Music night. Happy birthday, Sir Paul

Paul McCartney was never my favorite Beatle, although in early days he did seem to be a lot of fun — I’m talking early 60s, pre-hippie phase Beatles. And there is no question that he and John Lennon wrote an incredible number of great, excellent, charming and influential songs. Most of the Wings-era stuff made me gag, though. I never believe he or John wrote much worth listening to without the other, but that is admittedly my own warped opinion. I was amazed to find McCartney on YouTube and figured I should go with one of my favorite singers, Alison Moyet, but… there is some good stuff here. A shout out to Alison, however. Happy birthday, Alison!

The first one is a corker! More music after the jump. You won’t believe #2. #3 has its moments, too.

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South Carolina’s 4th District Primary – Bob Inglis

The Colbert Report: “Bob Inglis should quit Congress and get a job at Olive Garden to convince the people of South Carolina he’s not an incumbent.”

This was pretty funny.. Colbert does his leading questions where Inglis is supposed to finish that sentence..

Colbert says: “Complete this sentence. Barack Obama was born in…”

Inglis replies: “Not Hawaii.”

Hmmmm… I can’t believe Inglis would have answered that way, even if he was joking..

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