22 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: April 1 – I Will Not Touch This

  1. Perhaps someone can explain this to me. I can understand why some men’s briefs get tight when they see Sarah Palin, but what is making some women get so excited about her? Palin is a disgrace to women. After all the hard fought battles for equality, Palin is regressing women back to the 19th century.

  2. Palin is only regressing those women who choose to be regressed.

    Instead let’s honor a woman who is advancing the causes of women through her intelligence, hard work, and her compassion for others.

    Happy Birthday Rachel Maddow!

    Last night was also the seventh anniversary of Countdown. Way to go Keith!

  3. Happy Gnu Beer, everyone!

    In the gnus today:

    Early last month the mayor of Topeka, Kansas stunned the world by announcing that his city was changing its name to Google. We’ve been wondering ever since how best to honor that moving gesture. Today we are pleased to announce that as of 1AM (Central Daylight Time) April 1st, Google has officially changed our name to Topeka.


  4. BnF,

    beer kann be dangerous

    I’m off for the remainder of the day and most Easter (family 😦 ) Back on April 6th.

  5. Joy Behar on the Tonight Show, picking on Republicans. Karl Rove, Glenn Beck, Palin and John McCain. Starts about 2:50 to about 7:00.

  6. In other news, the Republican party agreed to push President Obama’s agenda without any more obstruction.

    By way of clarification, Michael Steele exclaimed
    “Wait! I thought you meant push it, like off the damned cliff!”

  7. something’s wrong with conservatives and it can’t seem to be fixed:

    i’m amazed that conservatives fight tooth and nail to brow beat a young unwed woman to carry an unwanted child full term as opposed to abortion. BUT, once that child is born, and the young woman turns to government for help in survival, they find this child to be a bane to society and a cancer that can only be cured by giving up their precious and almighty tax dollars. how hypocritical can one segment of society be?

    i guess if they give up dollars to help it’s citizens, especially the young, they can’t bomb and kill more brown-skinned people.

  8. Ok, this is a little slow on the uptake but maybe Faux can call their new show, Pallin with Palin. Sort of a rightwing tour of folks to watch out for.

  9. Flying penguins – life just can’t get much better!
    This Barn Owl is supping on the ‘easter bunny’ – well not exactly but it is a headless rabbit she is feeding her new born owlets. (live stream).


    (BO’s have kind of a clownish face – but are very handsome)
    This nest box is at a Middle School in San Juan Capistrano, CA

  10. Wayne, the live owl stream cam isn’t a ‘funny ha ha’ – but nature at her best.
    Four of the five eggs have hatched and the world awaits to see if the fifth owlet will emerge today.

    (but 5ths ‘Flying Penguins’ is funny).

  11. But what about the rabbit’s family, his friends, his little rabbit children?

    No one seems to care…

  12. Wayne, being a dyed in the wool contrarian, April 1st is the one day of the year I resist pranks and practical jokes.

    Sometimes I even succeed.

  13. http://rawstory.com/rs/2010/0401/tea-partiers-promise-anarchists-firepowe/

    Okay, this isn’t a practical joke, but it should be:
    “Anarchists plan war on April 15th Tea Parties,” reads a headline at Gateway Pundit. The Fox Nation Web site links to that story using the same headline.

    But is it war the anarchists are planning?

    Not according to the blog posting that started it all: A call to action at the anarchist news site Infoshop, urging people to “Crash the Tea Parties!

    But is it war the anarchists are planning? Not according to the blog posting that started it all: A call to action at the anarchist news site Infoshop, urging people to “Crash the Tea Parties!”

    “If the tea party movement continues to grow in size and strength there is a big chance they will dominate this country in the near future,” the posting implores. “If the tea party movement takes over this country they will really hurt poor people by getting rid of social programs like food stamps, unemployment benefits, disability benefits, student aid, free health care, etc.”

    Okay then.

    Anarchists aren’t supposed to have coherent plans of action. There is no “free healthcare” in the US (or anywhere in the world). There’s no evidence that the ‘Tea Party’ has grown in size and strength—one only has to look at the attendance figures for their rallies and who actually appears at them—the same damn people carted from event to event, courtesy of their corporate sponsors.

    The only Teabagger influence thus far has been to confuse the GOP—who are in the minority and making no progress against Obama and the Democrats.

    Be that as it may, these “anarchists” aren’t proposing any kind of physical conflict.

    “Bring your video cameras to every single tea party rally you may attend in the future, with extra batteries and more memory than you think you need,” writes blogger “Russ” at The Resistance. “Don’t…fight…back. If they yell, yell back. If they rant, rant back. If they push or punch…make sure it was on tape, smile and tell them they’re on Tea Party Camera.”

    Of course, the Teabaggers refuse to be intimidated by a fictional threat they’ve chosen to imagine. They are locked and loaded and ready to out-hyperbole the “anarchists”.

    “Be aware anarchists, you WILL be HUGELY outnumbered,” writes “Rick Mercer” at Fox Nation. “You won’t have the numbers you like to help yourself feel anonymous. And some of us DO legally carry concealed weapons to protect our rights. MAKE MY DAY, PUNK!”

  14. I watched Palin’s show. That’s the first time my TV has been on the Fox News Channel.

    The format is simple. A heartwarming, courageous story, told in clips and Palin’s voiceover, followed by a short in-studio appearance by the subject, interviewed by Palin.

    Palin’s first story was a wealthy Jewish philanthropist, paying for college educations for low income kids. After the clip, a group of black kids from a school the philanthropist supports, meet Palin in front of a studio audience, pretty much all white, as best as I can see.

    The second story is about the actions of a Marine, and it sounds a little more right-wingy. Very patriotic, a story about him covering a grenade with his helmet to save comrades. Awarded the Medal of Honor. The family wasn’t able to be on the show.

    Jack Welch does a short story about his mom and growing up, this is a bootstraps lecture . If he could make it anyone could. Palin is not involved here.

    Third story is about a child with cerebral palsy. This allows Palin to compare to her disabled child. The boy’s service dog becomes his inspiration to fight his disability. The desire to walk the dog pushed him to endure physical therapy. The family comes out at the end of the report, to be briefly interviewed by Palin. Palin is closer to being herself in this segment, talking to the family.

    They do the Toby Keith segment after all. He doesn’t appear after the clip.

    A woman who saves a man from a burning car, and it’s over.

    If you were expecting a number of sound bites to make fun of tomorrow, you will be disappointed. It’s not that Palin was that good, but that there’s little to make fun of. She was adequate for what was asked of her. I wouldn’t watch it again. This was a one-off event for me. Maybe her TLC show will be more entertaining.

  15. houseofroberts, Watching fox – you are a brave soul – hope all your immunizations were up-to-date. or that you didn’t need too much brain bleach once it was all over.

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