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Jack Ohman
, Portland Oregonian

Rights? You don’t have no stinkin’ property rights.

This is local to Pennsylvania, but had to do with that whole “Fracking” thing.

From John Cole’s page:

A consortium of natural gas drillers has given a tentative blessing to Pennsylvania’s enactment of a severance tax (we’re still the only state not to impose such a levy) on the condition that it allow“forced pooling.” This would allow gas companies to drill across property lines and under land belonging to folks who refuse to lease for drilling.

The industry claims in its defense that forced pooling reduces the environmental impact of drilling because it allows for more gas to be extracted from fewer drill sites, and that the involved land owners will be paid royalties for gas removed from their land. Still, the measure walks all over the notion of individual property rights and does little to allay fears of further ground water contamination.