The Watering Hole: June 4 – A Glimmer of Hope

BP is placing a cap on the leaking well. At least on one of the spills.

This is our open thread. Just do it!


60 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: June 4 – A Glimmer of Hope

  1. Good morning.

    An op-ed by Tony Hayward. More spin and propaganda, in my humble opinion. Gotta rebuild that brand. The shareholders are furious.

    Over the more than 100 years of its history, BP has taken pride in operating at the frontiers of the energy industry, and we are committed to defining the new path forward.

    Of course, actions speak louder than words, so we are fully prepared to be judged by the quality and effectiveness of our future conduct. I am confident we will learn from these terrible events and the industry will emerge stronger, smarter and safer than before.

    Notice he said by our “future conduct.” He clearly doesn’t want BP to be judged on it’s recent and current conduct.

    Now we wait and see if they capture most of the leaking oil and get it to market… er I mean stop the flow of oil. Sorry, I got caught up in the BP propaganda for a second.

  2. An oil man acting slippery? Naaww!
    I was taught at a young age that “everything that does or does not happen under your watch is your responsibility” That doesn’t apply to Tony’s world.

    I think that he will remain as CEO until the board can find a new pretty boy and then he will be let go with an enormous golden parachute.
    Punish the innocent and reward the incompetent.

  3. Either that or I can’t see my own comments. Can anyone else see any comments by me this AM?

    Verdamnt thing just gave a duplicate post message so they are going somewhere.

  4. I sent a bitch-o-gram on the Contact Us thing.

    Didn’t this just happen to Shayne recently?

  5. What I love on blogs is typing out a nice pithy comment, filled with alliteration and stunning observations, only to be greeted with “you must be logged in to comment.” I WAS! WordPress is the worst, frankly.

  6. Ah, for the love of Football (soccer):

    An Australian backpacker in South Africa for the soccer World Cup passed out drunk in the driveway of a Johannesburg politician under the impression he was in Cape Town.

  7. Gummitch,

    Adopt the habit of copying comments like that to your clipboard. This new computer of mine also has sticky notes that can work that way as well. That way, if there is a glitch, you still have the comment. I’ve never had a comment cause me to be logged out, but I’ve cleared my history and temp file before, and the page still had the comment box, but when I refreshed, I was logged out, due to the clearing op.

    • Things are quiet around here today. I hope I can get out of here early.

      I’ve probably just jinxed myself…

  8. houseofroberts, that’s what I do when I remember, but it doesn’t always happen. In fact, saving a copy can ensure that I won’t get logged out.

  9. 2ebb – think that’s more to do with the ‘Australian’ part and less to do with the ‘World Cup’ part.

  10. So the troll avoidance thing at TP seems to really be paying off. It’s been noticeably less troll-infested there.

    And clipboard saving before posting: A must. For longer posts, sometimes paste it into notepad as an added measure of security. Which, as you point out, all helps assure I won’t need it.

  11. Has anyone noticed how much shorter the lists of comments is at TP? Even ThinkFast just cracked 100 and nothing else is very close. One might think that hundreds and hundreds of comments every day are troll comments, or the comments of people arguing with trolls.

    Ya think?

  12. Definitely, gummitch. And I think it has to do with why TP doesn’t do anything to limit trolls. They like the extra hits.

    I noticed a marked improvement in comments yesterday.

  13. Aargh! I’m about ready to pull a troll and open a new TP account.

    Now I know how the little monsters feel when they get ignored.

  14. Got it, Zooey and sent him a politely worded WTF?gram. Thanks, you are the best.

  15. BTW, should I have included the statement “get this fixed pronto or I’ll sic Zooey on you.”? 🙂

  16. If you are in need of some positive from nature – this live Black-capped Chickadee Nest is great – it has sound. All is, generally, quiet until the light beam breaks (that means a parent has arrived with food)! – (the nest is somewhere near Seattle)

  17. Talking about the ‘extra hits’ at TP reminded me of this from Mike’s Blog Roundup this morning.

    Amateur blogosphere, RIP

    Today the New York Times announced that it will incorporate into the NYT website:

    I think it’s obvious that those who stand out as amateurs in many endeavors become professionals, and online, it is possible to do so fairly quickly. Blogs with large followings inevitably become commercial successes with a few well-placed ads. Hopefully, Nate Silver won’t end up behind a subscription firewall.

    I used to accuse Huffingtonpost of allowing too many controversial comments to increase the hits, back when there was only the news on one page, and the bloggers on the other. They didn’t pre-moderate the news side back then.

    • HoR and Hood, that’s what I’ve been thinking, too. They have many more hits when having the trolls around. Meanwhile, in their shadow we thrive and this here blog is not commercial in any way, but rocks big time. Because we have the bestest regulars and critters. And we have a bunch of readers and lurkers, too. I, for my part, am happy here.

  18. I’m with you there, House.

    I can’t follow Huff Post much – too unwieldy.
    It was ‘west coast’ based so time-wise, before moderation, one could keep up a conversation.

    Looks like the trolls have learned to name-jack at TP.

  19. What, no one will engage them so they’re faking a dialogue? I’ll have to check that out.

  20. I’ve seen some stuff about ‘this was an act of God’ (whatever), ‘no one could have forseen it’ (channelling Condi?), ‘one in a million incident’.

    JoulesBurn calls ‘bullshit’

    JoulesBurn is one of the best investigative bloggers on oil I have ever read. His stuff on analysing the state of the Saudi oilfields by looking only at satellite photos and press releases is fantastic stuff.

    Anyhow, read this, it talks about a near miss at the nearby BP Thunderhorse field in 2005 and a bit about the actual spill/blowout/explosion off Western Australia just last year, which bears many similarities (and has disappeared from any news coverage I’ve seen).

    I got an interesting take from a pal on the cause of the BOP failure: the blowout blew the drill string back up into the BOP and the shears couldn’t cut the debris or the BOP sustained damage as a result. To bolster that, another pal says he was looking over the photographs from yesterday and saw *two* pipes stuck inside the main riser….

  21. TtT, I was reading that, with great interest, this morning! Thanks for turning us on to TOD.
    I’ve even directed people there – for a greater understanding of what is really happening.


    Hooda, do you like “Maitai”s?

    • BTW, should I have included the statement “get this fixed pronto or I’ll sic Zooey on you.”?

      Prolly not. 😯

  22. I see the Robotroll appears to have woken up from his nap and is quite busy on the Boner apology demand thread on TP.

    • zxbe,

      If nothing else, if TP commenters could let that Robo troll twist in the wind by NEVER responding to him, TP would be a much better place. That is one sick bully of a troll.

      • The only thing he ever says is:

        This comment has been voted down.

          Click to read


  23. Just jump for joy when Quinn arrives. Nice catch, ebb.

    ;> It’s the distinctive voice!

  24. 2ebb, the Oil Drum is adding servers for their increased traffic. If I’d stayed in the industry I’d be there all the time.

  25. “I shouldn’t have said this place was quiet.”

    Sorry Z – but it’ll soon be over, you’ll be home enjoying a relaxing glass bottle of wine – getting ready for the weekend.

  26. I wonder if Ralph has figured out who Maitai is yet? He was offered a pretty broad clue.

  27. houseofroberts
    June 4, 2010 at 12:03 pm · Edit

    Talking about the ‘extra hits’ at TP reminded me of this from Mike’s Blog Roundup this morning.

    Amateur blogosphere, RIP

    Today the New York Times announced that it will incorporate into the NYT website:

    Isn’t the Times going to be charging for access to their website? I’m going to be pissed off if I have to pay to read Nate Silver.

  28. Gummitch, that’s what I said too.

    Hopefully, Nate Silver won’t end up behind a subscription firewall.

  29. Broad clue for Zooey too:

    Maitai Quinn (Imagine! A troll Free blog, its easy if you try) says:
    So cute. Troll blames ralph for something I said. Hoodathunk?

    June 4th, 2010 at 5:05 pm

  30. I figure if trolls can get away with it, I can too. Hey Faiz, nanny nanny boo boo.

  31. not surprising. Quinn is new and RHF is incredibly independent and stubborn

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