The Watering Hole: April 13, Birdemic..

Supposedly the worst film of all time..

.. and everyone wants to see it.

Your worst film?

This is an Open Thread. Let us know what you think about this or anything else.

45 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: April 13, Birdemic..

  1. I don’t want to see Birdemic. I never watched Blair Witch Project either. Telling me I’ve got to see something is the sure way to convince me to resist seeing it. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the original Star Wars and none of the sequels. Never watched any of the Batman movies. None of the Harry Potters yet either. Haven’t watched the Spiderman movies, but I could consider it because I liked Tobey Maguire in Pleasantville.

    I’m trying to determine how to pick the worst movie I ever started, versus the worst movie I ever finished. The ones I’ve turned off were too easily forgotten, apparently. Maybe Starship Troopers was the worst movie I sat all the way through. I hate movies with yucky, gloppy stuff getting on people. If they had used Star Trek phasers on the bugs, and kept it clean, it would have been much better.

    I fell asleep during Desperately Seeking Susan, and never tried to watch it again, so technically, I started and finished it, but I have no idea if it was really that bad. It must have been, because Madonna was still cute then, and Rosanna Arquette is a favorite actress of mine.

  2. Starship Troopers, yes that was bad….

    ‘Night of the Lepus’ – killer rabbits (‘It’s just a wee bunny’) reign of terror in Arizona where DeForest Kelley found that life after Dr McCoy wasn’t worth living.

    Pirate of Caribbean 3 – what a snoozer, should have stuck at 1 film only.

    Actors who have *never* made a bad film:
    1. Bruce Campbell
    2. James Woods

  3. And I respectfully disagree with the awarding of Raspberry Award 2006 to Halle Berry’s Catwoman.

    Halle Berry in a leather suit is …well… u-know

  4. Halle Berry in a leather suit is only exceeded by Halle Berry taking off a leather suit!

    In a list of worst movies, the three worst exploitation movies were Myra Breckenridge, Showgirls, and Striptease. I found no reason for them to be on any list of worst movies.

  5. A Bruce Campbell fan is dissing Starship Troopers? Pfui. I loved that movie in spite of it being 180 degrees removed from the novel. Dina Meyer in the shower? What else does a movie need?

    “Worst movies” would be topped with every SciFi Saturday night film. Crappy sf movies are too easy to list and I’ve managed to avoid watching hundreds of truly awful movies just by paying attention. Of recent years, Moulin Rouge comes immediately to mind, though.

  6. Yes Gummitch, Starship Troopers *was* that bad.

    Agreed on Sat night Sci-Fi – last week was another of the “Smegma v Excema” series, all of which were appalling, unlike “King Kong v Godzilla”, which was pants.

    Come on Zoo – James Woods in Vampires…. he saved that film, brilliant send up of Steven Seagal or Chuck Norris or…

    Oh another candidate – any Chuck Norris or Steven Seagull film.

  7. …any Chuck Norris or Steven Seagull film.

    At least Steven Seagal made pro-environment movies, once he had established himself.

  8. Seagal doesn’t have to emote, he plays himself in every movie. The character name may change, but the character doesn’t.

    I guess my take is that because he tries to communicate an important message, it elevates the movie despite his limits as an actor. I like his movies without getting into his acting. He’s done a lot in the 2000s that I haven’t seen, direct to video, that are probably real cheapies.

  9. OK reality check, thread is now discussing the cinematic contribution of one Steven Seagull…..

  10. And all the Steven Seagull film titles are three syllables indicating the depth and quality of the script to come:

    “In your face”
    “Up your bum”
    “Face of clay”
    “No can act”

  11. There appears to be a magical combination of keystrokes that deletes everything typed into a WP comment window. As far as I can tell, it does not require accidentally pressing a CTRL key.

    I hate it.

  12. The kids are very much into Chuck Norris:

    “Chuck Norris counted to infinity. Twice.”
    “Chuck Norris wears a rattlesnake as a condom”

    That kind of stuff.

    They think it’s hilarious, but then, they have never even seen Walker, Texas Ranger.

    Steven Seagulp? Booooooring.

    I’ve seen all the Harry Potters…
    I’ve seen all the Pirates of the Caribean, the third is valid through its first scene, which is definitely political.

    The Blair Witch Project is really good.

    I was really disappointed by BrΓΌno

    • The very last scene of Blair Witch Project sent chills up my spine. The rest of it just annoyed the hell out of me.

      Can’t stand Chuck Norris or Steven Segal. Overinflated egos don’t flip my switches.

      I’ve seen all the Harry Potter movies (and own them, even though the books are way better), and haven’t seen the last Pirates movie. I thought the first one was clever, and they should have just left it alone.

      I haven’t seen Bruno, nor will I ever. I saw Borat with my eldest, and I just wanted to die from embarrassment. The only good scene was when he made absolute fools out of the Pentecostals.

  13. I bought a 12 pack of Buffalo Rock (Our local Pepsi bottler) ginger ale, because it was on sale, thinking it would taste a lot like Canada Dry. Wrong! This stuff will grow hair on your chest! And it really burns your throat as you swallow it, then for several seconds after.
    Is this what real ginger ale is supposed to be like?

    John Wayne never made a bad movie! And if he did, The Quiet Man way more than compensated for it!

    But for someone who was in Vietnam, I will defer on The Green Berets.

  14. That doesn’t sound like ginger ale – better re-check that label there House!
    You can mix that ginger ale with cranberry juice and it should be a bit smoother and easier to swallow.

    House – was that negative or positive on “The Quiet Man”?

  15. The Quiet Man is one of my top five all-time BEST movies!

    Here is what I’m drinking.

    It also has a wiki page.

    Buffalo Rock ginger ale is considerably darker in color and has a stronger ginger content than is customary. Some customers use the term “ginger cola” to describe the taste.

  16. Real ginger ale or ginger beer doesn’t taste anything like Canada Dry or Vernor’s (both of which have their place in the universe). People in the UK and Australia have been wise to the stuff for many years, with brands like Cock ‘n Bull and Bundaberg.

    Reed’s Extra Ginger is my favorite, but there are a lot of good ones being made today. According to tradition, only home-brewed ginger beer is suitable for a Dark ‘n Stormy, but any of the really full-flavored commercial versions works fine, IMO.

  17. Zooey,

    You can always brush your teeth after a soft drink. Our dentist told my wife she was doing more damage with diet Mountain Dew because of the citric acid.


    I’m guessing those are alcohol-containing beverages, maybe I can find some of them at the spirits store, when the mood strikes me to go for high-gravity beer again.

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