Watering Hole – September 13, 2010 – I Want My Country Back

Yes, you heard me.  I want my country back… back from the Tea Party and the big corporations that financially support them.  I do NOT want my country to return to the Tea Party and Republican principles of:

  • Repealing the Civil Rights Act because the central Government should not tell States how to treat American citizens.
  • Eliminating the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.  Women should not be voting.  They don’t have time for politics because they need to be in the kitchen cooking and they should be waiting on their husbands.  The bible tells us that women are subservient to men.
  • Returning to slave labor and sweat shop labor practices because businesses should be free to abuse their employees without Government interference.
  • Dismantling Social Security because seniors should have planned better for their retirement.  Too bad and too sad if Wall Street bankers stole most of their IRA money.  Tough luck if the seniors worked at jobs that didn’t have a pension program or 401K program.  If these seniors worked for minimum wage, they still should have thought ahead even if it required providing less food and clothing for their children so that they would have that extra money to save for their retirement.  Some Republican candidates are claiming that Social Security is unconstitutional.
  • Dismantling Medicare because health care is not a right, it is a privilege and the Tea Party does not approve of privileges except when it comes to their idols and themselves.  Besides, only the privileged deserve health care.
  • Eliminating disability payments because people need to be more responsible and not get injured on the job.  This includes our military veterans.  They should stop whining because after all, they volunteered.
  • Forcing Catholics, Jews and Muslims to commit sins by having to read and study the protestant bible in public schools.
  • Allowing property owners to create toll roads.  People have a right to collect money from anyone that crosses their property line.  Good luck with getting to work on time and having any money left over from your paycheck after paying all the tolls.
  • Supporting “Second Amendment” solutions as a means of conflict resolution.  This might also work as a method of population control.
  • Returning to the glory days of lords and serfs.

I want my country back from hate mongers like Beck, Palin, Limbaugh, Malkin, Kristol, Bachmann, Rove, Cheney, and all the rest that appear on Fox News, the opinion network.  The goals for these people are to divide our country and to make piles of money while undereducated people do their dirty work for them.

I want my country back from racists such as Beck, Laura Schlesinger, the Tea Party and the Larouches.  These people are so upset because there is a black family living in, what they perceive as, the White(‘s only) House.

I want my country back from people that profit from the suffering of others (Beck, Palin and Limbaugh).

I want my country back from politicians that place Wall Street above and before Main Street.

Yes, I want my country back.  The one where everyone is treated with respect and  equality, the one where everyone receives good health care, the one where everyone receives a livable wage, and the one where everyone is free to practice their religious beliefs without interference from other religions.

I want back, the country that was progresing forward.  Not the one that is currently heading in Reverse.

This is our Open Thread.  What do you want back?  Speak UP!

43 thoughts on “Watering Hole – September 13, 2010 – I Want My Country Back

  1. Nice work, Cats. I agree completely, right down the line.

    I was wondering, early this morning, if the RepublicaiNos should regain full power of the state, which amendment will they go after next? Bush effectively tacked the fourth to the cross already, and by ‘adjusting’ laws concerning ownership of the “free press”, they have pretty much converted the bulk of the media into giant corporate-owned monsters that are largely beholden to those who protect the interests of giant corporate-owned monsters, i.e. RepublicaiNos. The Free Speech part of the first serves them well, allows them to tell any lie, no matter how absurd or ill-intentioned and get away with it. The church-state separation bothers some of them, but hardly a majority (esp. in Congress where diapering is as big as airport restrooms).

    Better to get rid of “Anchor Babies,” the income tax, the popular election (as opposed to the appointment) of senators, the right of ‘wimmin’ to vote, civil rights, and education. Those are the issues standing in the way of Fascism, esp. since the AINO majority on the SCOTUS gave corporations the right to purchase the government.

    I don’t really like it here anymore. If I were a decade or two younger and in better health, I’d leave. It’s really that simple.

  2. The republicaiNos really want just one thing. The privatization of America so corporations can make more money off every aspect of American life. Tom Hartmann calls it neofeudalism but there really isn’t anything neo about it.

    Greed has blinded them and we are now well into the third trip around on the merry-go-round. Its looking like a pretty regular 100 year cycle, give or take a few.

  3. Great post Cats, you’ve pretty much summed up my feelings. I’m sick of the paid shills and their low information followers prattling on about freedom when they’ve lost sight of the meaning of the word.

    I’m back from my encounter with the Death Industry. Actually, it wasn’t too bad, nice local firm mom had selected, and they didn’t try sell me anything extra. I wish my family still had the freedom to dig a hole in my garden and roll me in when it’s my turn.

  4. Hooda: “The republicaiNos really want just one thing. The privatization of America so corporations can make more money off every aspect of American life.”

    Actually, I think there are two things, the second being to spend all available resources, and then some, on the military and on global warmongering. Für Lebensraum, you know.

  5. Outstanding, I’m glad to hear that. Best supportive thoughts for you and yours.

    Frugal, that part comes after the privatization. Then war just becomes good business.

  6. Belated sympathies, Outstanding. I know what you’re going through, I’ve been through it twice — both parents — and it’s not easy to say goodbye that final time. Still, to this day 29 and 16 years down the road, resp., I remember WHY it wasn’t easy for me to say goodbye — it was because of the gifts of love and caring they left to all who knew them over the course of their lives. Unforgettable.

    Me, I’ve left instructions (which probably won’t be followed, knowing my kids) for them to haul my stiff remains to anywhere they can find where wolves run free, then leave me there. There’s enough of me to feed a pack’s worth of howls for one night at least, and I think my ‘spirit’ would enjoy being part of it all!

  7. BTW, for any Zoosters in the Twin Cities area, there will be a fightingbobfest-north in Chippewa Falls in May. And there is talk of one in Vermont next year as well.

  8. Thanks for your good wishes friends. I’m ok, this is after all the natural order of things. 19 years ago today we buried a 17 year old son. Everyone in my family dies in the fall.

  9. Lady Gaga Brings Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to MTV awards

    Superstar Lady Gaga won eight awards at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night. But for many LGBT fans, her greatest win was following through on her promise to make LGBT equality one of the priority fights of her life and career.

  10. Yep. What gets me, is we all know that it takes time to do the voting with just one ID, particularly on a long thread. Imagine having to do that multiple times; once for each account.

    As I just said over on the thread, the trolls really need to get a life.

    Seriously, who creates multiple ID’s just so they can vote down people on a blog? It boggles the mind.

  11. I just took a quick look at the latest mosque thread on TP, and the first several (legit) posters were voted down completely even as the troll wildweasel was at +9. I closed the thread, have no intention of revisiting it. If TP doesn’t soon get a grip on their problem, I may never go back. My participation is way down anyway, the back door to the fresh air isn’t very far away.

    The one question I have, perhaps the one I’ll never see answered, is why? Why do they allow it? It would be different if people with other/different opinions had something to say other than vitriol and the steady recitation of nonsensical ‘talking points’, but we all know that will never happen, there’s no chance of rational discussion.

    They remind me of pastured bulls in a pen: all beller, no brains or mind behind the always-present woodie.

    America: where having a mind is a disadvantage. Amazing. Esp. to one such as myself who remembers what it was like when having a mind counted for something.

  12. I am still puzzled as to why TP allows it to happen but if the trolls win, sadly we lose. They are counting on the idea that the left doesn’t fight back. I’ve gone that route in the past but, dammit, I am not a fighter by nature but this stuff needs to be countered.

    Back in the 20’s they used their tactics and figured the left would fold and they would get a cake walk. And if we don’t take a stand, even on something like TP, they will win. I don’t know why TP isn’t helping more but they have made efforts to control trolls in the past couple weeks.

    Maybe we need to toss in our two cents worth as well.

  13. hooda, perhaps you and others might explore redefining “winning” and choose a different battleground.

    Not all battles are fought in this perception of reality. Look for victory beyond the 4 dimensions.

    • After the old lady who wore nothing but a pair of big elastic waisted pants, into the top of which she had tucked her saggy boobs, I need a stiff drink.

      Now I’m afraid that when I’m ancient and crazy, that will come back to me as an option…

  14. Do not look at the Walmart people. Like it or not they are our fellow humans. Internet shopping has so made it easier for me to remain a christian.

  15. “That just breaks my heart, Outstanding. You are an amazing woman.”

    That’s kind of you to say, but I am no more amazing than you or any other parent. To have a child is to accept the fact that your heart will now walk around outside your body.

  16. Cats,
    After posting this to my facebook page, I got a response asking for a source on the repeal of the 19th amendment. I searched around and couldn’t find any support for this. My web-fu is weak.

    May I ask you to post your support for this so I can pass it back to my friend? Many thanks.


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