The Watering Hole: July 30th – Green Initiative

All cartoons are posted with the artists’ express permission to TPZoo.
Jack Ohman
, Portland Oregonian

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52 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: July 30th – Green Initiative

  1. “I’m Basil Marceaux dot com”? Looking at the other videos at the bottom, it looks like he’s done a few of these things. I wonder if he appears as unqualified in those as he does in this one. 🙂

  2. Meet Rand Paul, Idiot Extraordinaire.

    Best candidate-defining quote I’ve heard from him so far:

    “The bottom line is I’m not an expert, so don’t give me the power in Washington to be making rules.”

    (In fairness, he was talking about mountain-top removal mining, which he thinks should just be called something else, rather than being abolished.) Rand Paul likes to think that everything is a private property issue. The problem is, his idea of what constitutes a provate property issue differs widely from what the rest of the country thinks.

    (I did nto want to use C&L’s article as the basis for one of our own because they specifically endorse a candidate in their article, and we don’t.)

  3. I think you have to laugh, and say “go get ’em Marcel.” Same with Alvin. I have to at least give them credit for doing something. But wow.

  4. Thanks Z. I should give the HT to hearing it on the Bill Press show this morning.

    I’ve changed my gravatar – it may not have propagated fully yet.

  5. Marcel might be better off if he emulated his namesake Marceau and kept his mouth shut and just pantomimed his platform.

  6. Mornin’ everybody!

    This Week with Christiane Amanpour debuts on ABC Sunday morning at 8am in my neck of the woods. I am expecting the rot-wing ‘bomb Iran’ crowd to raise hell over her hosting the show, since she was born in Iran. They will probably fold this in to Obama’s secret Muslim agenda, using the ‘Librul Media’, sooner or later. It is expected that This Week will be more attentive to foreign events, with Ms. Amanpour at the helm. She certainly has been presented a big story to cover with the latest Wikileaks scandal.

    Following interviews with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, the Roundtable will have George Will, Donna Brazile, Paul Krugman and journalist Ahmed Rashid, an expert on Afghanistan. Regardless of who the host is on This Week, I expect George Will to be asked the first question. I believe it’s in his contract. I’m looking forward to Sunday morning to see how she does.

  7. Morning all!

    I’ll have to wait to watch any of the clips, as I’m at work. 😉 Honestly though, it seems like politicians are just getting even crazier and stupider by the day. I suppose it’s just a reflection of the American people in general, which is really sad and scary. I really do wonder how far we can go in this direction before the country just fractures and/or implodes. 😦

  8. pawz,

    I think part of the problem with our political system is that the skills and abilities you need to get yourself elected are not at all the same skills and talents you need to be good at your job once you are elected. Consequently, we either pick people who are really good at getting peopel to vote for them, but who suck once in office. Or we get really good people into office who have to appear to be total lunatics in order to get themselves re-elected.

    And I think that this happens, in part, because a LOT of people in this country really don’t know what’s good for them. To be fair, I think that most people are simply misinformed and make bad choices because they’re told false information. Some, about 25%, are just too stupid to know better.

  9. Were it not for the fact that my car would get torched, with little regard to whether I was still in it, I’d like to get a bumper sticker that says

    ___ A R I Z O N A ! ___
    (more than just teabagging xenophobes)

      • Just watched the Anthony Weiner video while I was alone in the office for a few minutes. AWE-SOME!! I really want to see more of this from the Dems. And, I really hope Fux is all over Weiner demanding that he apologize — that way the video will get even more attention.

        If any of you Critters has a chance, please do a post on it!!

  10. I think it’s important that we win this fight in Arizona because the other side is wrong for so many reasons. And the truth is that it has nothing to do with the federal government not doing its job, it’s because these are people with hate in their hearts. And that’s the reason we can’t let them win. It would be a victory for Hate.

    • You’re right, Wayne. It has nothing to do with the federal government not doing its job, because the whole time GWB was failing to enforce immigration laws, Arizona never passed a “papers please” law. Only when a Democrat got into office did it become vital that this law be passed.

  11. Levi Johnston Ex Lanesia Garcia Pregnant: Bristol Palin Wedding Off?

    Bristol Palin’s friends have told that she is heartbroken after finding out that her fiance Levi Johnston may have impregnated his ex-girlfriend, Lanesia Garcia. In fact, Bristol may be having second thoughts about going through with the wedding, although a Palin family representative said, “no official decision has been made.

    Where’s Jerry Springer when you need him?

  12. Or maybe they both managed to miss at point blank range. 🙂

    Either way, I guess Levi won’t be getting any endorsement deals with condom manufacturers, since no one will believe he uses them.

  13. The Republican trying to interrupt was Peter King, if I’m remembering Hartmann correctly.

    That’s the height of impatience to interrupt when your opposition is only yielded one minute.

  14. Cenk Uygur has another substitute gig on MSNBC. Next week he’s doing the 3-4 pm EDT slot, ahead of Dylan Ratigan, who Cenk subbed for two weeks ago.

  15. Good Morning Zoo followers..Sorry I have absent for so long and about to be gone for longer…Poor sentance , spelling and cramped fingers are getting me more than most days..Please forgive all the above and my rant in advance..What can I say except , please forgive the interuption…

    An up date if any one wants something odd to read…As some of you know and RUCerious could attest to our little resort has been and is now in a huge mess because of slum lords…Since RU was out here besides the no garbage pick up, septic tank not pumped, dry grass not mowed in a year and over 4 feet tall we have been with out any water what so ever for 2 weeks and 3 days..the pump to the well quit because of a filter clog, owners were called, attorney notafied and 2 days later the manager for the slum lord showed up with a flyer for each tenent that stated the pump failed and brought out porta potties with no comment to the fix date or anything else…2 more days later a well outfit was here for an hour and left and still no water..Day before yesterday we find out the well was fixed and the power turned off so we could not have water to flush or to sprinkel to prevent fires…Fire marshall called, health dept, every representative in the county and state and media have been contacted and nothing being done what so ever..No one even returns calls, to busy running for their next election it seems…

    The residents, not me, were sent a letter from the attorney of the slum lord to the residents attorney with 9 issues obsolving the slum lord of all liability, health and wrong doing for everyone in the park to sign and they would turn the well back on…What? No fu***** way..

    Enter stage left the crazy witch from the west..What the hell is wrong with your attorney that he would recommend you sign away most of your win and your constitutional rights on a case to go to trial the 29 of Sept, just to have water they are suposto provide turned back on…Gistapo tactics do not set well with me..Some were signing with out even reading the paper and so allowing arsenic water we all know can only be used to flush a toilet or beat back a fire untill the fire dept. arrives was the carrott and free pass to allow people that have been paying their rent can be treated like we are the criminals and the bad guys walk away after all the hardship with a free pass…Jeebus I am weary..Who would even sign a paper or have their clients sign a paper giving away their rights under these conditions….Nearly all the laws in the state of Washington are now null and void according to the helth Dept god I talked to this morning..State cut backs on personell and no funding to back up anything gives these slum lords a free pass, for real..So here we sit, still have to pay rent and the other residents are stuck with a nutered attorney that may or may not be in bed with the opposition..

    Talking with a neighbor who is taking up the sword that I am putting down in this fight this morning and my slow powered brain flickered on…In the large scheme of things and the 3 fights I have been working on..1 to end the illegal wars and put the money back in our country instead of funding such death and distruction of our own and people all over the world 2..Saving the wild Mustangs from the cattle barron Salazar and his buddies at BLM in their quest to wipe out the herds so the huge cattle ranchers can distroy our public lands at $1.35 per head leasing fees, round up and kill all the wild mustangs control all the water, and finelly 3 trying to maintain a safe clean place to live for myself and the other tenents, I have failed on all fronts..Not for the lack of trying but because no one gives a shit or will do anything at all except us and all except me were willing to sign a piece of paper giving up their rights before the case can be set before the judge…

    The light that went of was this, in the large scheme of things, that is death and distruction from wars on innocent men, women and children and the death of wild mustangs is far more important than having to go with out water, sewer and garbage and still pay rent…..I will not give away my rights and after I read what 2 off the people had already signed to them their lights went on, no one signed the free pass for the bad guys and the 2 that had signed tore up their copy and finelly questioned who their attorney as working for…And it appears we will still be with out water..I wonder how a judge will look at this when they go to trial…With a lot of effort and even more luck I will be on the road to N. H. long before the trial date…I never sought or expected any thing from the case any way so just getting out of here is my only goal now…

    I hope you all are having a great day, I must tend to my moveing needs and prepare for my next journey. Gotta say this is a huge endevor for this old witch to accomplish, I have been here to long…

    Have a happy music day and many happy posting days for you all…Peace, Blessings & Justice..

    • witch1, every day I have the privilege to get “interrupted” by one of your rants is a good day for me, because I’ve heard from you. Not that I like your story. It’s a known tactic of landlords to make life miserable to tenants so they can get rid of them to sell the property. My guess is, there will be a shiny new resort built there as soon as you all have gone. And someone’s pocket will have loads of freshly minted money in it. Stay safe and safe travels. It is a long way to go but as far as I gather, you have a good home to come to. You havent’ been here too long. I for my part want to see lots of you still.

      Stay safe and show yourself here,whenever you can.



  16. Sorry to hear of your troubles, witch. It sounds like a real mess. 😦

    I’ll be sending positive thoughts your way that things resolve themselves soon and you find a better place to land.

  17. witch – sounds like your landlord wants the tenants to leave on their own. Perhaps there is some sort of “sale” waiting for him. He is putting a lot of money into an attorney which is probably more costly than fixing the water issue, picking up the trash and cutting the grass.

    If you are heading to NH and need to take a rest stop in PA, let me know. We have clean water, an extra bedroom and the grass is cut.

  18. Thank’s silentpawz & Cats…Shooting for the end of Aug, before all the passes get snow..Going over the top so to speek or as a last resort going to fly..Bear the cats and I will be camping our way from here as if we were going to Montana then Wyom. and headed to N.Y. and dropping down after the N.Y. stunt..Been advised to avoid the other route by way of Chicago because of worse congestion and traffic..Kathlene baught me a triple A membership and now must kick it, pack everything I don’t sell into storage to be shipped later and get enough gas money and a newer van to house us..LOL..I will smell like a wet puppy by the time I get home…No worries…

    If I end up being able to drive, a few days early will get the word out where I may be able to make a quick viset at a rest stop with who ever is on my way….Plan to hit the free rest stops and add a few K.O.A. pay stops to get there and take showers…Going to do it all as fast as possible once I hit the road…My cell phone has lots of minutes so will depend on it and will be shutting down the computer thingie for quite awhile…Like I mentioned, I am worn out and weary…Blessings all.

  19. So sorry for the double post Zooey.
    I saw Weiner’s response this am and JUST had to post it, of course without reading anything else. Silly me…

  20. witch1,
    In your neck of the woods, are you required to pay rent if the landlord is in housing violations, ie. no power or water? I know in my neck, Seattle, renters have some rights. The right to utilities, if provided in contract form, ie lease, by landlord. When a Landlord violates the lease, that is grounds to with hold money AND, in most cases, if you have given the landlord notice and they fail to respond in (X) amount of days, you can have it fixed, at your expense and sue the landlord for compensation AND undue hardship.

    Something to think about. I’m sure you and RUC are fully aware of the options. Just wanted to chip in my two cents. Stay safe and no fires, please.

  21. Ore. Prosecutor Says No Gore Prosecution

    Former Vice President Al Gore won’t be prosecuted over a masseuse’s allegations that he groped and assaulted her in his Portland hotel room in 2006, the county prosecutor said Friday.


    Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) has chosen to go through an ethics trial, like the one lined up for New York Rep. Charles Rangel, rather than accepting charges made by an ethics subcommittee, a source familiar with the process tells POLITICO.

    Read more:

    [On a side note, I copied that first paragraph from POLITICO. Everything after “Read more…” was not visible when I copied it. It somehow got added. Creepy.]

  23. Back at ya, Max-1…I live in Snohomish county, we do not have a lease never have had one but the Land lord tenent act’s specify that they must provide water, sewer, power and garbage..Already they are in more violations that I can take the time to type out.Even though we do not have a lease they are required by law to provide these services along with mowing and maintainance to keep down fire hazards…Even though the water has arsenic they are not suposto be allowed to shut the power off and deny water to flush and reduce the fire hazards..We do still have power to our mobile homes but no water or the above and yes the law in the state say we must continue to pay rent or we would not be allowed to sue for damages..Let me add, all the services in this county and the laws with no funds to carry out any penalties is the same as no laws at all…No one will or can respond or make them do anything and the only hope this little group has is the trial at the end of Sept….

    Heres the ticket issue..I was the on sight manager for these people for over 3 years and the previous owner for 4.Have lived here for 14 years and took care of the well, power, septic problems and all the grounds as well as collect the rents, write out reciepts and ran their bait shop, boat rental business during that time…They have never helped one little bit except to O.K. having the well repair and service company come out and O.K. the pumper company to come out and pump the septic..

    I had to shut the dock down altogether and send them a letter as well as call and wait for weeks for them to come and fix the dock because it was to dangerious to walk on..People have been coming here since 1920 to rent boats and fish off that dock so it was a good little business for them..

    Last July the owner showed up and said they were going to be “very visable” for the next 90 day’s..The following day they showed up with chain saw’s and a small dozer and proceeded to go on A Doctors property right behind our resort..They knew where the property lines were and I went balistick..Told them again it was not their property and the nut job said to me,” I am going to take it on the grounds of conspicious absence” and put in 12 more pads for mobiles and there is nothing they can do about it..I grabed a long chain and lock and wrapped it around a huge cedar and me and said you can’t take this tree it’s not yours…They backed off because I yelled so loud everyone came out to see what the hell was going on and they had to many witnesses…The next day I went on the accessors site. found the owners name and address and wrote them a letter…The bad guys were out appeasing me with” were not going to take your trees”///My response was there not my trees you stupid shit they belong to people in Seattle..Informed all the neighbors in the homes on the block including the tenents here and by the time they were cutting a road in and limbed all the trees up 20 feet code inforcement was here and being lied to and they never even drove back in the woods to see all the damage they had done with little camp site culdasacs and never responded to all our calls or the owners who were having their land distroyed..Code inforcement, the police and everyone said the owners whos land was getting distroyed had to get it re survayed…I was off by one foot in one corner from what the previous owner had shown me…So first we have a rude California developer who never took care of this property and then planned to rip off some prestine property with in 50 feet of the lake with no permits or anything..I think in the end their plan is, was to steal enough land to put in a 1000 trails kind of park, they have been retaleating and causing nothing but huge headaches for us all since we blew the whistle..They only have a long odd shaped 4.9 acres. The big block behind us that the other party owns was all left wild and untouched, they had a verbal agreement with all but these owners, people were allowed to camp and mow the small patch of grass but build no fires or leave any refuse, they could also hike through the woods to the tiny lake they owned most of..I had never met the owners behind us but know them now and cutting the trees and putting in roads was never their plan, ever..There were 16 residents here when I moved in and for the last several years there has been 12…Since last Aug we have dwindled down to 7…The ones able to hitch up and move have done so…The ones remaining are on Social Security like me, SSI, disabled vet and 2 are not working poor out of benefits..They have a attorney but because of conflict of interest I was kicked to the curb and have a guardian angel who is an attorney and done more for me than their guy has for any of the group..I was going to stay for the trial but have decided it would be to late by a month so going to get out as soon as I can get stuff done..again sorry for the length.

    Lady EV, thanks for the good thoughts…Hope I make it home…Any one heard from 5th,? I think of him often also Ms J..Well time to walk bubble butt again and crash early, lots to do tomorrow…Blessings all…P. B. & J

    • Great Lady, I hope you get out of there soon. Heaven knows, you did your best. Live out the rest of your life in peace with your friend in NH. I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.

  24. Thank you Wayne and Lady Z, will keep you posted before I leave and my route…May even include a telephone number with lady Z so I can atleast see a few on the way for a minute….Bob. Leo, Bear and I will be campers on the move with a lot of luck..Did I tell you all I hate take off’s and landings and that’s why I don’t fly..LOL..Funny a witch that only flys in dream state….Blessings

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