whose lives were ruined, without a word of responsibility being accepted.Without the Pope saying mea culpa. By the way, may I correct you, you said since he was a Cardinal. As Cardinal he was placed in charge of the cover-up, it’s since he was a Bishop, when in his own diocese in Munich, a horrendous pederast was, was not just forgiven, but moved on, to parishes that were full of fresh children for him to attack. This is not acceptable. It’s not a matter of sin and repentance as the church in it’s sickly way says. It’s a matter of crime and punishment, and justice, and the point I’d make against Mr. Donohue is this, secular morals, legal morals are better. We would, if it was left to the law, these men would have been judged and these children would have been vindicated by now. How dare they go on telling us that without them we wouldn’t know what morals were?”

    Shuster: “But what about the argument that Donohue put forward that in the case, for example, of these 200 kids in Wisconsin, that while the complaints were brought to the office were Ratzinger was overseeing, that there’s no indication he ever actually saw those complaints himself, and therefore to hold him responsible is unfair?”

    Hitchens: “He always remains, apparently, adequately uninformed, the same was true in Munich. The memo is addressed to him, we now learn, they didn’t tell us that the first time around. Now it’s addressed to him, say there’s no proof, you can’t prove he read it, well maybe not. That would be criminal negligence, rather than criminal complicity. One or other. Which do they want to claim? They can’t claim neither now. And, I’m glad to hear they’re setting up a legal defense fund cause it shows they know, that they’re in trouble, and the Kentucky lawsuit is only the first of many. I can promise you, if the Pope tries to go to England now, as he promises to do, threats, threatens to do at the end of the year, he will not get out of there without a lot of legal trouble.”

    Shuster: “Making a big deal out of you being an atheist. What do you think that’s about?”

    Hitchens: “Well, it’s what one might call ad-hominem. I mean, this is a, this is a, a Pope who, when he was a Cardinal, a few years ago, said in Spain, a major public address, the only problem, here, is that the press is attacking the church. He didn’t say there was a problem with child abuse, he didn’t say there was a problem of sheltering rapists in the church, he said the problem is the press campaigning against the church. That’s the best they can do? Of course I’m not a believer, it doesn’t, that should be irrelevant. The facts speak for themselves. We haven’t sunk to the level where I’m supposed to be the moral arbiter of this.”

    Shuster: “Christopher Hitchens from Vanity Fair, Christopher, thanks for coming in today, we appreciate it.”

    Hitchens: “My pleasure.”

    I watched this and transcribed it after I couldn’t find any way of accessing earlier shows with David Shuster on MSNBC. Apparently he doesn’t rate video archives or transcripts, unless I missed it. Sorry for the length. Hitchens does tend to get a bit wordy on a subject, but it says a lot that the catholic Church hierarchy has to get called out by a leading atheist, on behalf of thousands of its victims.

  4. Larry King Live had this last night. It was posted on Youtube in three parts. Bill Donohue actually defended the priests by saying some of the victims were “post-pubescent”!

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    I think that pretty well does it!

  5. HoR, that bigoted git Donahue had the gall to say that because the kids were ‘post-pubescent’ that this was consensual homosexuality (and we all know that God hates puffs right?). A 13-year-old boy is a consenting homosexual? WTF?

    Larry King let him get away with it too. Another reason CNN stinks, Larry King.

    The Pope needs to do time for criminal negligence if Hitchens has it right.

  6. Mornin’ houseofroberts, appreciate your diligence on this!

    The more exposure the better. Ones supposedly in charge of ‘moral upbringing’ of children whom they abuse mentally and physically are reprehensible.

    Those that make excuses for such behavior – it is just too despicable.

  7. Mornin’ 2ebb,

    I think I’ve been inside a church 3 or 4 times, not counting weddings and funerals. One time it was just to get a drink of water, with a group of kids.

  8. Depends that you mean. My Dad was a church elder for a few years, church was important to him. I went as part of the family until I was about 16, then by the time I was 18 it was all over. Since then it’s been weddings, christenings and funerals. I know the mumbo-jumbo so I could fake it, like Glenn Beck or Hagee or Robertson

  9. Organized religion is an exercise in imposing control on human behaviour and justifying it on the interpretation of the imagined words of an unproven and unprovable sky-fairy….

    … it’s ‘Simon says’ with punishments for the non-compliant on a massive scale.

  10. Thanks for the transcript House, good job.

    The Vatican is responding to calls for the Pope to resign by saying that only ‘God’ could accept his resignation and apparently they don’t expect ‘God ‘ to accept the letter or whatever form that resignation would take.

    This illustrates the fundamental problem with the Catholic Church and with religion in general—the concept that all matters of behavior, governance, consent and authority are ultimately supposedly derived from an invisible imaginary source.

    That’s just fucking insane and all the rituals and props that supposedly pertain are just distractions to obscure that fundamental concept.

  11. 5th, well its never going to happen, eh? God hates puffs and that’s that, so we may as well all go and whistle the Horst Wessel song while we wait for Rat-boy to fall on his mitre.

  12. BTW it’s not all homosexual abuse.

    It would appear that Donohue is defending organized persistent sexual abuse in general and homosexuality . How very insane of him.

  13. Man, I spit soda through my nose, 5th. Catholecoholic? Do we have a new phrase like, well, that’s like taking one right in the old cathhole.

  14. Catholecoholic – “pray tell” what is the correct pronunciation?

    I’m hop, spitting mad – the damn church foists the blame on homosexuality because, as we all know, that is against dog’s will/plan.
    These priests are pedophiles – abusers of children.

    Homosexual priests seek out ADULTS as partners not children!

  15. Ebb, I think a more proper spelling would be Cathoholic. It describes people who are catholier than thou due to indoctrination at an early age by an organization run by a bunch of men who wear robes and follow a guy who can’t be fired but can make their lives hell on earth. In other words, a bunch of cathholes.

  16. I was raised a catholic – 7/10 children in the family are now atheists – what does that tell you? We’re Free Thinkers!
    The hypocrisy of the church: golden damn statues; gold thread embellished frocks – sell it all, spread the wealth to feed and cloth the world.

  17. Same here, Ebb. They lost me big time when I discovered many of their actions involving inquisitions and such were excused as abuses by wrong headed people but that the church was still good. Except they still had all the policies in place to do it all over again.

    When I discovered there wasn’t any single substantive thing in the OT that hadn’t been borrowed from another, older religion, I said bye bye.

  18. A thing of beauty from the Female Senators thread at TP.

    TUT got a comeuppance attempting to goad Bozo.

    TUT says:
    “I banged Mrs. Bozo last night in her clown ass!”

    And Bozo retort:

    that’s pretty funny. however dude, i’m a guy who digs guys.

    sure it wasn’t oily taint? that broad looks likes she fell off the back of the barnun train

    March 31st, 2010 at 4:37 pm”

  19. Any religion that has at it’s core a doctrine based on grave-robbing, mock cannabalism and symbolic vampirism…..

  20. Religion aside, I’m still trying to understand Obama’s change into Sarah Palin today….

    drill, baby, drill – WTF?

    According to the Seattle Times, the leases Obama is planning to gift Big Oil *may* have 2-3 years of oil and 2-3 years of natural gas. That’s not worth it, IMO, especially as he seems to have coughed it up without getting anything back, either in negotiating position with the Party of Big Oil, nor by repealing the $30b in corporate welfare the tax payer gifts Big Oil so they can b*** slam us while we say ‘Thanks can I have some more?’

    Change you can believe in?

  21. Terry, I suspect it is more of a political move. Buying time and making the R’s look bad. What oil company is going to invest megabucks for a little puddle of oil?

  22. Well if rolling over and playing dead to start the debate is a political move….. it’s a good one

  23. Terry, just a few days ago the R’s were all over drill, baby, drill. Now they oppose it. Sort of sounds like it is working.

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