3 thoughts on “Spider Rolls Are Too Hard

  1. Jeez, Cats, its no worst then gutting a trout. I usually start with cutting off the front with a scissor. That’s like brain surgery as that’s what is being removed. I also reach in behind that to pull out the ‘lady’, a sac which can contain salmonella if the crab has been out of water for more than 4 hours. I worked in a restaurant when I was between 9 and 11 (Hausners in Baltimore).
    I sauté them in butter and serve on lightly toasted bread (Which does not degrade to mush as you eat the treat.)

  2. I might note the the child labor laws at that time limited my time to 20 hours per week and no working hours past 5 PM on weekdays, excluding Friday which was treated as a weekend day as well as Sunday, which was a weekend day treated as a weekday.

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