The Watering Hole: June 17 – Why Obama Prays

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I usually don’t cut and paste, but there is nothing to add here:

OK let’s get real about the GOM oil flow. There doesn’t really seem to be much info on TOD that furthers more complete understanding of what’s really happening in the GOM.
As you have probably seen and maybe feel yourselves, there are several things that do not appear to make sense regarding the actions of attack against the well. Don’t feel bad, there is much that doesn’t make sense even to professionals unless you take into account some important variables that we are not being told about. There seems to me to be a reluctance to face what cannot be termed anything less than grim circumstances in my opinion. There certainly is a reluctance to inform us regular people and all we have really gotten is a few dots here and there…

First of all…set aside all your thoughts of plugging the well and stopping it from blowing out oil using any method from the top down. Plugs, big valves to just shut it off, pinching the pipe closed, installing a new bop or lmrp, shooting any epoxy in it, top kills with mud etc etc etc….forget that, it won’t be’s done and over. In fact actually opening up the well at the subsea source and allowing it to gush more is not only exactly what has happened, it was probably necessary, or so they think anyway. (read full comment at The Oildrum)

I wish I’ve never read this.

This is our open thread, feel free to comment on this and maybe lighten my mood with a little optimism, too. I somehow can’t today.

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  1. 9/11 aside, I can’t remember the last time, when I simply burst into tears after reading a comment on a blog. It happened here. If this guy is right, and mind, some commenters on The Oildrum think differently, but if he is right, the entire Gulf Coast of the US and the neighboring countries will be virtually uninhabitable in a short while.

  2. EV, thank you for posting/”pasting” this … And your warning label was also helpful. As disturbing nd depressing as this disaster is, sharing information is probably the best thing we can do to cope at the moment ~ Peace

  3. The “worst case scenario” described in the link doesn’t take into account any disruption in drilling the second line caused by a hurricane.

    But look at the bright side – this is a feeding frenzy for oil-eating microbes! (unless, of course, the toxic dispersants killed them all off…)

    Hopefully, this will be the impetus to wean the world off of burning oil. That, my friends, is the only potential upside to this disaster.

    • BnF, nail on head. This throwing chemicals into the spill will have to stop, exactly because the only hope (in the very long run) are the microbes and they can’t just take anything.

  4. One of my favorite Public Radio shows is hosted by Marty Moss-Coane. On Tuesday, she had Charles Bowden as her guest and he talked about the “failed city” of Juarez Mexico. Supposedly, Juarez was going to be the poster child for NAFTA. Instead, it is murder city. If you have the time, you can listen to this interview live at this link.

  5. I don’t think it was ever BPs intent to stop the flow.
    They want to contain and recover as much as possible to refine and sell.

    Making lemonade out of lemons. Or gasoline out of tarballs..

    Death to BP!

  6. Folks, please bug the shit out of your legislators for the ‘solar shingles on every roof’ program to localize energy production.

    Thank you for your attention in this matter.

  7. There’s oil that is coming out of the well is poor value compared to that unmixed with seawater, that’s not the reason. Actually BP is supposed to pay royalties on everything they have spilled to date, whether or not they capture it – incentive for not being truthful about the flowrate.

    The post here does explain a lot of what seems to be going on here, the increased estimates have come as the well degrades and restrictions are removed. The apocolypse in Doug’s commentary: I hope he’s wrong, but you know what to look for and what he says makes sense.

    Obama, Tony Hayward’s passport should be in your desk drawer.

    • Terry, the microbes will die off if the oxygen deplenishes, they can’t metabolize without it. So the microbes can’t really cause dead zones worse than they are now. – I hope, but then I’m not optimistic about anything in this any more.

  8. The US government made sure that in any chap 11 escape plan by BP, they would already have a significant cut of the action. And that bought and paid for Joe Barton *apologises*?

    I think I know what to use in the next ‘junk shot’ attempt.

    • Here’s the video with Barton apologizing to CEO TONY HAYWARD for Obama’s “shaking down” of poor BP… Someone needs to hand this fool his ass and show him the door.

      During a hearing of the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Thursday, Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) called the $20 billion escrow fund that BP has promised to establish a “shakedown” and apologized to BP Tony Hayward.

      “I’m speaking totally for myself and I’m not speaking for the Republican Party and I’m not speaking for anybody in the House of Representatives but myself, but I’m ashamed of what happened in the White House yesterday,” Barton began.

      “I think it’s a tragedy of the first proportion that a private corporation can be subjected to what I would characterize as a shakedown,” he continued, “in this case, a $20 billion shakedown with the Attorney General of the United States — who is legitimately conducting a criminal investigation and has every right to do so to protect the interests of the American people — participating in what amounts to a $20 billion slush fund that’s unprecedented in our nation’s history, that’s got no legal standing, and that I think sets a terrible precedent for the future.”

      “I’m only speaking for myself,” Barton repeated. “I’m not speaking for anybody else, but I apologize. I do not want to live in a country where any time a citizen or a corporation does something that is legitimately wrong and is subject to some sort of political pressure that is, again, in my words, amounts to a shakedown. So I apologize.”

      What this fool said is just so wrong on SO MANY levels.. I cannot believe he said that..

      • I just heard Hayward say, they are about to funnel off up to 80’000 barrels/day So it is more than 60’000 already?!

  9. “I’m speaking totally for myself and I’m not speaking for the Republican Party and I’m not speaking for anybody in the House of Representatives but myself, but I’m ashamed of what happened in the White House yesterday,” Barton began.

    Speaking for himself? The GOP are spitting out the same catch phrase – code for no matter what the President does we’ll be against – just on principle.

    Their indignation should be focused on BP. It’s astonishing how little empathy, for those whose lives are completely destroyed, the GOP have.

  10. EV, the increase in flow could be a very bad sign. As a damn gives way, the flow rate increases.

    Question for Joe Barton (R-Asshat):

    Joe, when you suspect someone of a crime, or a ‘person of interest’, you usually warn them not to leave town anytime soon.

    When you suspect a multinational corporation of a crime, how do you stop them from getting on a plane to a non-extradition country?

    Corporations are people, the SCOTUS said so, so President Obama just told BP to ‘let us know where you are and don’t plan any trips in the near future’. It’s that or the plea-bargaining has already begun.

    I would question why Transocean, Anadarko and Halliburton are not getting similar instructions as BP, but then BP is the majority holder and the field ‘operator’ – so the buck should stop there. And Transocean is a foreign company as is Halliburton (Halliburton is even from the ‘terror-sponsoring’ state of Dubai).

    Transocean has some cuplability (failure to maintain the BOP), Halliburton seem to have more or less behaved themselves.

    Looking over the UK press, the singling out for BP is being taken personally by many Brits as ‘Britain-bashing’ by Obama.

  11. Hearing is on CSPAN-3 (the clumsy dance of Hayward).

    Waxman tells Hayward he isn’t buying the b.s.
    Doesn’t Hayward know what’s going on in his business.

    Safety violations: how do you explain that BP has so many more than any other oil companies?
    Hayward dances – ‘we’ve made changes…’

  12. Good Morning all…I thought yesterday was a media over load for me and now I know it was just the tip of the (drum) oil that is….Ugh!.Not enough coffee..Glad for the info but way to much to handle…Not enough blessings to cover this but I will keep trying..

    Saw chris matthews clip, another ugh, I must say this is a repeat of years ago in many respects..Not as many citizens with high powered weapons then but the same mental break down of radicals…It will make marching a bit trickie..Living on Hayden Lake, Idaho and a city block away from the compound and tree stands of that bunch of nut’s in the 80’s prepared me for this, I guess..

    Watched Keith and Rachel and then wound down with Stewart…Good thing all was in that order or I would not of been able to sleep…BTW I would vote for Rachel if she ever decided to run for an office, I think she is a brilliant, class act..

    As if all that wasen’t enough for this old witch, my young neighbors decided to blast off a couple heavy duty rounds of m80’s or similar bombs at 2 this morning…A call from the crazy person that she thought the slum lords were trying to scare her because it sounded like it was right out side her window..She thought I was out with my 357 doing target first..When have I ever done that.? Told her it was down this way not by her and she’s convinced they are going to bomb us…Told her not to worry they are using natures poison in the well not a bomb..Jeebos…Did not tell her I saw the guys running back to their house right after….Night lights are effective..

    Please forgive the rambling and length..Must haul propane today, hauled water yesterday…Hope to get back to cleaning and packing by the week end…Lousy weather, cold and wet here…

    Happy posting all, will check back in to read all your great post tonight…Peace, Blessings & Justice..

  13. Hearing in recess until 2p (edt).

    Great to read you this morning withch1.
    Hope things move on in a positive direction and you’ll be on the road east soon.

    • By Barton using the term “shakedown” when referring to President Obama’s getting BP to set up that escrow account, he was trying to make the president look more like a ‘hoodlum’ or a ‘gangster’ than the President of the United States of America. He was in fact speaking for the GOP (definitely speaking on behalf of the teabaggers). De-legitimizing the president, in any way they can.. I’m sorry. They do all they can to lower the standing of Obama, to demean him because they just can’t stand that he IS the president. That was the point he was trying to get across. That word was no accident. I’m sure that will now be the single, most used term spoken by all the rabid-right talking heads in their main talking points now that it has been thrown out there. Just watch.

  14. Following the zeitgeist – Obama has lost Jon Stewart.

    Over on RudePundit one commenter summed it up neatly:

    “This is the progressive movement’s Bush moment — the moment where they can no longer deny their guy is in over his head. Tonight was Bush in Jackson Square…We are so, so fucked.”

  15. The UK story is that ‘Obama is taking money from our grannies’ – that in forcing BP to escrow it’s dividend (something that Transocean was not forced to do – so some legitimate gripe there), is taking $1 of every $7 that goes into pensions in the UK – BP is by far the biggest dividend payout in total in the UK stock market.

    The UK right wing is going after him too

    • Transocean and Halliburton should be made to dump money into the escrow account as well.

      I feel bad for the UK pensioners, but BP fucked up and has to pay. I’d feel no differently if it were the other way around. It sucks all around.

    • Terry, the dam analogy is great, that’s I suppose what it looks like when the pressure of the oil makes the hole bigger and bigger, just horizontal not vertical. There have been reports from a live blogger after the camera had been installed a while ago that the ground around the well seems to cave and minor eruptions were seen. When I look at the live cam now I see lots of white in the oil spill, which is supposedly hydrates, that means there is immense pressure not only from oil , but from gas, too. This again makes the erosion theory of the oildrum commenter quite realistic.

      I know I am the ever an apologist of Obama, but I simply don’t see what can be done. Is Obama really supposed to tell his people that all hope is lost for the Gulf and leave it at that? He secured $ 20 bn for the people affected by this spill, enough for the first round but not so much as to strangle BP completely, BP needs to make money to pay the damage. He closed up the Chapter 11 loophole, not for good but to a great extent. For the longer haul he does have a policy plan to reduce the dependence on oil, it is more or less what is done over here in Europe for thirty years now, but it is a plan. Reducing the dependence on oil requires not only change in the American way of life, and it’s up to the American people to accept this, your entire infrastructure, electricity, water, roads, public transport has been neglected for ages now and doesn’t support the needs of a energy conscious society. There is work to be done. Obama, imho, urgently needs to call you all up to rebuild your country. It’s broken, you know.

      I hope you don’t read this as arrogance coming from a European elitist. It is a fact, we have signs of decay, too and urgently need to do much of the same you do.

      And one more thought: Looking back is in order. Can’t BP be forced to release the minutes of the secret meetings with Cheney?

      • You’re right, EV. We all need to get together and do our part to kick the oil habit — and the President needs to ask us to do it. We need a new CCC or Marshall Plan in this country to rebuild our infrastructure and put people back to work. It’s the only thing we can do — other than let the country collapse. Maybe the Repiggies would like to see that happen — just to see the president fail.

        • Zooey, there is even money to be made and jobs to be found doing this reconstruction. However, it requires a lot of government money to kick start the process. The financial meltdown has syphoned off huge amounts already, and only provided more liquidity for the money markets to play with. The money must be redirected into productive channels. This is going to be very hard as long as we stare at stock market indices for proof of recovery of the economy. The only thing that really is recovering is the money markets and none of you are really participating in this. That’s more money for those who already have lots. Give 1 bn and build a road, that puts a lot of people into jobs. Build windparks, that means jobs. Get your power lines below ground, this creates jobs and you’ll not be out of power every time a storm hits. Build railways and metros, that creates jobs. I’m rambling, sorry.

  16. I can see why the right is all up-in-arms about this. Obama committed the worst sins in right-wing terms. He demanded an entity be held accountable, and he demanded that they pay for their misdeeds.

  17. Cheney spouts:

    He said Obama doesn’t have enough executive experience, or experience in Washington, to make things happen.

    Meaning there should have been closed-door meetings, with no minutes or if there are minutes make sure they’re unavailable. Or better yet label them top national security so that won’t see the light of day.

    The Hague is calling you oh evil one – Cheney is beelzebub.

    (the ‘doesn’t have executive’ experience – do you think Cheney may be one of the TP trolls?)

    • Is it just me, or does something seem weird with Hayward.. He seems almost a bit sedated or medicated in some way. It seems beyond just arrogant, detached, or bored with the whole procedure. Something is off. He is very flat.

    • I’m watching it on MSNBC. He is really strange. (I’m supposed to be outside working, but this is rather interesting, and telling). He is being TOTALLY evasive acting dumb. But he is just so flat. Slow, glazed, and flat. I’ve seen him speak before. This is different.

      One thing I’ve learned.. I had heard of all their safety violations in the past, but when they put the number in perspective of all BP’s competitors, the numbers are staggering.. Over 700 serious violations to under ten for ALL competitors.

  18. CSPAN-3

    Hayward does seem under mild sedation. The weight of the world is upon his shoulders and his dancing is slow.
    Never really answers yes or no.
    “I’m afraid I can’t answer that question”
    “I’m afraid I don’t have that information…”

  19. I have it on-line – small screen but can still see that Hayward isn’t ‘with it’. Constant blinking, drooping eyelids, looking as if he’d nod off any moment without full concentration.

  20. EV, that’s OK, I’m not American, no insult taken. At some point Americans have to stop doing laps around the interstate in their SUVs stopping off for burgers and fries.

    I actually think Obama is a product of the system – he’s a brand just like Chimpy was a brand. I agree he has had his Jackson Square moment and if he is unwilling/unable to make this crisis and manufacture change to address Peak Oil, the end of cheap energy, whatever you call it… then the Long Emergency is coming.

    • Terry I agree, either he adresses the crisis and gets on top of it and turns it into a different energy policy or he’s going under.

  21. EV, how are the hands today?

    You have summed it up exactly:

    Reducing the dependence on oil requires not only change in the American way of life, and it’s up to the American people to accept this, your entire infrastructure, electricity, water, roads, public transport has been neglected for ages now and doesn’t support the needs of a energy conscious society.

    Until it becomes ‘personal’ = the price of gasoline to at least $6.00/gallon America is complacent.

    You said it very well: America must make a concerted effort or it won’t change.

    • 2ebb, thanks for asking. My hands are better, I just didn’t do any ironing and such for a while. It will bite me in the ass tommorow or Saturday. It will have to be done then. I hope the hands will hold.

  22. One way we could pay for it, but it will never fly, is a several-dollar tax on each gallon of gas; with the revenue from that tax to be dedicated to building the alternative energy infrastructure and for research grants into alternative fuels research.

    This hefty tax would also reduce demand immediately, and provide an incentive for individuals and companies to find other ways to travel that are more cost-effective.

  23. Terry,

    I forget where I read it (perhaps in the The Oil Drum article), but Clinton signed a bill that let oil companies off the hook for royalties on oil taken from deep water drilling. If so, there go the royalties we would be getting off this from BP.

    And I’m sorry if Britain did the unwise thing and trusted BP, but they did and they’re going to have to pay. Perhaps the Brits should be upset that their government invested so heavily in one corporation. Perhaps they should have insisted that they diversify their investments more.

    • And I’m sorry if Britain did the unwise thing and trusted BP, but they did and they’re going to have to pay. Perhaps the Brits should be upset that their government invested so heavily in one corporation. Perhaps they should have insisted that they diversify their investments more.

      Wayne, Blair helped start the war in Iraq to secure BP more income, so it would seem logical at the time to invest heavily in BP.

      • I’d like someone to ask Hayward if they hired an armed security force/private army in order to prevent the news and journalists fromhonestly reporting on this disaster, and preventing people from helping in saving the wildlife.

        I’d like to know who is ordering the National Guard down there. BP? Or our government..

    • It’s amazing to me. Tony Hayward is sitting there and lying. He has said that safety equipment is being provided for all cleanup crews – including gas masks.. BS! He denies that workers (survivors of the rig) were held on the rig out in the ocean for two days and were forced to sign documents saying they wouldn’t talk before being released to go home. He says that anyone could have stopped the drilling if they felt something was unsafe or wrong on the rig. BS again! I am certainly not holding my breath that he will be charged with perjury, but he IS under oath..

          • I haven’t heard anything about Atlantis in the media since it was discussed on 60 minutes. I want to know what they are doing about this rig. I can’t believe they would let it to continue to operate..

            • Okay, never mind. From the Washington Post today.
              From The Wall Street Journal today.
              From WSJ:

              Whether a big BP PLC oil production platform in the Gulf of Mexico is operating safely is scheduled to be examined during a Congressional hearing Thursday.

              Kenneth Abbott, a former BP contract employee who has raised questions about whether the BP Atlantis oil platform lacks documents critical to its safe operation, is scheduled to testify before a Congressional subcommittee Thursday. The subcommittee is looking into the adequacy of the federal Minerals Management Service’s oversight of offshore drilling.

              Mr. Abbott claims that large numbers of engineering documents showing the actual “as-built” condition of the maze of pipes, valves and other important equipment needed to safely operate the Atlantis hadn’t been completed as of early last year when he last worked on the project. He contends such documentation should have been completed by the time Atlantis went into operation in 2007. Any lack of engineering documents hasn’t caused a disaster aboard the Atlantis.

              Mr. Abbott first raised the issue of Atlantis’s records and procedures in an April 2009 whistleblower lawsuit he filed in Houston federal court seeking monetary damages against BP. The suit included an August 2008 internal email from another employee, saying “there are hundreds if not thousands of subsea documents that have never been finalized.” Such a situation “could lead to catastrophic Operator errors due to their assuming the drawing is correct,” the email said.

              And for those who didn’t see the post on the oil rig “Atlantis”, here’s that post.

  24. Barton just ‘apologized’ for his morning statement of not blaming BP.

    He now goes on record that his statement was
    “misconstrued, misconstruction’.

    and that BP did have to take blame.

  25. Why hasn’t anyone asked Tony what is in my mind the most obvious question:
    Do you take responsibility for the eleven dead?

    They keep talking about the spill which is dreadful I agree but at the same time the reality of eleven dead workers seems to be forgotten.

  26. vinyl – earlier in the hearing it was brought up about the aloofness of BP to the ‘next of kin’ during memorial services.

    Hayward is so distant – “I believe all accidents are preventable. I can see no evidence of reckless behavior of BP”

    Q: “Anybody been fired from this incident?”

    H: “No. No one has been fired.”
    Investigation is ongoing.
    We need to wait for conclusions of the investigations.

  27. Inslee: Did the concern for costs lead to shortcuts?

    H: Don’t want to be evasive or difficult but,
    costs ahead of safety -deeply disturbing if so and would take action if so.

    We’ll take action after the investigations are concluded

    • Why do these people hate Americans, and their own country that is being absolutely devastated by the reckless behavior and wanton greed of this multinational oil corporation and other corporations that also complicit?

  28. oh, my last post got eaten.

    Melancon: asked about the widows concern as to why BP ignored their (workers) concerns about safety being compromised over cost cuts.

    H: if that was the case…investigation…

    M: investigations won’t bring back those men to their children.

    Here is Hayward, encapsulated…

    • ongoing investigations will be…
    • investigations are not yet concluded.
    • we are waiting for the investigation to be concluded.

    H: Focus of the company is on safety. Right people with right skills were in place.
    At this stage in the investigation it is premature to…

  29. Wayne, Blair helped start the war in Iraq to secure BP more income, so it would seem logical at the time to invest heavily in BP.

    That’s even more disgusting. I do not want to fund my retirement through ill-gotten war-profiteering. And all war-profiteering is ill-gotten, because war is ill.

    Besides, did the people who followed Blair in government believe that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would never end?

  30. BP staff were brought in and sequestered in Houston from all over the world about 1-2 weeks after the explosion, analysing the data, logs and records. They worked 18 hours a day seven days a week for about a week.

    The *investigations* are mostly done, no matter what Tony says.

  31. The internal BP investigation took about 2 weeks from May 7th to 21st in Houston in a hotel near the BP HQ, about 18 hours/day.

    The report was completed about May 21st and presented to BP executives on about May 28th.

  32. Question: Will BP be paying for long term health care for the clean up workers?

    H: It is for the independent adjudicator to determine.

  33. Mr. Hayward is


    Synonyms: ambiguous, cagey, casuistic, casuistical, cunning, deceptive, devious, dissembling, elusive, elusory, equivocating, false, fugitive, greasy, indirect, intangible, lying, misleading, oblique, prevaricating, shifty, shuffling, slippery, sly, sophistical, stonewalling, unclear, vague

  34. Beachfront Homeowners Lose At Supreme Court

    Owners of private waterfront property don’t have title to beachfront land restored by the state, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday in a case that pitted resort-town homeowners against Florida conservation officials.

    In an 8-0 ruling with several concurring opinions, the justices found no constitutional violation occurred when Florida claimed public ownership of beaches created by depositing tons of new sand on eroding shorelines. Homeowners along that beachfront argued that they were deprived of traditional shoreline rights in what amounted to a “judicial taking” of property.

    Oceanfront property ends at the high-tide waterline, according to established precedent, with the state owning the seabed. Since the state assumed ownership of the property due to an occurrence of nature, the erosion of the shoreline, had the land owner restored their own shoreline, they would have been seen as taking property back from the state. On the other hand, the state can restore the shoreline, using taxpayer funds, and the once-submerged land still belongs to the state, according to the Courts.

    Any of our fine legal minds have an opinion on this case? I heard this on Hartmann, and I was intrigued by the legal principle on which this was decided.

  35. Perhaps Hayward was suffering from jet lag. It does tend to make one a bit slow for a while. Less so when traveling from east to west, but still a factor. The reason for the difference direction wise is that one gets to sleep a bit more vs. a bit less.

  36. Afternoon/evening House,

    Interesting how that was decided.

    I can’t locate it at the moment – but gummitch had stated that in Oregon all the beaches are public which would preclude such actions to go all the way to the USSC.

  37. WaltTheMan, that could be it but suspect Mr. Hayward isn’t getting much sleep these days no matter the direction.

    It is quite a burden he’s taking (no excuses for him) and that has to weigh very heavily.

    “O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” – had they only been forthright in the beginning…

  38. I’m watching the Cliff’s Notes version of the hearings, namely The Ed Show, and will no doubt be continued on Keith and Rachel.

  39. House, that conundrum about the beach front land is an interesting one. By resanding and claiming public ownership they are essentially changing the property tax status of the resort owners. If they no longer have waterfront property (always taxed higher) their tax bills should go down as will the income from those taxes.

    The other is there is a reason those beaches are eroding and dumping more sand out there just gives the ocean some more sand to take away.

    And finally, I hope you didn’t take offense to my comment yesterday. By racist I meant race expert. Without your information I would never have know about the use of ethanol fuel in racing or that an engine could shrapnelize. Totally cool word.

  40. I’ve heard a lot of cackling about a poll of Gulf residents that gives the current administration a lower approval rating for its handling of the oil disaster than Bush’s handling of Katrina. I’ve wondered, first of all, how the question was asked, but decided it probably makes no difference at all.

    Katrina happened five years ago, the region has been rebuilding ever since and people are being polled on something that happened in the past. By contrast, they are not being polled in the middle of a disaster, with an unknown future looking increasingly grim. Frankly, I don’t see how one can compare these evaluations at all. It’s nuts.

    • House, that is horrific. That creature has never gone hungry a day in his life, and there’s no chance he ever will. How dare he say such things?

      Oh yeah, he’s him.

  41. House, on of my brothers-in-law will be going to Infineon Raceway Toyota/Save Mart 350 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series this weekend. Don’t know if it’s televised.

    It was once called Altamont then Sears Point. The infamous Rolling Stone concert was held there.

  42. And finally, I hope you didn’t take offense to my comment yesterday. By racist I meant race expert. Without your information I would never have know about the use of ethanol fuel in racing or that an engine could shrapnelize. Totally cool word.

    I had to go back to see what you said. You did kind of leave that subject to interpretation.

    A lot of sayings have been around racing for years. Shrapnelize is my own.

    We had a customer call us once, saying he thought he had a collapsed lifter in his 944, as he was hearing a ticking when the engine was running. He was going to drive it over for us to listen to it, then he didn’t show up right away. When he did show, he was riding in the flatbed wrecker with the car up on the back. Seems his “ticking” became really loud on the way over. When we drained the oil, the magnetic plug pulled out a clump of what looked like steel corn flakes. That was when I coined the word. It turned out, his #2 rod bearing had failed, and by the time he shut it off, that rod was clanging loosely on the crank. Those steel corn flakes were in every part of that engine. We did save the block, pistons, and the other three rods.

    The Ed Show question of the day: “Who does the GOP care more about? 96% said Big Oil, 4% said People in the Gulf

  43. 2ebb,

    It’s still Sears Point, to me. Infineon is one of those corporate names that mean little to real race fans. If it’s Nascar, it’s on tv. I’ll watch Sunday because it’s so much fun to watch stock cars go “agricultural racing”, when they overdrive the corners.

    Oh, and Hoodathunk, this is one of a few Nascar events where they turn right part of the time!

    • Confused as to why their necks feel good at the end of the day? 😉

      I’m outta here, gotta get my kid to serve papers on a crazy woman. Laters!

  44. They’re made different from the oval cars, too. They only use them at Sears Point and Watkins Glen. The fuel opening is on the opposite side because cars run clockwise on road courses, and anti-clockwise on ovals. So in order to have refueling done on the pit wall side of the car, they have to be reversed.

  45. House, I have seen three races in my life. Monte Carlo in 1976, a CanAm at Elkhart Lake in 1972, and some sort of weird ass race where my b-in-l and nephew both drove a car at the same time at the local speedway. Sum total of my racing experience.

    Wait, I did crew for a buddy in a demo derby in 71.

  46. I’ve noticed people at races get the same neck injury that people get watching tennis.

    Mike Papantonio said this on Hairball:
    “Rush Limbaugh’s ‘slush fund’ is infuriating. He calls it a slush fund. This is gonna feed families who can’t make house payments. Its gonna put food on the table for their children. These are issues that this golden mike, silver spoon, windbag has never had to experience. It’s easy for’s easy for him to be critical of money that’s going to victims, because he sits as this old, irrelevant, confused old man in his Florida resort with his child bride,who is so disconnected with reality that he even makes Joe Barton look like a genius.”

  47. Once upon a time it was common practice in business of any sort that if you broke it, you fixed it. By the current Repiggie standards for BP, Toyota is wasting lots of money on recalls. After all, don’t Americans like cars that go fast?

  48. …he sits as this old, irrelevant, confused old man in his Florida resort with his child bride,who is so disconnected with reality that he even makes Joe Barton look like a genius.”

    That’s a well deserved sting. Neither of those men would know what it’s like to choose between shelter and nourishment.

    To be so divorced of empathy/sympathy for others plight – so disgusting.

  49. If I had one of those Toyotas, I’d have a manual power cutoff wired in for the fuel pump. No power, no gas, no runaway acceleration.

  50. According to testimony, those type of devices, weren’t always useful in getting the car to stop.

    Question by Keith to Dem Rep. Mike Doyle of Pa.

    “Who is the Democratic mastermind who came up with this strategy today of letting Republicans talk in public?”


  51. That happened to me today, too, Gummitch. I was not logged out at TP, however, and I checked to make sure.

  52. It isn’t that the Republicans talk in public, its more that the Democrats don’t. That is one that totally baffles me.

      • I think that is one of the best parts of living in Oregon – all the different fresh berries this time of year. I plan on loading up my freezer with Marionberries and Blueberries. Yummm….

  53. Gummitch, I have a rhubarb plant just begging to be harvested, fresh strawberries are ready here as well and a bottle of rum. I think it will be a piggy weekend.

  54. “I’m speaking totally for myself and I’m not speaking for the Republican Party and I’m not speaking for anybody in the House of Representatives but myself, but I’m ashamed of what happened in the White House yesterday,” Barton began.

    I don’t know why we have him saying things like this…The GOP and their troll minions and our fine doctor all believe that the GOP is not in bed with Big Oil and big business…

  55. Hardly, Zooey. I see him finding a real fun niche with this. He can learn to crack his knuckles, maybe drool a little. He would love it with his sense of humor.

  56. There is that. I saw in a catalog where one can buy a costume kevlar vest. Add that to his natural size and you get real impressive.

  57. muse,

    I was happy to hear her explain, very lucidly, what I have recently come to understand: There is no such thing as “foreign oil”. Despite the fact that all of our presidents since Nixon have called for an end to dependence on foreign oil, or for energy independence, it makes no difference where the oil we buy comes from. What we need to do is reduce our dependence on oil, period. But she said it way better than I ever could.

    • Wayne, I couldn’t agree more. She made the point that I just wish every single American would listen to and grasp, then own and prepare themselves to make the necessary changes.

  58. muse, yes, and the first necessary change is the one to their thinking. They need to lose any ideas of nationalistic pride in energy self-sufficiency and realize that we need to reduce the energy we use. I am guilty of wasting energy, I won’t deny it. I have attempted to change all of our light bulbs to compact florescent, but it’s hard to find the three-ways we need. Local stores just don’t have them.

  59. What does “incomplete engineering” mean?

    In my world it means, I screwed up and wasn’t ready to complete the project.

  60. That’s what it sounds like to me, Zooey. He may be considering them “incomplete” because they are false. Since they’re false, they are not “properly filed”.

    I have a sick feeling that if they went back and re-inspected every well out there, more than half would fail and be ordered shut down. No proof of this, just a sick feeling it might not be far off the mark or, even worse, it might be too low a figure.

  61. Zooey,

    I saw that. Incredible. It was tough to follow all the technical stuff (and I have difficulty with spatial issues; but I can multiply numbers in my head), but it sounds like he knows what he’s talking about (and the site didn’t call him on any of it, which I’m sure they would have done if he was flat out wrong on anything technical). They just said that the lack of reliable information from BP or the government is leading to conspiracy talk.

  62. zxbe, nice shots! I have a few photos of a similar sunset (I labelled mine ‘skyfire’), but I don’t know how to link them from the stupid Kodak gallery that they’re in.

    Off to watch Jon Stewart.

    • Jane, if you can upload them to facebook, it’s easy to post them here. 🙂

      You can fix the privacy setting so that only you can see them, or only your friends.

  63. Ok, Greene seems to be a bit of a light lunch. The ironic bit would be if he won and made a better Senator than Demint.

  64. oh man, I love when he lashes out…because really someone like him who has a DOCTORATE of all things shouldn’t be reduced to that. I love his tone in trying to “put me in my place…” That was classic!

  65. oh man…I mean the way how he went after little ole me…a student who needed financial aid, LOL. I’m sure it’s an act…I’m just waiting for that brilliant dissertation-like post that’ll finally put us in our place. He’s just posting talking point after talking point to lure us into a false sense of security. After all, Sun Tzu said that deception was a key facet of warfare…

  66. zxbe, I left a comment got this message:
    Your comment was published. But, again it isn’t in the cloud thread.
    Don’t know what I’m doing incorrectly.

    A gorgeous photo – if that tree wasn’t in frame the pic looked as if taken from space (the arc of the clouds and angle of the light.

  67. 2ebbandflow
    June 17, 2010 at 8:31 pm
    I’ll mosey on over – which thread(s)?

    kitty, does he know you’re bi? He’s such a misogynist pig.

    Tell me about it…You would think someone would a doctorate would know better than to be so obvious with his misogyny…but then again, it’s predictable he lashed out that way after Zooey finishes with him…

  68. Keep your distance, unless your vaccinations are up to date. Trolls carry some very nasty nasties.

    Goodnight and good dreams!

  69. After watch Tony the talking turd yesterday, I think I have a partial solution to the Gulf disaster.
    A good old fashioned game of Roshambo.
    All of the people in the Gulf region that have had their lively hoods ruined, against Tony Hayward.
    The people get to go first.

  70. 2ebb, thanks, I got your comment over there. The wordpress hook seems broken, but it’s out of my control to fix it. I’ve been looking for other comment subsystem to put in there, but I haven’t decided upon one yet. Like Z said, use “anonymous” and just sign it in the text and it’s all good. 🙂

    And thanks for the nice words about the photos. 🙂

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