The Watering Hole: June 2 – BP on the rocks? Maybe soon.

Corporate Capital Punishment is under way?


BP faced a grim future on Tuesday as its failure to stop a Gulf of Mexico oil spill prompted a plunge in the energy giant’s shares and the possibility of a criminal probe by the Obama administration gained strength.(read more)

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  1. Fun graphic on how a bill makes its way through Congress and becomes law.

    And then this, from my childhood, School House Rock explaining the same process.

    • zxbe, now I understand. President of the US is about the last thing I would want to be. Behind France,however, because till today I’m not really sure where they put all those guillotines to and their tempers tend to flare.

  2. BP Cited ‘Well Control Situation’ Six Weeks Before Blowout

    BP Plc told regulators six weeks before its well in the Gulf of Mexico exploded that workers were having trouble maintaining control, according to e-mails released yesterday by the House Energy and Commerce Committee investigating the spill.

    A March 10 e-mail to Frank Patton, the U.S. Minerals Management Service’s drilling engineer for the New Orleans district, from BP executive Scherie Douglas said the company planned to sever the pipe connecting the well to the rig and plug the hole.

    “We are in the midst of a well control situation on MC 252 #001 and have stuck pipe,” Douglas wrote, referring to the subsea block, Mississippi Canyon 252, of the stricken well. “We are bringing out equipment to begin operations to sever the drillpipe, plugback the well and bypass.”

    So, who in the hierarchy at BP countermanded the decision to mothball the drillsite?

  3. At first, I didn’t like the idea of putting BP into temporary receivership, because I thought it would put the burden of the clean-up onto the taxpayers.

    Now I think it is a good idea, because it may be the only way to stop BP from destroying evidence and hiding assets.

    Putting them into temporary receivership gives us control of their assets, and frankly, I wouldn’t mind draining the damn coffers to try to fix this mess. Still, it might not be enough…

  4. I would be so poetic if John Stewart used Tony Hayward’s “I’d like my life back” on “Your moment of zen”.

    • That would be great, vinylspear.

      Hayward is an obvious example of incompetence being promoted upward. 🙄

      Off to work! I’ll have all my attorneys today, so might not be able to check in as often.

  5. I thought Hayward was sort of off to a decent start way back when, he was credible and made some OK moves, like putting an immediate stop to the idiotic limited liability agreements that his minions were giving the fishermen in exchange for work.

    Then we had the ‘small impact/effect’ comment, several failed shots at stopping the flow and now the ‘I want my life back’ comment.

    Well Tony, you should consider it bad news that Eric Holder and the FBI consider the prospect for a federal case against you so compelling that, in comparison, none of the crimes of the previous administration: torture, wiretapping, outing CIA agents treason and such could raise Holder from his bed in the morning.

    As a current shareholder and former employee, I find myself considering showing up for the first time to a shareholder meeting so I can express my opinion as to what you are your ilk have done to the company.

    If, that is, you and the chain of command that approved the decisions that led to those men’s deaths and this catastrophe aren’t somebody’s f***buddy at ‘The Farm’ and BP America isn’t paying off the US taxpayer as a ‘ward of the state’.

    • Terry, we had a televised debate on the oil spill here yesterday. BP Switzerland’s CEO was there, some oilfolks and some environmentalists. I almost put a shoe through the screen, I was so mad. The oil guys were apologetic (of course) and lying through their teeth. The environment crew was lapping it up like the good people they are and were repeating, this shouldn’t have happened in the first place, this is a terrible accident. Nobody called out the BP guy on the faulty equipment, the dismal safety record, the sick fishermen etc. Once more, I realized that tv is just crap. Want real information? Search the internet and keep an open mind. Read books and throw the tv set out of the window.

  6. Good point Terry, Holder won’t address any of the crimes of the previous administration and, it has taken him over 40 days to address what appears to be obvious to everyone else.
    Eleven people were killed, a criminal investigation should have been launched the next day.
    I think he may be grandstanding for the sake of politics. We’ll see if he has any teeth.

  7. Schoolhouse rock… aahhh yes, back when Saturday morning actually had real cartoons.
    Schoolhouse rock had some big name musicians behind it. This one is Randy Newman.

  8. Zooey, if you get your lunchbreak at noon, make sure you listen to Hartmann’s first half hour. He starts off with Mike Papantonio and more about what BP is doing in the Gulf.

    For everybody else, when I want to hear Hartmann a second time, I go hereat 3pm EDT, and click the listen button.

    • Looking forward to it, House! Thanks for the link as well, I always miss that last two hours.

      Oh, EDT. Nevermind.

  9. I used to have a station for a 3-6pm PDT Thom Hartmann, but they rearranged their schedule. I believe it was Green 960. They had Ed Schultz live, Randi live, then Thom on tape delay. Now it’s Thom live, Randi live, and Karel live, in those three spots.

  10. I’m in a monsoon season down here. Rains every afternoon lately. I was only supposed to have a 30 cents chance today, but I’m getting a dollar’s worth out there right now.

  11. “I was only supposed to have a 30 cents chance today, but I’m getting a dollar’s worth out there right now.”

    That’s quite a return on investment – could that be because Al & Tipper are separating that the ‘global warming/cooling’ is just a big hoax? ;>

  12. I won’t rub it in – but will send sunshine to both ID and AL – ok?

  13. Vinyl, I give Holder a bit more credit on this. The agencies (OHSA would be first) were acting on the day of the explosion to preserve records, the FBI has apparently been quietly collecting and sequestering for some time, the evidence.

  14. Got to see Patrick Stewart in a Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf here in Minneapolis. They also offered a Q&A Session with him one afternoon, so we went to that as well. The format was you had to write down your questions, and turn them in and then the moderator would pick from the questions and ask them of Patrick.

    It was a very interesting discussion, and seeing him perform live was quite a thrill. He’s a brilliant actor.

    • I was in London, when he and Sir Ian McKellen starred in Waiting for Godot. Imagine the surprise of the theater people when more and more youngsters were booking seats. They found out the young just wanted to see Magneto and Xavier playing theatre. (Some said: Picard and Gandalf). By this lots of young people were brought to try out a theatre classic. A hundred horses wouldn’t have been able to drag them in on any ordinary cast. McKellen and Stewart were allegedly very amused by this.

      Another amusing tidbit. The production of the play was later relocated to Australia (Sidney I believe). Between shows McKellen went out to sit in the open on a bench to have a little fresh air and relax a bit, dressed up as Estragon, something like this:

      McKellen in the 2010 production of Godot

      He could have collected quite some cash, if he hadn’t told the first lady who was handing out some coins to the poor beggar that this was a misunderstanding indeed.

          • No, I was doing a Star Trek thing. 😆

            Captain Picard would give an order, and then say, “Make it so” or “Engage.”

            • Zooey, now here I have to make a confession. I never watched Star Trek with Picard. I stopped when Kirk was Captain. It’s mainly due to the time gap between the Kirk seasons and the Picard ones in Germany. I somehow managed to grow out of it in the meantime. So, I had little chance to get your drift.

              Anyway I had more of a crush on McKellen (I have a fully funtional gaydar 😀 ).

            • You’ve got some catching up to do, girl. Don’t bother with the first season, but the rest are awesome. 🙂

              Ian McKellen is quite fabulous himself!! 😉

            • Zooey, I can’t get a job, my younger son will be in highschool soon and then both won’t be around much anymore. I’ll watch all the seasons then.

            • Why are people still responding to that idiot ‘RoboSlater’ on TP? That is SO maddening! The only reason he’s there is to poke people with a stick. I doubt he has any particular ideology, and probably does the same thing on rightie blogs, pretending to be a lefty.

              The more people respond to him, the more he posts. He seems to be carefully making sure that he makes a comment directed to almost every single commenter on the slower threads. Maybe the other ones too, I haven’t had time to look.

              He’s like that plant that said, “Feed me, Seymour!” Fucking bottomless pit.

            • Zooey, I was a little bored and tried some trollbaiting over there, but it soon got boring. Hood had a very good comment and I was really proud he’s a regular here.

            • Zooey, I’m not used to that. I am going to be an old shrew and get on everybody’s nerves. Serves them right 😀

            • on the Brewer thread @189 It was such a reasonable voice in that troll infested environment

  15. Today is the day that pigs will fly.

    Mr Duke commented intelligently on TP.

  16. My Captain Kirk tale for the day. I think I’m being lured by a ‘Nigerian scam’. I got this email from some girl with a sick grandma who is in Nigeria. Anyhow the 2-3 pictures she sent look like they are from a Target catalog…..

    … so I wrote a nice email asking how her Grandma was and sent her some photos of me in return (Kirk, not Khan, James T. that is…)…. will report back.

  17. Thanks for the wiggly puppy moment EV. I’m just tired of the flash bang of NAZI all the time while the corporate fascists snicker and plot.

    • You’re welcome, I meant it. As a German whose family had it’s share of tragedy brought upon them by Nazis, I don’t use this comparison because I don’t like it be used colloquially. But that’s just me.

  18. Its very Basil Fawlty-esque, don’t you think.

    “Sybil dear, we had just decide that I needed to be a member of her family first before I could carry her luggage to her room…. and this is how they do that in Egypt. …. But Sybil, you told me I had to show a more caring side to our guests…. Sybil?”

  19. Keith finally got Bob Cavnar from the Daily Hurricane on his show! He’s the guy we’ve been reading for over a month!

  20. “I can tell you what it’s not: It’s not a geological fault, and it’s not the product of an earthquake,” said David Monterroso, a geophysics engineer at the National Disaster Management Agency. “That’s all we know. We’re going to have to descend.”

    Beelzebub’s portal?

    • It reminds me of that movie “War of the Worlds” with Tom Cruise, when all those machines came up out of the ground and started blasting away at everyone.. Do you suppose anyone peeked over to see if anything was down there?

  21. Hooda, you have robo curling into a fetal position.
    (oh and toasters are much more intelligent than a robot. At least toasters know when to stop and pop-up the toast)

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