The Watering Hole: August 12 – Chernobyl reloaded

It never stops. For thousands of years still nature will have to cope with the effects of mankind’s hubris. The Chernobyl accident left thousands of humans dead and maimed and nature virtually uninhabitable in the vicinity of the accident site. Now the (man made?) Russian heat wave has caused massive forest- and even worse – peat fires that ravage the country and the crops and have stretched into the most badly contaminated area of Chernobyl and not Chernobyl only. Now what happens? The fires cause material from the scorched earth to be displaced, the extent and range depends on temperature and wind.

As a result of failure on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant a total of six million hectares (ha) of forest lands were polluted by radionuclides. The most polluted forest area covers over 2 million ha in Gomel and Mogilev regions of Byelorussia (Belarus), in Kiev region of the Ukraine and in Bryansk region of the Russian Federation. The main contaminator is caesium-137 (137Cs); in the core zones of contamination strontium-90 (90Sr) and plutonium-239 (239Pu) are found in high concentrations. Radioactive emissions from wildfires occurring in contaminated vegetation represent a high risk for firefighters. In addition populations are affected by radioactive smoke particles transported over long distances.(read more)

The new catastrophe is a stark reminder that a technology which will have detrimental lingering effects for thousands of years, is hardly a good idea to solve immediate military or energy needs.

This is our open thread. Go ahead and tell it like it is.

112 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: August 12 – Chernobyl reloaded

  1. Good morning all

    Caught up on the comments regarding me ( ME! ME!) on yesterday’s Watering Hole.

    You are all so kind and generous and I really appreciate your support—you all help keep me sane and keep me going.

    I’m sorry I never really know when I can/will pop in here and I’m sorry I can’t stick around to talk in the threads in my present circumstances.

    Wayne, Jayne, Zxbe, gummitch, pawz. Walt, Hooda/medhjiesco, Zooey and all the rest of are constantly rays of sunshine ( hence my tan).

    Gotta type and run–as usual, so laters all, and my warmest regards to each and every one.

    • 5th, good to see you around. I, as the others, think you should write a book about your experiences as soon as you can. Seriously, you must. Your story is amazing as is your talent to put it into words. Many, many hugs and good luck to you and your brother!!!

  2. Good Morning all, …Good to see you 5th..Sending many Blessings your way…

    On a run today, another hearing tomorrow morning, still no water (week 4 & a day)..New worry of fires.

    Mini yard sales by many of us this week end…Progress is so very slow…Hope all here are well..P.B. & J to everyone.

  3. I’m of the Jeffersonian persuasion that the earth is given unto each generation in usufruct, so that we may pass it on to our next generation in a better state than we found it.

    Boy, we sure as hell aren’t doing that much.

    And that’s why we have no right to create nuclear materials that are going to be around for hundreds of thousands of years.

  4. EV, nice article. Point out the fruitlessness with trying to deal with nuclear waste some thousand of generations downstream.

  5. Morning everyone!

    We can’t continue to poison the earth, water and air and not expect it to come back and bite us in the ass at some point. The thing with the fires in the Chernobyl area is truly frightening. Bad enough to think all that stuff was just sitting around in the soil, but now it’s airborne and spreading far and wide. And those poor people already choking on the smoke are going to be even worse off now. It’s going to be a disaster of epic proportions.

    Nice to see you 5th. I’ll be wishing you and your brother all the best. πŸ™‚

    Good to see you too, witch, though I’m sorry to hear there’s still no resolution to the problems. *wishes landlord a case of crabs to go with his boils*

  6. One of the most disturbing things about these fires is that much of the latent radiation is, by itself, pretty “soft”: alpha particles will barely penetrate the skin. But breathed into the lungs, one has a constant source of internal radiation that is capable of doing enormous amounts of damage.

    Russia is going to see an explosion of leukemias and bone cancers in the next few years.

    • Awaiting a decision by Judge Walker, in regard to lifting his stay on his judgment on gay marriage in CA.

      But in the meantime, thank goodness the fog has lifted at Pebble Beach…the PGA can begin. πŸ™„

  7. Glad to hear you are still out there, 5th. We’re all pulling for you. And ebb. And witch.

    I got an email from the Dems today asking for money. I wrote back that the day they actually start to do something, I’ll consider sending them money. Until such time, bugger off and quit asking for money you don’t know how to spend.

  8. American Family Association: No More Mosques, Period
    August 11, 2010 10:31 am ET β€” Walid Zafar
    Bryan Fischer, the American Family Association’s unofficial spokesman and the group’s director of issues analysis, writes some rather incendiary stuff. Like most of the people AFA employs, his main area of expertise (and some might legitimately argue, obsession) is in exposing the so-called “radical homosexual agenda.” But Fischer is more than just a less-relevant, grandfatherly version of Tony Perkins. In fact, Fischer’s antics put Perkins to shame. For instance, he has advocated stoning killer whales and even blamed bear attacks on an unwillingness to follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

    Read rest here.

    • There was a segment on Anderson Cooper 360 last night, (I never watch it, but did last night), where Anderson interviewed this seriously whacko religious conservative who kept referring to “Islam” as a ‘lie from the pits of hell’ and he basically said nobody in this country who is Muslim could be a good “American” because their first allegiance had to be to Islam which of course, again, was the big lie from the pits of hell. He painted them ALL with a very broad brush – black and white, good guy/badguy.. He kept waving his bible saying it was about truth versus lies.. Anderson just kept shaking his head, that was after his eyes about bugged out of his head. I am just glad he also interviewed this other gentleman who put religion in historical, logical context. Wow.. SERIOUSLY weird..

      I’ll look for the video. HERE IT IS.
      The segment was called “Are Muslims Under Attack In America”.

  9. Good news from Colorado, courtesy of Washington Monthly:

    * On a related note, the latest survey from Public Policy Polling shows Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper (D) leading Colorado’s gubernatorial race, whether he faces one opponent or two. In a head-to-head race with Maes, Hickenlooper leads by 12; in a three-way contest with Tancredo in the mix, Hickenlooper is up by 25.

  10. Sorry, my last post wasn’t accurately descriptive of the link…

    Some verdicts have been reach. Still no consensus on others, and other counts haven’t been deliberated yet.

  11. I have to think that the teabagging crazies who believe in terror babies will have independent voters running to the Democratic party. It’s almost like Republicans are trying to self-destruct.

    • HoR, it is an outdoor mobile by Samsung

      I have the same and I put my foot down when he was even considering an I-Phone. Good for him, The I-Phone wouldn’t have survived, nor would he.

    • EV, that’s amazing!!

      What is it with boys and crap in their pockets? My youngest left a brown crayon in his pocket, and all of my clothes got ruined — his didn’t have a mark on them. That was the last time I washed his clothing with mine. And the last time I did his laundry. πŸ˜‰

      • Zooey, he only wears Levi’s (at my expense 😦 ) because they have deep pockets for all his stuff. But then, he would look absolutely ridiculous with a handbag. πŸ˜†

          • Zooey, I just bought one for the wedding I’m going to tomorrow. Ugly things handbags are. I mostly carry a rucksack … and lots of stuff in my trouser pockets. Like mother, like son.

            • I feel for you, EV. I’m so happy that anyone I know who’s getting married lives elsewhere — and I can just send a check. πŸ˜€

            • I will enjoy the wedding. Hubby’s best man and I get to join the ruckus later. The boys are so excited. When will they get to wear ties and good shoes otherwise? πŸ˜‰

  12. Have fun at the wedding EV. If you are going to be bach, can we fight over who gets to be Beethoven, Wagner and Chopin?

    My cell provider has a phone from Motorola called the Quantico. Built to milspec its kinda like a Humvee without wheels. My boss says that will be my next phone. Can’t imagine why.

    • hooda, maybe because you are just bright, just as Rossi, Gideon and Hotchner all rolled into one. A hint of Spencer Reid maybe,too. Your boss just likes your smarts.

      My fine motor skills suck big time, that’s why I have the Samsung.

    • 2ebb, about the only show I really watch these days. I had that thing for profiling for ages now. I think part of me really wants to understand Evil. Too much research on Nazism during my university years, I suppose.

  13. Governator says he won’t appeal, Jerry Brown as AG won’t appeal, so, do the Prop 8 supporters have standing to appeal on their own? That will have to be the first issue decided by the next level of Appeals Court.

  14. These Black Labs don’t quite understand the ‘retrieval’ part of their name!

    Neither actually, with enthusiasm, retrieves objects tossed; however…

    if a human is gone for any length of time. Returns: Key in door – open door and there’s a black lab with a chew toy in its mouth to greet said biped.
    Not quite as a ‘gift’ because it won’t relinquish –
    just waves it about as if to say – ‘hey, great you’re home. I have this chew toy I’d like to show you”…

    They are sweet, slobbery dogs but don’t realize their own strength – accompanying me they run up and down the stairs nearly knocking me over…

    Little 20 lbs cats I’m used to – 110# labs – a lot of getting used to…

    They require a w a l k (yes, they can read that’s why I spelled it out…so off we go – into the sunshine…

    • Any dog I ever had with the name “retriever” in its breed truly sucked at retrieving.

      One, half collie and half black lab, was very lovable and was a natural pointer, but was so dumb I considered changing her name to “Zero.” Her real name was Bear.

      The best retriever I ever had was a little rat terrier, named “Caillette.” We were pregnant together, and she didn’t even want to stop playing catch when she was in labor. She wasn’t exactly understanding when I didn’t want to play when I was in labor. πŸ˜€

  15. My golden retriever got “fixed” today. He didn’t even know he was broken.

    He does retrieve his toy duck and bring it back but I got him from a gun dog breeder and his parents both hunt. Not because we are going to hunt with him but so he wasn’t bred to be too pretty and have all kinds of problems.

    I can’t help but feel guilty about his surgery.

  16. My almost 14 year old Jack Russell will still chase a ball but not for as long as he used too. Of course half the time he can’t manage to get outside to shit but that’s another story.

  17. A tidbit of Great News:

    Court Restores Protections to Northern Rockies Wolves

    The Center for Biological Diversity celebrated a key victory last Thursday when a federal judge in Montana reinstated Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains. The decision means that planned wolf hunts in Idaho and Montana won’t go forward and protections remain in place for wolves in those two states, along with Wyoming and parts of Oregon, Washington and Utah. The judge sided with the Center and our allies, represented by Earthjustice, in ruling that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was wrong to delist wolves in Montana and Idaho but exclude Wyoming for political reasons. The ruling will have important implications in keeping the feds from using anything but science in deciding whether to lift protections for other imperiled species.

    Meanwhile, we continue to challenge the Service’s assertions that just 300 wolves in the region constitute a “recovered” population. We also filed a scientific petition this summer for the federal government to produce a national recovery plan to reestablish wolves in suitable habitat in the Pacific Northwest, California, southern Rocky Mountains, Great Plains and New England.

    Read more in The Washington Post. See:

  18. I used to have a cat that loved to play fetch. I’d lie on my bed and throw a knotted sock into the living room, she’d run and get it and bring it back. She’d basically do that until I got bored or fell asleep.

  19. the best retriever i’ve had was a bull mastiff. i had to wear gloves to combat the gooey tennis balls. throw the ball and watch the charging rhino…

  20. What type of phone is that exactly?

    I have a Samsung Convoy and it appears to be pretty solid so far. My work limits me from having a pretty toy with crap reception that I would break by having in my pocket, so it works out well.

  21. They have a tennis ball throwing wand now for picking up and winging gooey tennis balls. I don’t know if it works though.

  22. ebbs dogs can read and she’s complaining that they can’t retrieve a stupid ball.

    Shayne, I’m dog sitting – and for some reason thought Labrador Retriever meant they’d ‘retrieve’ objects.

    “Midnight” and “Kingsford” are brothers – 5 years old. Middie thinks and acts as if he’s still a puppy. Kings is a sweet, old soul – his eyes are those of wisdom – he’ll cock his ear as if really listening to you. The two get along famously – each lives with a different of my sibs but are together for dog sitting.

  23. The kitten I’m fostering goes nuts for peacock feathers; better than a cat dancer or even laser pointer. But if he gets hold of the feather, he’s like a terrier with a dead rat. I generally give up before he does, at which point Flynn (the kitten) goes marching up and down the hallway with his prize.

  24. I had a German shorthair pointer hated water and they have webbed feet. My golden retriever is only 4 months old but the kids took him in the pool and he wasn’t happy.

    My daughter says he won’t be perfect until he crinkles his brow when he listens. Cocking his ear might work though.

  25. My cat Zephyr (who’s nearly a year old now) has a sort of a plastic wand with a bunch of leather thongs on the end. He LOVES playing fetch with that. I throw it down the hall, and he runs and brings it back. πŸ˜€ Occasionally he’ll bring me one of his other toys, but more just like ‘here, I brought this to you’, not to play fetch. Oh, and he also has a thing for socks. If I don’t put the laundry away right away, they end up all over the house. πŸ™‚

    • I’ll be missing music night again, cuz I’m going to Spokane to hang with MizzJ. The rafting trip is off because the water is too low, unless we want to drive all the way to Montana and pay twice as much for the pleasure. Prolly a good thing, since my back still isn’t 100%.

      Been trying to upload my Portland pics to FB today, but my computer just isn’t having it. *sigh*

  26. I’m a little surprised Rachel didn’t mention the Prop 8 Stay decision today, yet wasted 5 minutes on Orly Taitz.

  27. Evenin’ House, what time of day does Rachel record her program? May be it coincided with the recording or came after her recording.

  28. Then that would be odd for her not to have mentioned the ruling.

    What was her spiel about Taitz?

    Maybe I’ll mosey on over to watch Rachel’s show.

  29. Taitz is appealing her $20,000 fine for wasting the courts’ resources with her frivolous birther lawsuits, and she wrote Clarence Thomas first, then Alito, trying to get her case before the SCOTUS.

  30. Not even the squirrels would bother saving her (Taitz) for a winter’s meal.
    She has to be completely out of balance – no one can keep up that looney pace and be thought sane.

  31. House, I notice that when you vote ‘you like this’ – the image is the blue/green toast looking dude.
    When others vote – their gravatars appear.
    What’s up with that?

  32. I haven’t been able to figure that out yet, myself. I didn’t realize the name appeared when the cursor is on the image. That image has it’s own address, and my gravatar is wrong there, too.

  33. I’ll be missing music night again, cuz I’m going to Spokane to hang with MizzJ.

    And the interwebs have yet to reach Spokane?!

  34. OK, another piece of BS that is new to me: your fancier, GPS enabled cell phones will embed GPS data into the pictures they take. Called “geotags” this data can reveal to within a few yards where your pictures were taken:

    So if you post phone-pics in public fora, unless you have specifically disabled the geotag function, you may also be posting the more or less exact location of the picture

  35. House of Roberts, I give you credit for knowing how to watch cable television!

    My 19 year old nephew was attempting to show me
    ‘how to watch tv’ with the remote control.
    “Press this for watching HDTV”
    For the regular, local channels “you have to press this and this at the same time”.

    “You can’t press this if someone is recording”.

    “Oh, and On Demand: press this button to let it know; then you press this…

    Needless to say – I’ve not watched T.V. since they’ve been gone. I watched Rachel on-line, thank you very much!

    Why the hell does life have to seem so damn complicated – and that’s just attempting to watch t.v.

    I stick to music –

  36. Gary, I saw that this morning at MorningMaddow.

    2ebb, if there wasn’t college football and racing, I probably wouldn’t be able to make the TV go either!

  37. “…So if you post phone-pics in public fora…”

    Gary, a friend of mine is a photographer and was explaining that very same thing to me – just last week.

    I had inquired about ‘doctored-up’ photos and Eric explained that with the embedding there’s so much information, about a photo, in that tiny space it you can tell every ‘micro-nano’ second of a ‘picture’.
    A bit frightening if I do say so…
    there is no anonymity in today’s techno-world.

    • And the interwebs have yet to reach Spokane?!

      That’s entirely possible, ebb. πŸ™‚

      Besides, packing up the desktop monstrosity is cumbersome, and the phone is pretty basic (besides the camera). MizzJ does have an iPad, so maybe she’ll let me play with it.

      If it weren’t for this amazing pub called TheZoo, I’d be a committed Luddite. Or very possibly merely committed.

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