Top Kill failed – BP is running out of options


The top kill effort to plug the well at the Deepwater Horizon disaster site has failed. Never mind what BP says or the question mark on the following story. Fact is:

Hope is dimming for the attempt by BP (NYSE:BP) to quickly plug the oil leak at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico through Top Kill, as BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles confirms they haven’t been able to stop the oil spill yet. (read more)

Robert L. Cavnar says:

I’m now hearing that BP determined the top kill failure sometime in the last 24 hours, but rather than announce it, have decided to just keep pumping until the next alternative is decided, either the LMRP (lower marine riser cap) cap to bring flow to the surface, or removing the LMRP and landing a new BOP on top of the failed one. (read more)

There is something more he says:

As a side note, I do find it interesting that the BP feed no longer includes the bent riser view of the last couple of days,and now looks like the end of the riser where the riser insertion tool had been used previously.

Interesting indeed. What’s more, to me it looks as if the leak they are showing now is in a cavity that keeps getting deeper. I fear there are significant geological shifts going on, too. It can be the angle of the camera, but those pictures scare me silly. If the ground ruptures some more there, Heaven help us.

So after the top kill the top hat is back in the equation. That has failed already. The only sure fire way, according to BP, is the relief drill, but that can take until August and happens to be the one solution that would keep the well available for exploitation. I was very reluctant to believe that buying time was the real driving force behind all the “failures”. I thought that was too cynical. Not anymore.

6 thoughts on “Top Kill failed – BP is running out of options

  1. Does anyone know anything more about the oil rig “Atlantis” that is owned and run by the same corporations, and is further out in the Gulf and a WHOLE lot deeper?

    I saw an article several days ago and now I can’t find it. It could be a MUCH larger catastrophe that Deep Horizon, and it has already had problems.

    I wish I could find the story I read last week..

    More on that.

    More from Mother Jones.

  2. jjoshuajj21, welcome to The Zoo.

    An active Hurricane season, like predicted, wll have at least one storm in the Gulf. I hate to think about it.

  3. Yes, all it takes is one hurricane, and it’ll blow and spread all that noxious oil and that toxic dispersant into the atmosphere, and then it’ll dissipate all over the world. Depending on an incompetent company like BP is the biggest mistake Obama has made, and he needs to go to extremes to solve this crisis before it backfires upon him. But, if he continues to ignore the right thing to do, he’ll have extreme regret.

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