Music Night. Happy Birthday, Gerry.

You probably have to be of a certain age to really appreciate Gerry and the Pacemakers, but even the young uns should be able to hear how beautiful Gerry Marsden’s voice was, in these classics from the early 60s. Listening to them now, what really jumps out at me is the Scouse in Gerry’s voice–the sound of working class Liverpool. It’s beautiful stuff, really, especially for us old people. More clips below the fold, but remember it’s MUSIC NIGHT!

64 thoughts on “Music Night. Happy Birthday, Gerry.

  1. Lose folk you care about and wonder how you can go on without them. Lose your soulmate and wonder how you can go on without yourself.

  2. Never seen the Police on here….. this one’s for R.

    There are some bands when you here them you go ‘Who was *that*?’ – this song was the one for me and the Police.

  3. I seem to be off my movie kick, although this was used in the series Highlander. The song is about the destruction of the old growth forests in Ireland, clear-cut by the English for their ships.

  4. Movie kick – how about some Bryan Adams…

    Robin Hood – love the first English scenes, set in the most beautiful parts of Northumberland on Hadrian’s Wall.

  5. Zooey, I looked for the clip but its a Rocky & Bullwinkle gag about pulling something out of the hat.

    “Hey Rocky, wath me pull (whatever) out of my hat”

    “But Bullwinkle, that trick never works”

    Led to many gag lines.

  6. Outstanding – back to that Paul Simon cut.

    He was using a band/social movement called Olodum from NE Brazil for the drum sound. Take a look at this – the slaves who were taken to Salvador on the NE corner of Brazil were not allowed to practice an African martial art – because the slave owners were in fear of them.

    Instead, they turned it into a dance form – Turtle was in Salvador in 2004 and saw this in a show.

    Here’s Olodum and the Bahian dance/fighting style…

  7. “Outstanding, you know what they say about little feet…”

    I do, but really finger shape and size is the tip off. Think girth!

    Nite folks, last Saturday market tomorrow. If you’ve ever watched Deadliest Catch, picture OIMF setting her floral shears on fire and throwing them off the porch. Last bouquet of the 2010 season!

  8. So, any other Civ V players here?

    I have had my slowest week since starting the business, which is kind of cool since the game I was looking forward to came out this week, LOL.

  9. Well wordpress tanked there, eh?

    That’s all we have time for this week, so its good night from me and its good night from him.

    Here’s the Clash:

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