Sunday Roast: River Rafting

MsJoanne and I rafted on the Spokane River yesterday, and we had a great time.  This video was shot earlier this year, and the river is much higher.  They got further down the river than we did.

ROW Adventures was the company whose trip we took.  Chris and Georgia were our guides, and they were full of energy and good humor.   MsJoanne and I were on our first rafting trip ever, and were in the front of the raft guided by Georgia.  Rest assured, even though the river wasn’t as high in as in the video, we got our share of big splashes to the face, as well as being soaked to the skin.

We had two rafts, one in the front, guided by Chris, and one bringing up the rear (ours, guided by Georgia), as well as several kayaks in the middle — lined up like a trail of baby ducklings.  One elderly gentleman from Iowa overturned his kayak into the drink twice — once terrifyingly close to a big rock — but managed to keep his glasses on his face, as well as righting his kayak and getting back into the swim of things.  Naturally, we cheered.

We got high-centered on a rock only once, and we rocked and rolled while Georgia worked at pushing us off the rock with her paddle.  Then we got to cheer on a couple of kayakers who got into the wrong side of some rapids, and finally had to walk their kayaks over the rocks and re-join us on the proper path.

MsJoanne and I agreed that this was the most fun we’d had in a long time, and we both look forward to our next rafting trip.

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