Music Night–Happy Birthday, Emmylou!

I’ve been carrying a torch for her since the 1970s, and have seen her live three times. The last time, I was close enough to grab her and kiss her all over — but chose to be civilized.

122 thoughts on “Music Night–Happy Birthday, Emmylou!

  1. Cats,
    A Clavioline is an early analog synthesizer. I look for songs that the artists have used it in the recording. On your Del Shannon clip that keyboardist used a modern synthesizer. Sounds almost the same, but not quite.

  2. Z – yes, I can’t do it this year. Next summer… it’s road trip. Do you have a warm bed for me Zooey? And if you make it to Seattle, check in on my little girl. You’ll like her. 🙂

    Sorry for all the sobs. It just hit tonight.

  3. WooHoo, Zooey. I started stashing the cash so that I’ll have enough to make that trip. Since I’ll be traveling from the East Coast, I’m sure there are a few other Critters that I’ll need to stop and see and have a drink or two of coffee or maybe something stronger.

  4. For any of y’all that didn’t know how they got that garble sound to Cher’s vocal:

    Auto Tune

    Auto-Tune was also used to produce the prominent altered vocal effect on Cher’s “Believe,” recorded in 1998.

    I didn’t know what an auto-tune was until recently.

  5. Yvonne Elliman also did If I Can’t Have You, from the Saturday Night Fever movie. It was written by the Bee Gees.

  6. You are welcome, cats . . . I used to sing along to Yvonne’s voice from the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack all the way through Saturday Night Fever . . . And then I heard Chrissie Hynde 8)

  7. ECCHHOOOOOO!!!!!!

    Oh darlin’ sugar honey,
    When it was nice and sunny,
    And when I had some money,
    We would go and see Echo and the Bunny…. men.

  8. Zooey,

    I don’t recall the thread – one that evolved into food and drink.
    Hooda was talking about some hot dog place – where the guy wore a ‘hot dog hat’.
    Hooda kept insisting he wanted one – I found a pic and posted it.
    Then Xi wanted a ‘Tuna Melt Hat’ (which does not exist on the intertubes) so he got a picture of a
    Tuna Melt Tremolo Pedal.

  9. It was a good thing I set this post up a few hours early. This is my first turn at starting Music Night, as promised to other Critters, and I had to run off for a family crisis until just now. I would have hated to let the Critters down.

  10. That Talking Heads vid was just wierd, still wierd after these years.

    Back in a while…. oh and you’ve been Rick Rolled….

  11. I remember seeing this particular Talking Heads on MTV (back when they actually showed videos) with a bunch of fellow art majors, house – they lauded the computer graphics as “revolutionary” . . .

    yep, analog girl/digital world . . .

  12. lass o delight, everything is OK but the old guy is getting potty. Hell, he’s 88, so not a big surprise, and at least this was easily resolved and didn’t involve the ER. Now I just want to unwind.

  13. Zooey, it was kinda ‘you had to be there’ – one of those threads that takes on a mind of its own; then everybody seems to leave at the same time (without really knowing it).

    [it was humorous at the time] I don’t seem to be translating it very well – sorry I’ll stop now.

  14. I always screw up the formatting on these when I add text, so I’ll do the words here.

    There’s a very good chance you’ve never heard of Julie Driscoll or of Brian Auger & The Trinity, which is a goddamn shame. This particular cut is not on Streetnoise, which remains one of my favorite LPs of all time, but it does give a good taste of their music and the other videos are largely crap.

  15. Gawd, I had the biggest crush on Linda, too. I saw her one time, probably in 1973(?). I just wanted to make a big old Gummitch sandwich with a slice of Linda and a slice of Emmylou.

  16. After this week’s gift from President Obama to Big Oil…. this one’s for Mr O.

    In 1991, Exxon was squirming and twisting it’s way out of the Exxon Valdez disaster. They would tell the Alaskan fishermen whose lives were destroyed along with the coast that they would ‘wait until they all died’ – something that corporate persons can do that ordinary people can’t do.

    To help keep the public eye focussed on Exxon and the Valdez case, Midnight Oil staged a guerilla gig at midday on 5th avenue, right outside Exxon’s world HQ.

    Here’s River Runs Red from that gig.

  17. gummitch, you and I must be about the same age.
    I remember Julie Driscoll – ‘Wheels on Fire’!

    A pair of Chickadees are occupying one of the nest boxes. I’m guessing there are eggs: the Scrub Jay keeps going to the hole attempting to stick its head in without success.

    • Since the construction has been going on next door, I haven’t seen a single quail, rabbit, chukar, or hawk. Even the ravens and magpies are scarce. I saw one male pheasant over spring break, and of course, the stray cats.

  18. Nest boxes? Envy envy. I’ve got four feeders (hummer, black sunflower, thistle and suet) and love watching the birds, but nesting? That would be so cool.

    Good to know someone remembers Jools. But we must be OLD.

  19. Just in case we have any Teabaggers lurking out there…. here’s one for y’all..

    Everyone got a bat handy, bite the bat in 1,2,3…

  20. Zooey – I’m back. The movie was great (Capitalism) and it helped explain to me the beginnings of the teabagger Tea Party. Wall Street couldn’t allow the workers to revolt so they in turn had Glenn Beck feed his listeners lies and then the lobbyists paid for the buses to shuffle people around the country to protest with the hopes of suppressing the “Yes We Can” crowd. Nice try on their part.

    Thanks for your kindness.

  21. TtT, you are on fire today! – what with Spanish Fly; the give away to big f-g oil and now Ozzy.
    (forgive me but I must play this)

  22. Now that’s wierd stuff….. what happened to that dude…. selling Chevy’s in Indiana somewhere?

  23. So I stumbled over some of these Teabaggers on TV and how the ‘government is taking away our freedoms’ and how Pat (I sound better in German) Buchanan was talaking about the ‘violence of the Left’ in times past and excusing the violent undercurrent of today’s right-wing brownshirts.

    And I thought about this. You mean this violence, Pat?

  24. “Them was some scary, crazy times.”

    After Kent State we were stunned, but it didn’t stop us from protesting the war.

    Z, I know you’re younger than me – TtT not certain your age (would guess late 30s or early 40s).

    Being of age in the ’60s & ’70s was invigorating but a bit frightening – never certain if/when the local police would come & bust heads. Kent State was the state National Guard – boot shaking stuff!

    • Ebb, I was 10 in 1969, but I lived outside the country from 68 to 70. I didn’t watch a lot of television back then because I was too busy playing outside, but I remember seeing Walter Cronkite on the news starting when I was about 8, giving the news about body counts in Vietnam, assassinations, protests and riots, Kent State (OMG!), etc. I thought the world was coming to an end, but when it didn’t, I vowed to always remember what those times felt like — and I have.

      That’s why I’m a liberal.

  25. Arthur Brown relied a lot on his organ backup, from Vincent Crane. Crane had his own band, Atomic Rooster. Brown did some weird stuff over the years; I remember recognizing him on a recording from the Alan Parsons Project(?) — anyway, some album where his crazy voice was recognizable. His inspiration was Screaming Jay Hawkins (has a very credible version of I’ll Put a Spell on You on the Crazy World album). But enough about Arthur. Here’s Atomic Rooster.

  26. If you watch the various videos from this session on YouTube it quickly becomes obvious that Chris Farlowe (and probably the whole band) is fucked out of his mind on psychedelics.

  27. Right on, let’s get some revolutionaries up there…. John Lennon

    Not sure how to follow that one… go light, go folk/revolutionary or just throw in the towel and get some cock rock up there….

    …going to open another beer and ponder.

  28. Hmm, this seems to be just about right. One of Alan Hull’s best love songs…..

  29. I think the last time I saw this band live they closed with this…. a little band history amongst the photographs.

    Well I think it’s good night from him and it’s good night from me…. good night.

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