Tough terrain

Alligator Juniper bark at close range. An iconic tree of the upper foothills here in the Southwest, alligator is a long lived and extremely hardy tree. Shelter from the sun and winds for everything from ants to elk.

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10 thoughts on “Tough terrain

  1. Good shot, Raven…At first glance I thought it was a rock formation….Is this B&W or natural color.?..So good to see and read your work again…P. B. & J.

  2. It is it’s natural color, witch1, I’ve done a couple black and white photos, very little difference.
    I’ll get a picture of the whole tree at some point, they are very unique.
    Thanks folks.
    I’ll put up a couple more photos, then get to packing for next weeks hitch on the trail.

  3. Raven, you take the most intriguing shots!
    The angles so fascinating…

    Any avian shots you care to share?! ; >

  4. “Be still my beating heart”!

    Thanks for showing the shot – that had to be a moment – to be so close.

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