5 thoughts on “Fledgling ponderosa

  1. Truly appreciate your sharing that ‘little’ place you call home!

    Utterly amazing – your eye for beauty!

  2. When I saw this photo my first thought was,”great expectations.” Nice shot..Thanks, Raven…Blessings

  3. I liked the natural bonzai sculpting.
    Notice all the trees in the background having a decided sweep to the left, which is east in the photo.

    Just off to the right (west), there is a sharp cliff at the head of a long canyon.
    I thought I had found this serene and beautiful spot free of elk and deer droppings, when the wind came up that night I found out why they don’t sleep there.

  4. Thanks Raven, your pictures invariably soothe me. And I need a lot of soothing these days. You bring lots of beauty back to us.

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