Music Night. Happy Birthday, José

If you listened to American radio at all in the late 60s and early 70s, you could not escape the distinctive guitar and vocals of José Feliciano. I may have gotten sick to death of Feliz Navidad, but I hate Christmas music anyway. And there’s no way to escape the fact that Feliciano was and is a very talented musician. The first video, incidentally, has a few treats. It’s a big old Latin sandwich!

The second video is very much worth listening to, and is an interesting story. The performance referred to was from a Detroit Tigers game in 1968.

More José below the fold, and it’s Music Night, so jump in.

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The Watering Hole: September 10 — Squirrel!!

Photo by Zooey

There were a bunch of these strange-looking squirrels living in the rocks at Rockaway Beach, Oregon.  They had absolutely no fear of people, probably because they were well fed by the tourists.  This little guy kept getting closer and closer and closer…srsly, I don’t really like squirrels, especially when they’re too friendly.  *shudder*

This is your Friday open thread — TGIF!!