Where Does GOP’s ‘Tough On Terror’ Talk End?

When it butts up against pandering on the 2nd Amendment, of course. …

… You have a constitutional right to be presumed innocent when you’re buying a gun, but not when you’re being arrested. By this logic, potential terrorists should by all means be able to get their hands on a gun, but should they attempt to use that weapon in some act of terrorism and be apprehended, then they don’t have any more constitutional rights and can’t be mirandized.

Because we don’t want them to actually be prosecuted? Of course, if a suspect isn’t mirandized, evidence obtained against them could be thrown out in court. …

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Created for TheZoo by Paul Jamiol
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Paul Jamiol
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The Watering Hole: May 18, Red Adair

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Am I the only one who keeps thinking Red Adair would know how to help? I don’t know if he would, but the gulf oil spill is huge enough and menacing enough to wish for a hero who just takes over and gets the situation under control like in the movies. Red Adair was one of the American Heroes we over here in Europe admired so much when I was a teenager. Quite a while ago.

The situation is indeed desperate. BP is celebrating the fact that they now syphon off 1’000 barrels a day from the leak, which spills at least 5’000 if not 26’000 per day. If that doesn’t make you wish for a hero, knight in shining armour, what would?

So what are the options?

For some days there is chatter out there, that BP is not considering the option of closing the leak by a controlled explosion, because it would finally seal the oilfield and thus their profits.This makes for good copy, bad corporations and all that, but I am more inclined to think all involved are at a complete loss for what to do.

I doubt there is someone out there who knows how to controlledly blow up an oil well in a deep sea level environment. Suggestions run from nuking the well, to a controlled explosion using plastic explosives. President Obama has involved the Pentagon right at the beginning of the catastrophy in April, and while this was initially to enlist the navy for oil spill containment, it would be naive to think, in a situation as desperate as this, they are not considering their options to stop the spill either. They have a huge arsenal of explosives from conventional to nuclear. I seriously doubt BP would get a say in whether the well was sealed by any explosion if this was really considered a viable way to do it.

The sad truth is: Nobody knows what to do really. Offshore drilling in such depths is a risk mankind took but has never assessed properly before the drilling started. (Like so many things we do.) Now we are out of our depth to find a solution to a self made problem.

So. Where’s Red? Red’s dead and heroes like the one we’d need now, really only exist in movies and books.

While I was writing this another 850 barrels (medium estimate)  of oil have spilled from the leak.

This is an open thread. Feel free to somment on this or anything else that’s on your mind.