The Watering Hole: May 31 – A Study in Black

The spill continues.

This is our open thread. Please feel free to offer your own comments on this or any other topic.

For an expert opinion, look on:

A BP Representative.

23 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: May 31 – A Study in Black

  1. I woke up feeling kinda grey, as is the overcast sky here. Seeing those two photos reminds me that it is much worse than “grey”.

    Ebb, thank you for the Gaza update.

    My Norwegian ancestors have an expression for when one gets angry; they are said to have “a troll in the tummy”. It seems to me that fear-based corporations and countries have a similar upset “tummy”.

    I’ll continue my petitions for peace . . . may you all find it somehow this day . . .

  2. The only conclusion I can come up with for why we continue to send billions to Israel is that maintaining unrest in the Middle East is good for business.

    As long as minions are willing to kill to keep the rich and powerful in place, people will die.

  3. Israel went to the same school as BP for PR.
    There’s a media black out from anything happening, in Israel, pertaining to the flotilla attack.

    There was video, no longer available, showing the masked Israelis boarding the ship fully armed and intimidating then you hear gun fire.

    Reports are that all cell phones and any other device that caught this have been confiscated by the Israeli because they contradict the ‘official’ version.

  4. The rain in pouring down in buckets here today. As hot as it’s been it’s probably a really good thing. And that is the only good news I can find.

    • As long as it doesn’t snow too long, letting the clouds move in. 🙂

      Sometimes we have conditions where it’s not really snowing, but the moisture is freezing in the air. If the sun is just right and you stay still and pay attention, it looks like millions of tiny tiny prisms falling to the earth.

  5. if the sun is just right and you stay still and pay attention, it looks like millions of tiny tiny prisms falling to the earth.

    Mother Nature sure puts on some spectacular shows!

  6. Speaking of rainbows, I saw this one a couple of weeks ago at my place. Sometimes you just need to look out the window, and you see some amazing things.


  7. Nice capture Zxbe!

    The double rainbow we saw earlier in the week truly was magnificent – combined with watching juvenile peregrines hone their skills – who needs t.v.!

  8. My youngest niece (9) and nephew (nearly 12) are being raised with very little television and a lot of outdoors. The exposures have made them curious and appreciative of what nature offers.
    One time we were watching four Turkey Vultures soaring – I look down and the kids are crouched as small as they could get. “What are you doing?” – we’re pretending to be dead so the Turkey Vultures will come closer for us to see!

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