The McVeigh tapes

On April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh parked a Ryder truck filled with a 7000 pound bomb in front of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City and walked away, knowing that he was going to kill a lot of government employees and children in a day care.

This is McVeigh’s confession — chilling, sickening, and self-serving.

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This is the mass-murderer McVeigh’s response to the families of those whose lives he blew up:

I had no hesitation to look right at them and listen to their story, but I’d like to say to them, “I’ve heard your story many times before, the specific details may be unique, but the truth is you’re not the first mother to lose a kid; you’re not the first grandparent to lose a granddaughter or grandson.”  I’ll use the phrase, and it sounds cold, but I’m sorry I’m going to use it because it’s the truth, “Get over it.”

Apparently, McVeigh had this big master plan that he’d get caught and not be able to take further revenge on the federal government:

The reason I’m different and call myself maybe a groundbreaker is that I knew I wanted this before it happened.  I knew that my objective was state-assisted suicide, and when it happens, in your face motherfucker.  In other words, I’m manipulating the system for my own gain.

Is that right, McVeigh?  So why did you try to get away?  Why didn’t you stand amidst the carnage you’d created, proudly proclaiming the reasons why you had blown up that building and murdered and maimed hundreds of people, while waiting for the police to arrest you?

I call bullshit.

Timothy McVeigh died by the hand of the federal government on June 11, 2001.  While I’m glad he didn’t live to see the attacks of September 11, 2001 — so he couldn’t get reinforcement for the idea that he was a “groundbreaker” — it would have been my preference that McVeigh die in prison when he was a very, very old and sick murderer; kept prisoner by the federal government he hated so much.

3 thoughts on “The McVeigh tapes

  1. McVeigh wanted to be known for his act.

    He could have started shooting people at the scene and been killed by the police in dramatic fashion , but he didn’t do that.

    He wanted to be around to observe the drama of the manhunt. He wanted to see the attention he’d get in the press. He wanted to be around to see his twisted theories ‘confirmed’.
    Of course he wasn’t starting a “war” and the failure to do so would have just given him cause to plot some other act of violence.

    I missed the bit about his Gulf War experience. How did that factor in?

  2. McVeigh is a martyr for today’s teabaggers. Sadly, he’s of more use to them dead than alive.

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