Press, Palin. Palin, Press.

HT: Crooks&Liars

They wouldn’t dare to say what they really think about Sarah Palin. This woman could be history by now, if they had. It took an open mic to hear that.

4 thoughts on “Press, Palin. Palin, Press.

  1. So all Sarah is good for is fund raising. Glad to hear that people are using her because she is a user of people. Guess what goes around, comes around. I said that I wouldn’t comment on her anymore but this is about what others have to save regarding her. She will never be president because she can’t take the heat of a true public appearance. Winks and cutesy behavior only go so far. People tire of it at some point. What ever happened to the conservative star Joe the Plumber? When will the media tire of Sarah? She sounds like a broken record.

  2. Great find, EV!

    Favorite open mike quote:

    “Now I know the dumbness doesn’t come from just soundbites.

    I saw the whole thing.”

  3. From the Foxolgoy:

    “Unfortunately, there’s no way to immediately identify the photographers and reporters making commentary following Sarah Palin’s speech, and it would be inappropriate for FOX40 News and to apologize on behalf of those reporters and their organizations. Perhaps this is an opportunity to see what other media says when reporters don’t realize they are near an open microphone, so you can make informed decisions about which station’s reporters you’d like to tune in to each night.”

    Translate: if you don’t want reporters who speak the truth when their eyes are opened, stay tuned to Fox: we won’t dis our darlin’ Palin no matter what.

    The truth spoken by an off-camera reporter, “Now I know the dumbness doesn’t come from just soundbites. I saw the whole thing.” reflects the realization of one who, at the very least, previously gave Palin the benefit of the doubt, but who was convinced about her ‘dumbness’ after seeing her live.

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